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Mikey D:
Alright, we've had your favorite sports team thread and lots of team bashing in the NBA and Stanley Cup playoffs thread, so we might as well bash every other sport as well  ;)

Teams I absolutely, positively loathe:
-NY Yankees
-NY Jets
-NJ Devils
-NY Mets
-NY Rangers
(notice a trend here?)
-NY Giants
-NY Islanders
-Pittsburgh Steelers
-Oakland Raiders
-Miami Dolphins
-Dallas Cowboys
-Washington Redskins

You'll notice most of the NFC and AFC East teams, which stems from the fact that the Pats and Eagles are my fav teams.  And New York teams has always been the biggest rivals with Boston and Philly teams.  The Devils are included here because even though they play in the cess pool that is North Jersey, they're close enough to NY to get a nod.

Teams I don't necessarily loathe, but enjoy seeing when they lose:
-Detroit Red Wings
-Buffalo Bills
-LA Lakers (not that I really care about the NBA, but I don't like them none the less)

So how about it.  What teams do you love to hate?

Boy, I've definitely got quite a few, but I'll quickly state the obvious (being an diehard L.A. fan):

Celtics and Yankees - our 2 most bitter rivals over the years...  HATE 'em!

USC has to be on this list now too.  Grew up rooting for them and UCLA as a kid, but through several affiliations with UCLA on a personal level later on in life, I've learned to HATE USC with a passion.  It's a pure, evil, and hateful rivalry where you've got to pick sides.  Kinda like Star Wars vs. Star Trek!  (*cough*Chris*)

Rubs Hands...All of Matt's teams :-*

In order:

Green Bay Fudge Packers
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Tampa Bay Bucs
Dallas Cowboys
Washington Reskins
New York Giants

For some reason I hate those 3 NFC East teams but like the Eagles.  I hate the way the national press kisses their butts all the time.  Same goes for the Pack but there is a deeper hate there and are at the top of my list of all teams

LA Lakers
New York Knicks

And that is pretty much it, I enjoy almost all of the other teams for some reason.  My LA bashing is well known, but the Knicks probably has to do with NBC airing a game a week for the past 20 years even though they have sucked forever.  I hate the way they play, their arena, their fans everything about them.  The Wolves have no real regoinal rivalries since they play in the Midwest instead of the Central which is too bad because a Bulls and Bucks rivalry would go a long way in town here.

Atlanta Braves

I actually have been a Yankees fan forever and I can't hate them even though I hate what they have done to the economics of the game.  Right behind them though is the Braves who I can't stand.  Ever since the Twins beat them in the '91 series they have bugged me.  The fact they have their own cable network also pisses me off for some unexplained reason

Dallas Stars
Detroit Red Wings
Toronto Maple Leafs
Saint Louis Blues
Chicago Blackhawks

This is some old Norris Division hatred here and the fact that Dallas stole our team to begin with.  Again the Wild kind of got shafted when it comes to geographical rivals.   Plus they are too new to have developed any permanent hatred yet.  Everytime the Stars come to town though watch out!  BTW, note to the NHL, bring back the Norris, Adams, Smythe and Patrick names

Dave Eckstien

I hate this guy with a passion, the playoffs last year cemented it...he sucks.  Hopefully he hits puberty before he gets out of Junior High

Kurt Warner's Butch Wife

I love Kurt, think he is an awesome QB, I hate the fact that FOX kept showing her in the stands every ******* game they played for two years (see also Jamal Anderson's Mom)

Mikey D:
Scott, butch is too kind.  I would have used a more unpleasant term, which I wouldn't dare to utter here.  I'll let your mind make up the rest.

And I forgot my most hated Nascar drivers (which I know doesn't have a huge fan base here)

-Jeff Gordon.  I despise him so much that even for my love for all thing Star Wars, I refuse to purchase the Phantom Menace Pepsi replica car because this tool drove it.

-Little E (Earnhardt, Jr).  Wasn't a big fan of his pappy and it seemed to rub off on him.  I know he's the cash cow of Nascar, but I just don't like him.  I'm also not a fan of his teammate Michael Waltrip, but he sucks so the hatred is less.


--- Quote from: OCB on April 16, 2003, 02:48 PM ---Misc
David Eckstien

I hate this guy with a passion, the playoffs last year cemented it...he sucks.  Hopefully he hits puberty before he gets out of Junior High
--- End quote ---

C'mon, Eck?  Geez...  ::)  You're nothing but a big, mean, heartless bully Scott.   :-*


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