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How do you keep up with the figures you have? I just list mine on a spreadsheet to kepp up with waht and how many I have. Are there any good programs out there to use? Just looking for tips. Thanks.


I do it the same way John, on an Excel spreadsheet.  I just list all of the figures, including the upcoming figures as they're announced, with numerous cells following each one, where I fill in how many I have of said figure - including carded and loose, and how many I still need.  I have additional columns for movie, cardback, pack-in, etc.  Gotta stick with it, or you can lose track really quickly!

I think there's a couple sites out there that run figure collecting databases, but I always get an uneasy feeling that they may not be as reliable as me tracking my own collecting on my own computer.  Just my opinion though...

Everything that I own with the Star Wars name on it is in an Excel spreadsheet.  It is very detailed, and it's a defnite must for any collector.  I use it so I know what I own, and it's also used for insurance purposes.

I took this week off and since I had nothing to do today, I went through and updated my figure list. I was surprised that I have  about 220 figures! Thats probably not much to some here but pretty good for me.


That's a lot of figures there!  Are the all carded, loose, or a combination?


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