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More Cinema Scenes
« on: May 24, 2006, 10:39 AM »
I like the cinema scenes that came out from POTF2 and TPM.  Why not continue that?  Start with ROTS.  And have them all be SA.

Utapau Hangar Duel (Obi-Wan, General Grievous, Grievous' Bodyguard)

Mustafar Final Duel (Obi-Wan-scorched outfit, Anakin-scorched outfit, Mustafar burly)

Chancellor's Showdown (Mace Windu, Chancellor Palpatine, Anakin)

Slaughter of the Jedi **Mygeeto** (Ki-Adi-Mundi, Cmdr. Bacara, Marine Clone Trooper)

Slaughter of the Jedi **Felucia** (Aayla Secura, Cmdr. Bly, Clone Trooper)

That's for starters...

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Re: More Cinema Scenes
« Reply #1 on: June 3, 2006, 07:56 AM »
What about this screen scene:

Padawan Pack:
Aubrie Wyn & Zule Xiss
Windo Nend & Vaabesh
Elora Sund & Tae Diath
Mak Lotor & Kass Tod
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Re: More Cinema Scenes
« Reply #2 on: June 3, 2006, 10:15 AM »
-Debacle At Theed w/ NEW Battle Droid, E1 Padme Amidala (Battle), And TSC Naboo Flight Crew
-Jar Jar's Mistake w/ NEW Jar Jar, POTJ Anakin Skywalker (Mechanic), And TSC Gragra

-Battle Of Geonosis w/ CW Clone Trooper, ROTS Kit Fisto, And ROTS Super Battle Droid
-Outlander Nightclub w/ NEW Obi-Wan Kenobi, SAGA Ayy Vida, And SAGA Zam Wesell

-Zett Jukassa's Last Stand w/ ROTS Zett Jukassa, And ROTS Tactical Ops Trooper x2
-Utapau Briefing w/ ROTS Pilot Obi-Wan, SP R4-G9, And TSC Utapau Clone Trooper
-Seperatist Slaughter w/ ROTS Passel Argente, TSC Anakin Skywalker, And NEW Nute Gunray

-Imperial Conference w/ VOTC Vader, NEW Grand Moff Tarkin, And POTF2 Admiral Motti
-Detention Block Skirmish w/ NEW Han In Stormtrooper Disguise, EB Chewbacca, And POTJ Imperial Officer
-Trench Run w/ VTSC Luke (In X-Wing Gear), POTJ Jek Perkins, And OTC TIE Fighter Crewman

-Battle Of Hoth w/ TSC Bren Derlin, TSC Snowtrooper, And TSC General Veers
-Skirmish At Bespin w/ POTJ Bespin Guard, OTC Lobot, And VOTC Stormtrooper

-Battle Of Endor w/ VTSC Biker Scout, VOTC Stormtrooper, And TSC Endor Rebel Trooper
-Ewok Acceptance w/ VTSC Han Solo (In Trench Coat), POTJ Teebo, And TSC Chief Chirpa
-Jabba's Court w/ POTF2 Oola, POTJ Amanaman, And SAGA Rappertunie

-Rescue The Chancellor w/ ROTS Chancellor Palpatine, ROTS Shaak Ti, And TSC Foul Moudama
-Hunt For Sun Fac w/ TSC Sun Fac, TSC Scorch, And NEW Sev
-Dark Forces w/ POTF2 Kyle Katarn, POTF2 Darktrooper, And NEW General Rom Mohc