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....are on OTC cards.


Thanks for the great pic!

Are those 3 figures the complete Wave 4?

edit....Do you have the names of figures as well, I can't quite read them.

I'd love to post this on the front page!

This wave contains:

Oh, ****.   :'(

I was hoping they had just permanently canceled this wave.

If they recard any of the prior 9 onto this styled cardback, I'm gonna be seriously livid.  But they didn't do that before, when they switch from the POTJ green to the Saga blue, so hopefully the OTC black is just for these 3.

I guess we should start the sign up list, huh?  :-\

I assume you've got the first 9 Matt?

I've never bothered with these:
1. because of the extreme difficulty in getting them
2. because of the EU type of figures they are.

But they've always been in the back of my mind, someday I'll add 'em to the collection.


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