Author Topic: How Did You Get Into "Other Lines"?  (Read 4073 times)

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Re: How Did You Get Into "Other Lines"?
« Reply #15 on: August 23, 2006, 01:27 PM »
Star Wars goes back to 1978 when some kid dropped his Obi-Wan Kenobi on my door step.

As for the other figures...Since I started collecting X-Men comics I started collecting the original toys. Stopped that and about series 3 found out about Marvel Legends and started that.

I had collected Batman & Transformer toys for awhile, but gave them up to slim down the collection. Movie Maniac's started hitting and I went after just pieces that I liked the movies of. From there it sorta snowballed out that I was getting more pieces from movies I liked. Only in the last 3 years have I gotten any toys from TV shows I liked (Muppets & Stargate).

The odd thing is that I probably enjoy my movie collection of figures more than my Star Wars. People see my movie collection and start talking movies with me. They see my Star Wars room and call me a geek.
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Re: How Did You Get Into "Other Lines"?
« Reply #16 on: December 2, 2008, 02:55 PM »
I didn't want to start a new thread for this, but its along the same lines as the original topic.  How many of us here really do just "stick to Star Wars" in their collecting habits these days?  I know that Jeff and a few others do a pretty good job, but many of us seem to be collecting multiple lines.  I know I often think how much easier (and cheaper) it would be if I just stuck to one line, but yet, here I continue to buy a number.

Like I've said before, I started back into Star Wars by picking up some POTF2 figs (some loose online, some carded in stores), and then the TPM figures.  I continued with basically just SW stuff for that time, and I think the first time I picked up a non-SW collectible was a movie Spider-Man.  From there I picked up a couple of Legends figures (starting around Series 3/4), and then a couple of LOTR figures.  From there it seemed to get worse.  It was primarily focused on Marvel, but I've since picked up stuff (sometimes one or two figures, sometimes multiples) from the following lines: Marvel Legends/SMC/etc., DCUC/Batman/etc., He-Man, GI Joe, Transformers, JLU, LOTR, Indy - not to mention all of the "other" Star Wars lines (Unleashed, Galactic Heroes, etc.)  Now, I'm beginning to slow down and pare things down again (more significantly next year most likely), but looking around our office/collection room, its crazy how much "other" crap I've gotten along the way.  Its not that I don't enjoy those collections, but I'm sometimes envious of those who stick to one line (or just have better willpower I guess).  Heck, I think collecting just a line like Marvel Legends or DCUC would be easier than Star Wars even at this point - with so much stuff out in a given year.  Anyways, just wondering if anyone has stuck to the "just Star Wars" (or any other line) - or if you're working at getting back to that point.

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Re: How Did You Get Into "Other Lines"?
« Reply #17 on: December 3, 2008, 11:07 AM »
When the modern era came into play back in '95, SW was all I collected for several years.
Then my then fiancee and I collected Digimon and Simpson figures.
She got some Batman figures.
Then the Marvel Legends line came along and while under Toy Biz we collected nearly all of those figures. Once it became Hasbro's line we dropped collecting most of it and now only get the figures we absolutely like.

Since this time Digimon and Simpsons lines have ended. She no longer collects Batman and as mentioned Marvel Legends is low priority.

I however have picked up Halo 3 toys. I enjoy it (other than the relentless amount of exclusives...) and since there are no major army builders, I mostly stick to one of each, which makes it fairly affordable. I won't be collecting the Halo Wars line however as I've got to say no somewhere.

In the meantime, my SW collecting has dwindled. In 2007 my budget for SW stuff was $6K. I trimmed that in half for 2008 to $3K. I'll again trim that in half for 2009 to $1500. Then finally in 2010 and beyond will only commit $600 (10% of what I spent in 2007) to SW toys. It's unlikely at that point that there will be any big items or army builders that I'll want to get that would push me over self imposed the budgetary restriction. Since I've stepped down form major army building (20 of each), down to no more than squad building of 4-8 figures of a troop type fig, collecting has become more affordable and has allowed for me to collect the Halo stuff as mentioned.

I see the Halo stuff ending no later than 2010, so that's money back in my pocket. At that point it will be purely SW for me and at that only a small amount as compared to my "heyday" of collecting.

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