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Lego Saber - Full Size Replica Pictures


Boba Binks:
I forget who asked me about posting some images of my Custom Lego Saber that I have in my Replica Saber Case.

I bought my Replicas Lego Saber off of someone a few years ago. I do not recall his name. He made a run of about a dozen in each color; Red, Bllue, and Green.

*Here is an interesting fact about the Lego saber. The hilt is very very similiar to a piece out of an Abhrams X1100 tank transmission. You would have to get the part out of the assembly unit, clean it up, cut it down to size, and drill out the emmiter part for the blade. It would be lots of work but an interesting fact. Makes me wonder if someone at Lego is an ex-engineer for the military or something. The hilt for my Lego saber is machined out of alluminium, it is not a piece out of a tank transmission.

Well anyways, here are some pictures for those who have asked.

That's awesome!!!!!!!!  What is the blade made out of?

Boba Binks:
The blade is made of out solid Acrylic.  

Duh.  I feel like a total idiot now...   :-[

I've seen your Lego Lightsaber in that case a number of times now David, and I could never figure out for the life of me what the deal with it was.  I looked at it numerous times, and just kept saying to myself that there's no way in hell that thing is made out of Legos.  Just looked too nice, clean, and smooth to have been constructed out of building blocks...   ::)

NOW I get it...  It's a replica of one of the actual tiny little lightsabers that the Lego mini figures have in many of our favorite Lego sets.  DUH...  At least I finally feel better now that I know what the heck you were talking about with that piece.

All that being said, that replica Lego lightsaber is very cool, and definitely a unique piece to have in your collection.  Nice pick up!


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