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Evo Clonetrooper To Stormtrooper
« on: November 3, 2005, 07:29 PM »
Today I received my Clone Evo set in the mail. When I saw the first pics of this set I knew I had to get this. 3 SA Army Builders for $20 is a steal!

E2/CW Clonetrooper:
This figure depicts the troopers seen in AOTC and most of the Clone Wars.
Sculpt: 5/5
My second favorite of the set, the sculpt on this trooper is dead-on. Very similar to the SA Clone but different.
Paint: 4.9/5
They decided to paint this trooper with the yellow "commander" markings seen on V1 Clones, and they did a good job on it. They also painted battle damage which annoys me slightly.
Articulation: 5/5
Although this clone isn't up to Hasbro's standard of SA, I'm not much of an articulation buff. He has 13 points, still very close to Hasbro's standard.
Overall: 5/5

E3 Clonetrooper:
This is a figure of one of Commander Bly's battalion of newly anointed Imperial Stormtroopers.
Sculpt: 5/5
The sculpt on this is nearly perfect, and captures the trooper very nicely. The kama is done very well, because the #33 Commander's kama looks a little too non-battle used, the way it curves out symetriclly. Both this trooper and Bacara have a kama that looks a little battle worn.
Paint: 4/5
The paint is just right, using the mustard color of Bly's troops. This trooper also sports battle damage, albeit a helluva lot more.
Articulation: 5/5
Not much to say here, it's up to The Big H's standard of articulation.
Overall: 4.7/5

My personal favorite of the set, this depicts one of the dreaded Stormtroopers.
Sculpt: 5/5
After seven tries, this is Hasbro's best version of the Imperial Trooper next to the VOTC Stormtrooper. The helmet is perfect, lightyears away from the 1995 version.
Paint: 4/5
The most noticable paint job on here is the dirt on the armor. There are two variations in the first set of the dirt, schmeard and sprayed. I got the sprayed version.
Articulation: 5/5
As I said before, I don't care that much about articulation, as long as its above nine points i'm good. He shares the same amount of articulation with his boxmate, the E2/CW Clone Trooper, 13 points.
Overall: 5/5

Accersories: 5/5
When I first heard of the Evo sets, I thought they'd just include a weapon for each character and be done with it. Quite the contrary. The Clone set includes:
-Heavy DC-15
-Imperial Style DC-15
-DC-17 Pistol x2
-The Sandtrooper's Big Ass Gun
-Sandtrooper Backpack
-Clone Pilot Helmet
-E3 Clone Helmet
-E2 Clone Helmet
Thats 9 accesories! Wow! My favorite would have to be the pilot helmet, as you can have 2 figures in one if you want.

I really like the Evolution Sets, and this one is one of the best. I higly advise picking it up to bolster your Republic Troops and Imperial Troops, but also because its just so damn cool.

Overall Score: 4.9/5

Links 'N' Stuff:
Because i'm nice, heres a link to the Clone Evo set at Wal*, currently IN STOCK.