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With the big craze of Hollywood creating comics-based movies, it has been a good time for comic fans at the movies over the past few years....with more to come from what I have heard.  What are some of your favorites, what would you like to see done, or what should have been done differently in your eyes?  I can't personally speak for all of them (haven't seen Hulk, Hellboy yet....not sure if I will see the Punisher movie either), but here's some of my favorites:

X2: X-Men United - Probably my favorite comics-based movie, pretty well done I think (as was the first).  I hope this franchise is able to continue, as long as they can keep the same actors and keep the stories good.  Looking forward to X3.

Spider-man - Spidey was my favorite comic (and superhero) growing up, so I was pretty excited to see him come to the big screen finally.  I didn't particularly care for the "costume" of the Green Goblin in the first movie, but otherwise I thought the movie was pretty good.  Looking forward to seeing Spidey 2, with Doc Ock this summer (released on my birthday now :P).  Another franchise I hope can keep going, with the same actors.

X-Men - Good comic movie.  I enjoyed the second a little more, but the first was very good as well.  Set up some characters pretty well.  Like I said earlier, hoping for more of these movies (and hopefully appearances by Beast, Gambit, more Colossus, etc.)

Batman (1989) - I was pretty excited to see this movie when it was released.  Bats was always my favorite non-marvel character, and it was great seeing him on the big screen as well.  I think this was the best of the bunch, and Michael Keaton was surprisingly good as Bruce Wayne/Batman I thought.  Nicholson was a good Joker as well....and the whole movie was nice and dark, like Batman should be in my opinion.  I hope the reboot with Batman Begins returns these movies (and character) to the "coolness" they had before.

Batman Returns - Another good Batman movie.  I know some of my friends didn't care for it though, and some really liked it.  Nice seeing Penguin/Catwoman (pretty well cast I think).  I didn't enjoy it quite as much as the first one, but still very good.

Batman Forever/Batman and Robin - Yikes.  This is where it all started to go wrong :).

Superman - Still an all-time classic I think.  My wife really likes this movie, as she remembers watching it often growing up.  Christopher Reeve did a great job in this role I think too.  First one was my favorite here as well.  I saw all of the movies, but to be honest don't remember the other ones quite as well as the I can't comment on them much.  There are always on again-off again rumors of bringing this movie franchise back, hopefully they do a good job with it.

Daredevil - Eh, so so for me.  Not terrible, but not the greatest either.  When I first saw it, I liked it...but now the luster has worn off a little bit.  I actually picked up the DVD, but don't know if I should have now.  Maybe it was the fact that I wasn't into the character enough growing up either, but overall it wasn't too bad.  From what I have heard, Affleck doesn't want much to do with this franchise anymore, unless Kevin Smith is involved, so this might be the end of that anyways.

I think that is pretty much what I have seen of the super hero movies (or remember much of at least).  The Spidey, X-Men, and Batman franchises are my favorites, and I hope they continue as long as they are well done.  I think many have learned from the mistakes of Batman Forever/Batman and Robin (at least I hope so), and try their best to stay true to the characters.  There have been other comic movies rumored to be coming in the future as well...some off the top of my head include: Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Wonder Woman, Elektra, Catwoman, etc.  Any others you would like to see...casting ideas for rumored projects, or anything else comic or superhero film related...I'd be glad to hear it :).

Also, just read these today as well, various comic movie bits:

Release Dates:
Batman Begins - June 17, 2005
X-Men 3 - May 5, 2006

New Spider-man 2 Trailer (2 1/2 minutes long) to appear during "The Apprentice" this Thursday.

Possible Director Announcement for Fantastic Four coming Tuesday.

Also sounds like they are moving forward with a Hulk sequel.

All this news (and more) can be found on

I've never been into comics, but I enjoy a good super hero movie as much as the next movie goer.  Not sure what my "favorite" would be, but I enjoyed the following:

Superman I and II

Batman I and II


Still waiting for Wonder Woman though!   :-*  I always loved the Super Friends cartoon when I was real young.  It'd be pretty cool to see them make a movie or series out of that, with all the super heroes together.  Aquaman was always my favorite, so I'd love to see him on the big screen!   8)

Changed the title so we can discuss anything comic-book movie related here, but feel free to still list any favorites, what you'd like to see, etc. :)

I always enjoyed the Super Friends as well Matt, wouldn't mind seeing that Justice League team on the big screen.  I think I still have my old Super Powers Aquaman figure from back in the day too, with "swimming action" :P.


--- Quote from: JediMAC on April  5, 2004, 04:15 PM --- Aquaman was always my favorite, so I'd love to see him on the big screen!   8)

--- End quote ---

Are you kidding me?  Aquaman was the worst Super Friend out there and that is including Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog


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