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The SW ornaments never seem to get to clearance here, or they do right away and I miss out on them.  I never seem to get a chance to get to either of our Hallmark stores right after Christmas, usually a week or two later.  We went to one this past weekend, and there wasn't anything of note (I was hoping for maybe the Indy one, but that was gone as well).  This year's ship was the Slave I, which was pretty nice.  I've only got three of the vehicles so far (Falcon, Snowspeeder, and Slave I), but I hope to catch up on the ones I missed there as well.  I'm forgetting right now how many of the "scenes" there have been now.  I have the Han/Greedo from this year, the ROTJ Luke/Vader battle from last year (?), and the Falcon escape from a few years ago.  I'd love to get the Bossk ornament Jesse, but I don't really have any extra ornaments to trade or anything.

Jesse James:
I S the bed on the clearances this year is all...

I usually time it right and get what I want for cheap but this time I totally just forgot about ornaments.  I have so much on my mind anymore, I just forget this stuff.  Especially after Christmas this year...  Just been too much going on.

Jesse James:
You can check out a hi-res shot of the SDCC Exclusive 4-LOM & Zuckuss on our front page...

Pretty slick.

Clicky to check it out!

Just a reminder, Hallmark is having their Keepsake Ornament Premiere this weekend (July 13-14). Boushh is the LE ornament this year.

Jesse James:
In our SDCC Image Galleries we caught a glimpse of the 2015 Ornaments being teased at the show.

Browse the galleries (all of 'em, but obviously this one's in the Hallmark folder) and enjoy!






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