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Batter up! The 2003 JD Baseball Thread...

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Well folks, it's time to Play Ball!

After months of basking in post World Series glory, it's time for another baseball season to begin anew.  Here's to hoping I finally get that Freeway World Series I've so desired for nearly 30 years:

But if that doesn't happen, I'll settle for another Championship from the Angels over someone else instead...   :)

As always, I think the Yanks are going to be the team to beat, even with Jeter already going down for at least a month and a half.  I'm sure the A's, BoSox, and Twins will be up there as well in the AL.  I'm expecting the D'backs, Cards, Mets, Astros and Braves to have a good showing in the NL.  But my prediction is the same one I've been making since I was 5 years old:  Angels vs. Dodgers in the World Series!

So who are your picks and favorites...?

Well you already know who my favorite is, the Atlanta Braves of course.  ;D

As far as my picks:

NL East: I'll stick with my Braves again but the one team that could possibly take the division this year is the Phillies. Adding Thome and Millwood is enough of an improvement that if the Braves slip, the Phillies could take it.

NL Central: This could be a 3 team race with the Cards, Astros and even the Cubs, if their young pitchers can carry them, all in contention.

NL West: Another 3 team race with the Dodgers, D-Backs and Giants all in it. The D-Backs are only in it though if Schilling and Johnson can combine for 40-45 wins again. The Giants content only if Bonds has another MVP type year. So maybe the Dodgers sneak by for the win?  ;)

AL East: Probably Yankees and BoSox again but the Sox stay in contention only if their bullpen produces. If their bullpen is a mess all year, the Yanks walk away with it.

AL Central: The Twins look solid and should get their main competition from the White Sox. I think they are pretty evenly matched and could come down to which team's stars stay the healthiest this year.

AL West: The A's have the starting pitching to take the crown here. In fact, their trio of Mulder, Hudson and Zito look an awful like like Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz from 10 years ago. Scary.

So my picks for the playoffs will be Braves, Phillies, Dodgers, Cards in the NL. And Yankees, Twins, White Sox and A's in the AL.

Now all we gotta do is sit back and wait 6 months to see if I'm right.  8)

Darth Paul:
Go Jays! ;D :P :'( ???


--- Quote from: Darth Paul on April  1, 2003, 10:27 PM ---Go Jays! ;D :P :'( ???

--- End quote ---

Your not alone.  ;)


A repeat of the '87 Series with the Twinkies winning in 7 sounds just about right.  I am really excited for this season to start, I fell in love with the ole ball game last year again and plan on going to the ballpark a couple of times.  The Jays have always been one of my favorites too harkening back to the time when they probably had the best 9 batters top to bottom ever assembled in one lineup in the earlier 90's (Carter, Molitor, Alomar, Olerud, Winfield, White, Henderson etc etc

I'm going to pick

AL Central: Minnesota
AL East: Boston
AL West: Oakland
AL Wild Card: New York

NL Central: Saint Louis
NL East: Philadelphia
NL West: Arizona
NL Wild Card: New York

So looks like Matt's teams won't even be in the playoffs by my reckoning :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*


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