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What do you drive?

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Here's my beauty...

You can see more pictures of it by clicking here.

No pics but my cars are

 every day driver 96 Beretta Z26
 Bike 94 Honda Magna

 toy 1970 SS-RS camaro

I drive a 1996 Ford Mustand, 5 Speed V6.  Probably not for long since my wife deemed it not a "family" car and gave me an "ultimatum" to get a "family" car :'(  She went in the ditch this winter (the thing handles like hell in the snow) And refuses to drive it anymore.  Since I can't fit a car seat in it I am inclined to agree with her sadly.  I bought it the day after I got my job, so it has been with me for 6 great years.  Days like yesterday where it is 90 degrees and I can roll down the windows and crank Pearl Jam on the stereo...bliss baby

I'm thinking about picking up a Taurus...I have all summer to look though

My wife drives a Saturn SL2 which is the official day care mobile 2 days a week.  It is a nice car and probably what I will have to drive after we get rid of my baby

I drive a 1994 Ford Ranger XLT. Black. 4-Cyl, Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, AM/FM Stereo, Sliding Rear Window. No Canopy.  

Best part is I have just over 100,000 kilometers or 62,137 miles.
Long way to go on that puppy.

Mikey D:
Black 2000 Toyota Tacoma extended cab, 5 speed, 4 cyl, no canopy.  Besides oil changes every 3000 miles, its had absolutely nothing go wrong with it.  It does have a cracked windowshield, though that needs to be fixed.  (I've been holding off until warmer weather, which is finaly here. New England is now getting the warm days that Scott had yesterday)

The wife drives a 2000 Jeep Cherokee classic, 5 speed 2 door.  I would have prefered a four door (easier access to the back seat) because her vehicle is going to be the family vehicle once the kids arrive (at least a year away before we even start thinking about it).  My truck, while it can hold a baby seat in the extended cab, isn't really made for transporting a family.


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