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Hardest Episode 1 figure to find?

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I'm in the process of packing up my collection room for the time being ( :'( ) and was looking at some of my figures... and I was just wondering, what Episode 1 figure did you have the hardest time finding?

For me, since I'm a variation collector, I would have to say the Yoda w/Episode 1 Text was by far the hardest figure for me to find. Even though I am still trying to find an affordable loose Amidala Ascension and Pit Droid 2 pack, I could have had 20 of each back in the day, but didn't feel like paying the $10 each price at FAO Schwartz (if I only knew then what I know now, eh?)....

So what figure was the hardest for you to find?

My "hardest to find" Episode 1 Figure was the stupid "Swimming Jar-Jar".  I think he was 1-per-case in that box and I kept just missing him.   :-\

I'd find Soft Goods Qui-Gon and Damaged Droideka, but that dang Gungan eluded me to the very end.  I lucked out and stumbled into a cache of the HTF Collection 2 and 3 figures (Sio, Ascention Maidala, Pit Droids, R2-B1, TC-14), but that stupid "swimming JarJar" took a while.

The worst part is I was stressing over not having a JarJar figure...  ::)


The episode 1 with text was a bit of a pain but it was those darn non-us figures that were hard. I only collect Yoda and have been working to get a complete run of the Epsiode 1 yoda figures.

As far as the regular release single packed figs, for me the hardest would have to be (in order with 1 being hardest):

1)Amidala ascention
4)Sio Bibble
5)Pit Droid 2 pack
6)Battle Damaged Droideka
7)Swimming Jar-Jar
8)Holo sidious
9)EP I text Yoda

Angry Ewok:
TC-14 and R2-B1


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