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Vintage Figures Which Have Not Been Updated

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Hasbro better make these figures or else!

For Sure
1)General Madine
2)Klaatu Palace version
3) Imperial Dignitary
4)Chief Chirpa
8)Cloud Car Pilot
10)Barada #2 (Kithaba)

1)Blue Gonk
An exact replica of the Lars family Power Droid was not made with the Power Droid provided with the jawa
2)Bespin Guard black
The correct ethnicity has not been released yet, however an Asian and White Guard have been
3)Rebel Commander
A figure similar to this was released however it was not based on the vintage figure
4)Imperial Commander
An exact likeness of a Tuniced Officer has not been released, the POTJ version was in a jumpsuit.
5)Death Squad Commander
Another in the was released but in an alternate uniform series
6) B-Wing Pilot
See above about costume changes

Rumor Mill

The rumor mill has these figures as possibilities :  

1) General Madine
Basic Release maybe later this year, sounds like it won't happen though
2)Cloud Car Pilot
Possible Target Exclusive Pack-In???  
3) Imperial Dignitary has been rumored for later this year as well

Test by Chris Test by OCB

I'd like them all, but the three at the top of my list would be:

[*]Imperial Dignitary[*]General Madine[*]Cloud Car Pilot[/list]

...just because they're the only ones that have had no other modern era figures made that even remotely resemble them.  I'm fairly confident that we'll be seeing these three from Hasbro at some point down the line though, so I'm not too worried.  Just gotta be patient...

I'd add the Nikto and Barada to the debatable list.  Also, the Death Squad Commander was intended to be the Death Star Trooper.  It wasn't until POTF2 that the vintage error was corrected.

There are two distinct Barada and Nitkos seen in the Skiff scenes, while it is a technicallity an exact likeness has not been released...same goes for the Death Squad Commander, if you look at the vintage cardback the guy wears a grey tunic instead of a black one as represented in the vintage figure, so its debatable...

i would definately like too see

      General Madine
      Cloud Car Pilot

while they're at it a new Cloud Car would be nice too.


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