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Did anyone ever find & pick up the Action Fleet Tie Defender?

I have been watching auctions on them for along time. I have seen loose examples go for over $100.00. This boxed Tie Defender went for a very high price.  :o

Action Fleet Tie Defender VERY RARE

This would be a very cool ship to have. To bad it was towards the end of the line before...   :'(

Only damned A.F. ship I'm missing...   >:(  I was lucky enough to stumble across a lone E-Wing at Target several months after the original A.F. line had run it's course, so I guess I should feel lucky enough for that nice score.  But the Tie Defender's been on my eBay watch list for a couple of years now, and I imagine it's going to be a thorn in my side for quite some time to come.  I'll get one someday.  Just not real soon...   :-\

Would've been a real nice ship for Hasbro to throw into the mix when they relaunched the A.F. line last year, rather than all that rehash crap that we already had.  Better decisions like that would've probably kept this line afloat a little longer...

I'm not the biggest diehard Action Fleet Collector, so I obviously don't own that particular one but it is very cool.  I can't believe anything Action Fleet is worth that much.  The bid is at $222 with 5 bids... wow!   :o

I'm only missing a few Action Fleet pieces, and the TIE Defender is one of them.  Hopefully I'll be able to score it at some point.  I never saw it at retail, along with the E-Wing.  So, it's on my short list of Action Fleet that I'm looking for.  That includes....

TIE Defender
Remote Controlled AT-AT
EPISODE I Series Alpha Droid Starfighter
Series Alpha Cloud Car
Hoth Base with Rebel Snowspeeder
SAGA Republic Assault Ship
SAGA Republic Gunship
SAGA Slave I

Jedi Idej:
I came across the E-wing and TIE Defenders 2-3 times at Target and the TIE Defenders an additional 2 more times during TRU's clearance days. I have a TD but never thought about picking up an extra to trade for an e-wing, which I passed on.

I noticed the prices on many of the ships climbing again, probably spurred by the uncertainty of the line's future. The $222, though, is f'n unbelievable.


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