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NBA - 2002/03

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Updated now to "Off Season News", so scroll to the end of the thread...  ;)


Lakers 104   Celtics 96
Yeah, you knew this would be waiting for you upon your return!   ;D  So what do you have to say for yourself Celtic boy?!

Just please no comments about any of the Lakers other recent games though...   ::)

P.S.  Patty sends her regards as well...   ;)

Hey Matt... how did your Raiders do in the Super Bowl?  I never found out what the final score ended up being.


Unless I'm mistaken, I'm pretty sure we won!  This is still 1981, is it not?   :P

You guys and your crazy sports... ;)

Wooohooo, yeah the Lakers rule!!!!

(sorry Brent, Matt put me up to it) ;)


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