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My first one is the Millenium Falcon. Just something about that ship I like.  ;)
The only other's one's I have is a Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, C-3PO & R2-D2, Max Rebo Band & Star Wars Lunch Box.

The two I have are the original Obi-wan, and this year I got Darth Vader.

I picked up my first ornaments this year. I found the Vader, mini r2 and c3po and bespin luke.

I will say that I git a big kick out of the Vader. I like the light up ones. I may have to look for some more deals.. The death star looks cool as well.

I've been collecting these since their inception.  I've got all of the Original Trilogy ornaments, along with a couple Prequel ones which I don't care too much for.

My favorite is the light up Millenium Falcon - by far.  This thing is totally sweet!  It's the only one I've ever put up on my Christmas trees.  I plan to buy a small, fake tree sometime soon to put in the Star Wars room (when we move), to give all of my ornaments a permanent home.

My wife just started my collection of these this past Christmas by giving me the Jango Fett and Slave I ornaments.  This year, I'll have one more thing to spend money on during the holidays.  ;D


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