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Anyone collect other 1970s & 80s toy lines?

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Anyone into any other 70s & 80s toy lines other than Star wars? I collect a ton of lines including Transformers, GI Joes, He-Man, Thundercats, Blackstar, Shogun Warriors, Megos, Power Lords, Sectaurs, Robotech, Voltron, Crystar Silverhawks and others. I have a whole room full of these figures (along with my Star Wars stuff). I will have to take some pics one day and post them.

I am not sure if I can post this link (so moderaters please edit it out if need be). Anyone interested in discussing, buying, selling & trading other 70s & 80s figure lines check out the Action Figure Archive Forums. Feel free to sign up, post and meet other collectors of 70s & 80s toys.

Well I used to collect:

Silver Hawks
Tiger Sharks
Super Friends
Secret Wars
Ninja Turtles

Those were the main ones.

I used to also buy:

Captain Power
G.I. Joe

Jesse James:
I have a fairly hefty Starcom collection.  Not sure if you're familiar with that line or not 10", but it was one of the most innovative toy lines (IMO) of the 1980's.

Incredibly structred and realistic too, and even had a cartoon series that lasted a little while (very good too).  I've bowed out of the hobby for a while...  It's relatively inexpensive to collect though, and unless you're going for the rarer stuff (European releases and such) then it's pretty easy to obtain a "complete" U.S./Canada collection.

inadvertent imitation:
I did the big ones: Transformers, GI Joe, MOTU, TMNT, and Star Wars. I had a few Super Powers and Secret Wars figures, but it was usually the villains from those lines-- Dr. Doom, Darkseid, and Brainiac.

I had most of the MOTU figures and I beat the living snot out of them. Good thing they were durable. After that, it was GI Joe and TMNT. GI Joe went all wacky in 1990, and that's when I got into TMNT hardcore, like every other nine-year-old. My brothers were into it too, and they stayed in after I got out, when those Turtles that looked like Trolls showed up.


Is your Starcom collection loose or MOC? If it is loose (and complete), I would love to feature pictures of the figures on my Website. PM or email if you are interested.


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