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Dan's (pka Bob Dylan SW fan) feedback

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Dan bought some C3 loot from me and paid in full with no excuses! 

He was even kind enough to trhow in a Clone Wars posters as a thank you.

Thanks again, Dan!  ;)


I just completed my first transaction with Dan and I couldn't be happier.  He helped me out with the EE Dirty Clone Officers for a great price and was nothing short of amazing to deal with.  Very quick shipping, excellent packing, and great communication.  I'd deal with him again in a second. :)

So a great big thank you and a +1 for Dan!  :)

Another great deal with Dan! 

Sure it was just a small purchase, but it went very smoothly!

Thanks again for your purchase!  :)


Quick and easy deal with Dan today as well!  Thanks :)

Add another +1 for Dan for our combination trade/purchase type transaction. Thanks man!


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