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Look at all of the screwholes...

Anyone else think those kinda take away from the appearance of this otherwise really cool ship?


Maybe that's just the floor model? Man, those screw holes would make me feel iffy about purchasing such a neat ship. They can be filled with spackle, right?


Jesse James:
My souring of this vehicle's gone beyond the screwholes, but they didn't help by any stretch.

On other toys they're covered, so it's maybe entirely possible they will be here, but somehow I doubt it happens.  They are definitely unacctractive though, and take away greatly from the aesthetics of the ship overall.  Very obtrusive to the looks in this case.

The scale of the ship's truly attrocious though I think...  And with little reason for it to be so in my opinion.  Especially considering how that gun on the right extends beyond the nose of the ship...  This disappointed me probably most out of the vehicles.

Having looked at some of the images from the ICS book coming up though, it appears the Jedi Fighters maybe got trimmed down too, but I'm not sure on those...

I've come not to expect a lot from Hasbro on vehicles but those screw holes really leave a lot to be desired.  I don't think that was exactly necessary, and one can only hope there's plugs for them on the final product.  I'm gonna wager that isn't happening though.   :-\  I'd still be disappointed myself, but it'd be a nice nod to the people who just don't like the holes all over the right side.

Stickers were sometimes the hero in covering screws in te past - but I don't think they could save this ship.  >:(

I'm kinda torn on this one...

The holes take away from the look, but the fact that it can carry three troops and an astromech is pretty cool.  I guess it's another thing that I'll just have to see and hold in person to really know how I feel about it.   :-\



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