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Thanks to Scott for helping my build up my army of piggies and 'woks. :)

Got me some money from old cocky bastard.  Thanks dude.

Spirit of MAC:
Humungous thanks goin’ out to my good friend Ol’ Cocky here, for a hook-up of epic proportions!  Been around the trading boards for many years, and the box full of beautifully packed HTF swag that Scott just helped me out with (at cost) is the likes of which I’ve rarely, if ever, seen on the boards.  I can only imagine that he must’ve done it to honor the 10 year anniversary of my creation of the famous Minnesota Collector’s Club.  Probably a fair trade, now that I think about it.  Regardless, my TVC collection thanks you for making it nearly complete again!  It’s also nice to finally have OCB provide me with some figures other than ICMG, a variant Hoth Han, and a beat-all-to-**** Kitik!  I definitely owe you one buddy…   :-*

- M

Edit: Some guy claiming to be a MN historian has suggested that I have a faulty/senile memory, so I've edited this post to reflect my newly demoted place in the annals of the TCJDSWCC.


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