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Collections / Re: New Pics!
« on: January 27, 2007, 07:16 PM »
Geez, man... How'd you pay for all this stuff, rob a bank?

JK, nice collection.

How did you find out?!?  >:(

Seriously, though, thanks for the kind words. I'll put it this way; trading has helped me out alot this past year or so.

Dead links...

Dead links...

Dead links...

Dead links...

Collections / NEW PICS!!! 1-27-07
« on: January 27, 2007, 06:48 PM »
Dead links

King- Those are Christmas lights on the shelves, and they do look sweet when I have only those and my leg lamp on in my bedroom.
I also like my wookiees and clones, as well. I've gotten quite a few more clones, and a few more wookiees. I've also gotten rid of some clones, but I'm cool with that.

Jango- Thanks for the kinds words. I know how you feel about the driving stuff, but you seem to have a better situation than I do. My mother won't let me take drivers education because she thinks that I'm too young. Hopefully I can take it when I'm 27.  :P  Anyways, good luck with your collecting and driving!

I hope to have some new pictures up soon, since I have recently found my camera.

Collections / Re: King_Maul's Collection
« on: January 27, 2007, 11:26 AM »
That's a sweet collection, King. I love seeing a mix of carded figures, loose figures, Galactic Heroes, Unleashed, and the Titanium ships. It's even nicer to see that your loose figures aren't all clones, and that you have a nice mix of characters. Once again, nice collection and keep up the good work.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Target Exclusive Order 66 2-Packs
« on: January 26, 2007, 09:49 PM »
As much as I like clone troopers and stuff, I'm going to pass on these. I want the shock commander, Bow, and the 501st Airborne Trooper, but not for $13 each. I had already ruled out getting the set with Mace (I HATE purple clones), so I thought it's pointless to only get 5 of the six sets, so I'm going to pass on them. I hate these ideas that the people at Hasbro pull out of their asses. 

Anyone on the East Coast got this one yet?

I'm in North Carolina, and I haven't found this. One Target close to my house did not have any as of Friday night, and I'm going to check another Target this afternoon. I'll let you know if that run is successful.

Newbies / Re: Hi, I'm King_Maul!
« on: January 22, 2007, 06:59 PM »
Hey King! I'm glad that you made it over here. (I'm Gregory over at RS)
I hope that you enjoy yourself on this site, and you'll find that the trading/selling/buying area here is quite nice.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: ROTS Recent Purchases
« on: January 22, 2007, 05:51 PM »
Last weekend, I got Ask Aak, two Yellow Clonie to Stormie Evolution sets, a Sith Evolutions set, a Jedi vs. Sith Battle Pack, and one of each variation of the deluxe Vulture Droids.

Today I got Boga w/ Obi-Wan, AT-RT, AT-RT Driver, three #6 Clones, #27 Obi Wan, a Super Battle Droid, a Magna Guard, and Deluxe General Grievous.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: 2007 Saga Legends
« on: January 19, 2007, 10:24 PM »
Robo-Quack: Sorry to rain on your parade, but the clones are most likely not two-packs. I believe that Big Bad Toy Store shows all of the contents of the case, thus leading to two clones being pictured.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: TRU "Hunt for General Grievous" Battle Pack
« on: January 19, 2007, 10:22 PM »
Now here's an ARC trooper:

Damn right! Only thing that stinks is that he comes with Obi-Wan. Hopefully that ARC will be packed on his own card in 2008 or 2009.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: How big is your army?
« on: January 18, 2007, 09:58 AM »
Episode 2/Clone Wars:
-16 SA Clones
-4 ARC Troopers
-1 ARC Captains
-2 Evolution Infantry Clones
-3 Evolution Clone Pilots
-2 SA Clone Sergeant
-Commander Scorch
-ARC Trooper Republic Gunship
-Delta Squad (Republic Commando Multipack)
TOTAL: 33 Soldiers
              1 Ship
Episode Three:
-8 #65 501st Clone Troopers
-14 #26 Utapau Clone Troopers
-17 Infantry Clones (4 Tanks Gunners, 1 Jet Pack, 6 White SA, 6 Quick Draw)
-6 Shock Troopers (4 Quick Draw, 2 #41)
-9 Clone Pilots (5 White/Grey, 4 Black)
-2 Grey Clones (2 Evolutions)
-2 Clone Commanders (1 Red, 1 Green)
-4 AT-RT Drivers (2 White Faced, 2 Tan Faced)
-5 Saleucami Clone Troopers
-4 442nd Clone
-9 Fifth Fleet Clone
-Commander Baccara
-Commander Cody
-2 AT-RTs w/ Drivers
-Commander Gree
-4 Commander Appos
-9 Elite Corps Clone Troopers
-BARC Trooper with BARC Speeder
-3 Engineer Clone Trooper
-Commander Bly
-Shadow Clone Trooper
-Republic Gunship (ROTS)
-6 Felucia Clone Troopers (Evolutions Yellow Set x3, Betrayl on Felucia Battle Pack Clones)
TOTAL: 114 Soldiers
              4 Vehicles

-12 Nemoidian Warriors
-3 Nemoidian Commanders
-9 Battle Droids (3 ROTS, 6 Camo)
-2 Super Battle Droids (1 TAC, 1 Camo)
-3 Destroyer Droids (3 ROTS)
-1 Spider Droid (ROTS)
-AAT (TAC version)
-2 Magna Guards (1 White, 1 Grey/Blue)
-2 Sun Fac (SAGA 2006 Basic Figure, used as regular Geonosian Warriors)
-Geonosian Warrior w/ Spear (Republic Commando Multipack)
-Geonosian Warrior w/ Sonic Cannon (Republic Commando Multipack)
-Sun Fac (Republic Commando Multipack, used as Sun Fac)
-Droid Tri-Fighter
-4 Vulture Droids (2 Blue, 2 Green)
-9 Buzz Droids
-Crab Droid
TOTAL: 45 Soldiers
            8 Ships/ Vehicles
Galactic Empire:
-11 Sandtroopers (5 TSC, 2 Poop/Grey Evolutions, 2 Orange Pauldron Evolutions, 1 Tin Set, 1 Titanium)
-4 Scout Troopers (2 VTSC, 1 TRU AT-AT pack-in, 1 Tin Set)
-4 Death Star Gunners (TSC)
-4 Snow Troopers (3 TSC, 1 TSC UGH )
-2 AT-AT Drivers (1 TSC UGH, 1 TRU AT-AT pack-in)
-2 Storm Troopers (1 George Lucas, 1 DVD Set)
-1 Darth Vader Advanced TIE Fighter
-1 Imperial Shuttle
-1 AT-AT
-1 Shadow Stormtrooper
-3 Imperial Guards (2 ROTS, 1 Imperial Shuttle pack-in)
TOTAL: 32 Soldiers
              3 Ships
Rebel Alliance:
-Bren Derlin
-Chief Cherpa
-General Reikann
-5 Endor Rebel Soldiers (Saga 2; 2 white, 2 African American, 1 Tin Set)
-Zev Senesca
-Rebel Alliance Modified Airspeeder
TOTAL: 9 Soldiers
            1 Ship

-3 Senate Guards (ROTS)
-16 Various Wookie Warriors (ROTS)
-1 Wookie Helicopter
-4 VTSC Sand People
-2 Utapau Warriors
-2 Fire Speeder Pilots
-4 Naboo Solider(TSC)
TOTAL: 31 Soldiers
              1 Ship

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