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Darth Broem:
Now that we have seen over 20 ROTS figures via cardbacks who is going to sit on the shelves the most?  I guess it depends upon case assortments and how overboard the stores order them, but we can take a stab at them anyway. 

I will guess that Tion Meddon, Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Chancellor Palpatine and perhaps Padme will warm the pegs awhile.  Not that those are bad figures but I'm just guessing those are strong possibilities. 

Tion looks ok but unless he's got some major action scene I doubt he goes over all that well. 

Bail looks good but it's Bail. 

Mon Mothma because she's a senator and a female.  Maybe she'll be 1 per case though? 

Chancellor because everyone will opt for ugly Palpatine with a lightsaber instead. 

Padme because there will be other characters people will want more than her.  I'll buy her because she's a main character.  But I don't know if many will want a pregnant action figure.  Know what I mean?

Those are definitely some good choices there.  Also, if these end up at $7 each, there will probably be even more pegwarmers than there should be.

I think a lot of the Jedi will end up being peg warmers - even though they look great, most are essentially AOTC rehashes.

The *hotter* figures I would think would be as follows -

Clone Trooper
General Grievious
Grievious Bodyguard
Emperor Palpatine

- All Collection 1 figures, but the Collection 2 ones do look a bit better.


I'll say:

Anakin Skywalker
Darth Vader

Trust me, you will be so sick of Vader action figures when this is all over.

We are already getting Anakin and Vader both in Collection 1, then versions in Collection 2, then Deluxe versions, the Vader w/Meditation Chamber, then 12" Figures, then Jedi Battle figures, the Attacktix, then, etc, etc, etc.

He'll be on the packaging, on the in-store signage, on the boxes, EVERYwhere.  I won't be surprised when cases start shipping with 3x Anakin, 3x Vader, and 6 other figures.

When June 2005 rolls around, there will be Vader in amounts the likes of which God himself has never seen.  :-\


Darth Broem:
That is true about Vader and Anakin.  I think they will sell well but the stores will order about 5 aisles full of those 2 figures alone.  LOL!

Yeah - I think the first Vader will sell like hot cakes.  After that, I bet we get several more Vaders in '05 - I would go for one with him on the medical table though.



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