Author Topic: JD poll results are in: Most wanted VEHICLE!  (Read 4441 times)

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Re: JD poll results are in: Most wanted VEHICLE!
« Reply #30 on: June 2, 2003, 09:20 PM »
I don't mind shelling out some major dinero ($100+) for a well done, large vehicle - ala the Shuttle (though I think the Shuttle should've been priced more in the $75 range based on it's more realistic value, but that's besides the point).  I'd drop an equivalent amount (or more) on a large sized Jabba's Sail Barge, though I think asking for one to scale is probably not very realistic (though always a good idea).

Plus, would we be talking in scale with the figures, or the previously released Skiffs, as they're not even in scale with eachother at this point?!  I'd guess in scale with the Skiffs would be a little more possible.  But even if it wasn't quite to scale (like most vehicles aren't), but just a nice big sucker with some good play/display value, that would be very cool.  Make some room to put the new Jabba inside with plenty of his goons, some opening side panels, realistic deck with a spot to insert the cannon from the Deluxe Leia, etc.  That would be way cool in my book!  Just something like this would be fine, thank you very much:

Greg's (Daigo-Bah) got a real nice custom one attached to his wall too, which you can check out right here.  Hope Hasbro's payin' attention here...   :-\

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Re: JD poll results are in: Most wanted VEHICLE!
« Reply #31 on: June 3, 2003, 12:03 AM »
Yeah, to scale is too much to ask for, but too scale or thereabouts with the skiff would be nice.  I don't need it to be big enough to hold 50 figures, but big enough to slap a Jabba and a few others onto.  

No electronics, roughly four times the size of the skiff (3x length?).  Removable canopy, opening windows so you can re-enact the battle.  Place to attach Leia's cannon.  I'd pay $150-200.  They should be able to do it for four times the price of the skiff though.  The shuttle price was absurd because of FAO.
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