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What Vintage Do You Still Have From Your Childhood?

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As I'm oft to do when a bout of insomnia hits me, I start to think of various stats or records. Well the other night I got to thinking, what vintage toys do I still have from my childhood and I got to realizing I actually have quite a few. That surprised me because I had lost a good chunk of my Star Wars over the years. So I was wondering what toys everyone still has from the fun days of playing with them as kids to today  living it up in their collection? For me, I'm only going back to when I was 12, i.e. 1990 as thats the last year I can recall finding vintage in a retail shop. Well here we go...

* Snaggletooth (not necessarily my first, but certainly my oldest SW toy and one of my faves)
* Sand People (mostly painted in blue at some point when I was a kid, best guess was prior to 84)
* FX-7 (No arms at all)
* Jedi Luke
* Bespin Han
* Bespin Lando
* Chewbacca
* C-3PO
* Biker Scout
* Greedo x2
* Chief Chirpa x2
* Teebo
* Wicket
* Prune Face
* Imperial Dignitary (with coin!)
* Skiff Lando
* Weequay
* Squid Head
* General Madine
* Admiral Ackbar
* Nien Nunb
* Biker Scout
* EV-9D9 (lost the left arm at some point, but then bought a new one a few years back)
* AT-ST Driver
* Snowtrooper
* Rebel Soldier
* POTF Lando coin
* POTF Endor Luke coin
* POTF Stormie Luke coin
* Vehicle Maintenance Energizer (sans tools and hoses)
* Radar Laser Cannon x3
* Desert Sail Skiff x3
* ISP-6
* Rancor
* Darth Vader Carrying Case

That's as much as I can remember. To this day I'm rather bummed I somehow managed to keep the 3 POTF coins but not the figures themselves. Several of the figures came from finding $1 figs in 89 and 90 at an old mom & pop toy shop, the last things I can remember ever finding at retail. Good times, good times... So what about you, what dear toys do you still have?

Well from my childhood I still have every figure. Back then the only figures i never had were Anakin, Yak Face, and Warok. So i still have them all.

I still have a blue snaggletooth and a Luke Stormtrooper.

The only vintage Star Wars figure that I owned (that was bought in a store) was 8D8 (his right arm broke off).  Other than that, I had a Dulok Shaman (his body "exploded" so I had to glue him back together).  :'(
 Every other vintage piece that I own I bought at flea markets in the early-mid '90's. 

Commander JediSearch:
I had to sell my entire collection when I was 11.   :'(


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