Author Topic: Celebration VI Hasbro Droid Factory Request ("Champagne" U-3P0 Parts)  (Read 652 times)

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I know this is something of a reach, but if anyone can help me out, it's the wonderful JDers (blatant ass-kissing).  Anyway, is there anyone going to Celebration VI this weekend who would be willing and/or able to help me complete a "champagne" U-3P0 from the 2009 ESB Legacy Droid Factory wave?  I already have all four limbs and only need 1 each of the following pieces:

-1 x champagne U-3P0 head
-1 x champagne U-3P0 torso

This is the last figure I need to complete that particular line, and it's been driving me particularly nuts these last few years.  With Hasbro doing a Droid Factory swap meet of sorts at the con, I was hoping that, if those particular parts are available, someone could help me out.  I have a ton of different Droid Factory parts from 2008-2010, including some harder to find parts like BG-J38 limbs and head to trade, or I can buy the parts outright.

So, if you can help me out, please don't hesitate to PM me.  Thank you! :)