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Out of the blue, my family may be going to Disneyland - definitely a "last minute" decision, because we would be going August 27 to September 1, less than 3 weeks away.   :o    My wife, nearly 4 year old daughter and mother-in-law would be going, but I'm still scrambling to see if I can get the time off work.

I've a 29 year old big kid that's never been to Disneyland, so does anyone have any "must sees" for a fairly quick visit (only 4 days)?

Indiana Jones and Star tours. Don't miss them. Your daughter, may not be a fan of Indy though, it can be a bit fast. :-\ But I'm sure you'd love it. ;D And Star Tours is family friendly, and it is Star Wars of course. I really like the Madahorn (sp?) It is some mountain ride with a Yetti. And Splash Mountain is a lot of fun, you don't find to many log rides anymore. There is anotther ride, I don't remember the name, it was right by star Tours, it is a monorail like track with little black cars, it is a lot of fun. There is one more, I can't remember the name but it isd  an indoor space roller coater, again might not be the best for the little one, but I'm guessing you'll like it. I hope you can get work off, it is well worth it. :)

As an avid completist, I feel you need to go on every ride in the park (actually, both parks), in order for your visit to be considered a success.

Good luck.

dress for very warm weather but bring a jacket for your daughter.  i'm a season pass holder and go all the time.  go to california adventure for lunch in  ariel's grotto your daughter will love it try to sit by the water it can be relaxing.  also go to the Alladin play, it's cool even for adults but don't sit to close as there is a giant snake jafar that comes out of the stage, my daughter got scared out of her mind.  besides some stuff at the bugs land for kids that's about it.  ca advent kinda sucks.  anyway for d-land if your going to be there for four days now is the time with the 50th bday thing going on you can't miss the fireworks show in front of the castle is where you'll want to see them but they also have something going on over at a small world.  try to see Fantasmic it's very cool.  it's a good time just remember bring/drink lots of water because standing in those lines in this heat is killer especially with kids.  definatley try to go during the week if you can avoid going on Sat. at all cost unless that's the day you go to California Adven.  rides to go on: indy jones, star tours, matterhorn, alice n wonderland, snow white can be scary for kids, small world, pretty much all the rides you go on are going to be good.  check out for a good d-land website.  my 2 cents.

Get the Insider's guide to Disney or whatever the proper title is.  My sister has it and it's got all manner of tips for finding out of the way things like characters for pics.  I'm sure your daughter would love a pic with a Princess.


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