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Today at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, Disney officially annouced the closure of Star Tours in 2010 for the new Star Tours 2 to open in 2011. They showed a podrace sequence with a Starspeeder 1000 (not 3000) in the race.

See Endor for more details.


Awesome!  I always wished there were more places to "visit" as a kid seeing the destination posters as you exited the ride.

Was in Disney over the last two weeks and I got the chance to bring my 3 year old on Star Tours.  The minimum height for the ride is 40 inches.  He was exactly 40 inches.  We had to push his feet together, make him stand up straight, etc. but he just brushed the height bar (actually we had to go through that twice as they measure you at the start of the line and right before they assign you to a car..).  He sat between my nephew and I, held our hands, and the only thing I heard him say was "Wow.".  A very fun day for me.  He had a lot more fun at the Magic Kingdom (Train rides, driving a go cart, the Dumbo ride, etc.), but it was well worth it, especially since the next time we'll likely get to go they will have revised the ride.

Chris M:
^^That's awesome stuff to hear.

My wife and I went last summer to celebrate our 6th anniversary.  We didn't bring our daughter as she was only 7 months old, but we decided we are going back in 2014 with our daughter.  I can't wait for her to get the Disney experience.  I'm pretty excited about checking out Star Tours.  I hope they redo the gift shop as well.

As for my wife and I, we want to go before then.  She's been close to 20 times to DW and I've been a whopping 3 times.


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