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« on: September 2, 2005, 08:19 PM »
I know this figure is a year old, but I just took it out of the packege so on with the review. FYI, This figure is based on the added in DVD footage of Ian McDiarmand.

Sculpt: 9/10
A 9/10 you say? Crazy I am you say? Nope, but this POTF2 sculpt is the best weve got IMO. The hood isn't gargantuan and it doesn't have a dorky sping loaded missile, therefore this is easiley the best Emperor sculpt  there is. The robes are done very well and curve out at the bottom which looks very realistic. They even sculpted the little sith brooch the Emperor has.

Articulation: 5/10
Ol' Palps features 4 points of articulation. Pretty standard articulation for a POTF2 figure, especially for a robed figure like Emperor. He has:
1 neck joint
2 arm joint
1 waist joint

Accessories: 7/10
You get Palp's cane and his removable robes. The cane is sculpted very well, and I like how they made it holo. The only bad part is it can't even fit in Palpatine's hand. You also get a Star Case.

Paint: 10/10
It's all holo.

Price: 8/10
10.99 at, Not avalible anymore.

Overall: 8/10
This is a great version of the Imperial leader. Even if he was just a giant head in the Star Destroyer transmission, This will be good for both that and EU imperial inspection dioramas. And if you were'nt able to get E1 Holo Sidious or this, you can always look forward to the TRU exclusive ROTS Holo Emperor.

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Re: OTC Exclusive Holo Palpatine
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2005, 11:23 AM »
I still have him in the pack, but thanks for letting us know.