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Well, although some of us are still scrambling to pick up figures from the "Final 12", we finally have an idea of what the entire ROTS line encompassed.  A whole mess of figures, variants, exclusives, ships, and some other "crap" along the way too :).  Overall, it was probably fairly easily the best of the prequel movie lines, and we got a lot of nice stuff.  What were some of your favorites of this movie line, likely the last "movie" line we'll see?  Feel free to list as many, or as few, as you want.  Here's a few I liked, in no particular order:

Sneak Preview Figures
Wookiee Warrior - nice figure, nice army builder

Basic Figures - Collection 1
1. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Pilot) - favorite of the line, one of my favorite all-time figures
2. SA Clonetrooper (#41) - another one of the bests, looking forward to Gree and any other (regular priced) repaints
3. Clone Commander (#33) - not technically "movie accurate", but a very good figure...looking forward to Bly
4. AT-RT Driver - nice "different" clone, and a solid figure overall....pleasantly surprised when I opened this one
5. Misc. Clones (Gree, Bly, #6, Shocktrooper) - don't have the "Final 12" ones yet, but I'm really looking forward to them...for some reason the Shocktrooper is one of my favorite figures, even though it doesn't use the #41 sculpt

Basic Figures - Collection 2
1. Count Dooku - VOTC like quality, as a number of figures in this line were
2. C-3PO - probably the best 3PO we've seen so far...if we can't get artic. knees, give him a silver shin and re-release him later :)
3. Royal Guard (Red) - soft goods reminds me of vintage days, wish I had more than one
4. Padme (Republic Senator) - very nice Padme figure, somewhat under-rated I think (much like Bail Organa)
5. Misc Jedi (Plo Koon, Agen Kolar, Shaak Ti, Ki Adi Mundi, etc.) - most/all Jedi are pretty well done in the ROTS line.

Other Basic Figure Line(s)
Evolutions - Great idea, and the sets I have are great (no Sith Lords yet).  I wish this line would continue, we've all discussed the potential here.  VOTC like quality here.  Best ROTS Anakin by far I think.

ARC 170  - a fun ship, nice and big too
Jedi Starfighters  - I like the look of these, the original two anyways...don't have the exclusive ones
Wookiee Copter  - a fun toy again, and wookiee stuff is just cool :P
AT-RT  - big fan of this one as well, if I had the room I'd pick up a couple more

Boga  - I kind of liked this one, although I know most don't.  Always a fan of a new beast to the Star Wars Universe, not too many from this line really

I didn't get a lot of the exclusive figures, some were good, some were nice...all were overpriced for the most part.  I liked the Target clone (only Target figure I've gotten so far), and the Holo Yoda (thanks JD!), and some of the others looked nice as well.  I'm personally always a fan of the cup sets, although the $13 price point can take a hike.  The Early Bird set is kind of neat, and I'm glad I got it.  Maybe a tad overpriced as well, and could have been even better than what it was.

Lots of stuff here, probably some things I'm forgetting.  I thought the Burger King toy promotion was neat, although a little overwhelming.  I always enjoy Unleashed and the Galactic Heroes line, and both of those were solid I thought.  Lots of "miscellaneous" stuff this year it seemed, some good, some not so good.  Again, probably stuff I'm forgetting, but I've gotta run...anyone else have favorites from the year of ROTS?

OK, I'll play...

Sneak Preview Figures
Wookiee Warrior - Great Wookiee with a ton of toys!

Basic Figures - Collection 1
#57 Commander Bly - a great movie accurate, super articulated clone commander. I like the Yellow best of the 3 paint schemes. Hands down my favorite from Collection 1. (runner-up = #55 Obi-Wan Kenobi)

Basic Figures - Collection 2
#23 Royal Guard (Red) - after the PotF2 "lump" and the Saga rubbery version it was great to finally get a nice cloth version. Only thing missing was the force pike. (runner-up = #18 C-3PO)

Other Figure Line(s)
Evolutions - Clone Trooper = 3 great clones for $20 - I loved it! Factor in the paint variation set and it's a winner! (runner-up = Dlx Med Table Vader)

Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter (Yellow and Red versions) - great way to capture the start of the movie. I didn't buy the Blue and Green versions because I thought it was dumb that even the ships has costume changes, but I still love the design of these fighters.

Boga - since it was better than the can-cell, it wins. :P

The Target cup sets. Sure, they are repacks, but I really like these sets (I didn't like the price hike to $13 half-way through the year though >:(). They really do look great when they are all posed on the shelf together.

Great topic!

Here are my "favorites"

Basic Figures (all of these can be rehashed for the rest of the line and I will be happy)
- C-3PO - best 3PO ever (I love articulation but I don't really care about 3PO's knees  :P)
- Emperor's Royal Guard (red) - Perfect - great use of EU, vintage, and modern articulation. 
- Clone Commander - Awesome accessories (pauldron/kama) and a great sculpt while retaining a lot of articulation
- Sneak Preview Wookie Warrior - hulking brute!  Huge figure with lots of articulation, what else do you need?
- Count Dooku - best version of Dooku; great articulation, and a softgoods cape!  I like version better than the Sith Evo set
- Obi-Wan Kenobi (Red Leader Pilot) - Best Obi-Wan ever!  Just to head and hand swaps and give us the rest of the Jedi in this form
- Super-Articulated Clone Trooper - 'nuff said  ;)
- R4-G9 - best. astromech. sculpt. ever.

Deluxe Figures:
- Spider Droid - never had the CW version and I like this one a lot
- Crab Droid - aside from disappointing paint apps (or lack thereof), this sheer size of this droid is worth the $10.  Great for battles
- Stass Allie BARC Speeder - I know it was inaccurate and the weak Stass Allie figure sucks, but the BARC Speeder is cool and a great replacement for the crappy ripcord-action BARC Speeder.

Figure Sets:
- Clone Evolutions set - One of the best ideas ever!  I love this set.  Great articulation, removable helmets, awesome accessories; this is one idea that I hope hasbro continues to use.
- Anakin Evo Set - No reason to buy the ROTS versions because these are the definitive versions of Anakin. 

- AT-RT - at first I didn't really like it, but the more I looked at it, the better it looked
- Gunship - I love this vehicle.  I never had the CW or AotC version, so this was a must buy for me.  Excellent in all aspects.
- ARC-170 - I held off on buying this, but I'm glad I eventually broke down and picked one up.  It really harkens back to the earlier, simpler vehicles.  The design is pretty cool and I really like the absence of electronics and gizmos.

Excellent idea, terrible implementation.  If hasbro had simply used the "battlepack" style that they used for the G.I. Joe line (4 or 5 troops and 1 or 2 leaders) and used good versions of the clones, then they could have made a killing on this.  If they had done 5-packs of Clones using the SA or QD clone body in the different ROTS color schemes, it would have been one of the best Star Wars products ever.  As it stands now however, they are only good for display (the Clone Attack on Coruscant has one of the best packaging jobs that I have ever seen) and custom fodder (I'm looking at you Jedi vs. Sith)

Edit - put my "favorite of the favorites" in bold

EDIT AGAIN: How could I forget the best astromech sculpt ever?  R4-G9 rules!

Sneak Preview
Wookie Warrior

Basic Figures Col. 1
Commander Bacara (Love the OT-ish Snowtrooper armor)
#55 Pilot Obi-Wan
AT-RT Pilot
#6 Clone Trooper
#41 Clone Trooper

Basic Figures Col. 2
Blue Imperial Guard (Love the EU armor)
AT-TE Tank Gunner
Imperial Med Droid
Kit Fisto

Other Figure Lines
Grey Clone Evo (Don't have it yet but I want to get it)
Dlx Jet Corps Clone

BARC Speeder
ROTS Gunship
Yellow Jedi Starfighter
Droid Starfighter (Vulture Droid)

Upcoming EU Utapua Shadow Trooper

My personal favorites from the basic ROTS line:

SP Wookiee Warrior - One of THE best figures ever!
SP R4-G9 - Great sculpt, details and killer leg feature.
Tarfful - A fun Wook.
Clone #41
Target clone
Commander Bly
Obi-Wan pilot - First decent Obi-Wan of the entire prequel line.
Mustafar Anakin - The brutal end of Anakin and birth of Vader. Nuff said. 8)
Mas Amedda
Mustafar Sentry
Meena Tills :)
Palpatine #35 - Lame action, great head sculpts.
Neimoidian trooper
AT-TE Gunner - Great step forward on the legs and a huge one backward on the arms. But the head and helmet are of undeniable quality. The head's not undersized to accommodate the helmet, and neither is the helmet ridiculously oversized. They're both perfectly scaled and there's the amazingly crafted overpiece?! A milestone in 3" sculpting quality despite the lame choice of arms.

Non-basic faves:

Evo Anakin
Evo Clone
Vader operating table

Edit: I forgot Polis Massan. ;D


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