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Re: Christmas and ROTS
« Reply #30 on: December 27, 2005, 02:57 PM »
It seems to be much the same around here, the basic figure pegs are close to bare and at Target they've been minimized to just a few pegs at all (with little to no figures).  I will say, overall it seems like almost anything with "Star Wars" on it sold pretty well for the holidays.  Basic figures, lightsabers, Galactic Heroes, Vader helmets, and even things like the Force Battlers are pretty slim around here.  Nice to see it all get sold out pretty well.  Unless we see some other shipment or something, its looking like there won't be any post-ROTS glut to keep the new figures from the pegs, and that is nice to see.  First time I've seen that in the prequel years.  I remember being buried in AOTC/Saga figures still at this point (in fact, I saw a lone Nikto Jedi from the Saga line at Wal-Mart just last week...weird).