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old-school magazines... anyone collect them?


Does anyone here collect magazines that were made about Star Wars, specifically about the original trilogy?  Here's some pictures of magazines I bought a few months ago... got all three for $10 at a flea market.  I think they're pretty cool if you ask me.

picture #1
picture #2
picture #3

That first one there is the standard "must-have" Official Collector's Edition magazine for ESB (like the ANH and ROTJ ones).  No OT collection is complete without those three!

As for the others, don't have 'em, but I do pick up the occasional old magazines when I come across them though.  Fun and nostalgic stuff!  I've got hoardes of magazines from the 90's on though...

Ha, Ha. I have those magazines. There great. I have others too. I'll have to dig them out & post a list of what I have. I have all the Starlog magazines right from #1.
I even have some SW comics somewhere in a box.
I also have Starlogs Special Effects books & Weapons book.
I even have the 3 SW Sketchbook's.  :)


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