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Watto's Junk Yard / Anyone been to Hawaii?
« on: October 20, 2004, 10:49 PM »
We're likely going, so I'm looking for suggestions.  I've been before, but always like to hear what other people have done or enjoyed doing. 

Most likely we will go to Maui.  Oahu/Honolulu seem a bit to city-ish and crowded for what we are after.  I know you can get away and I'd really like to spend some (more) time at Pearl Harbor, but with a 4 year old it's probably not going to be really interesting for her.  We'll do it later once she's in school and taking history classes and such. 

So, give me your thoughts please.

Other Collectibles / Shepperton Helmets
« on: October 5, 2004, 10:13 PM »
I would love to have one of these beauties but the price is, ah, a little steep.  Anyone planning on picking one of these up?  Need a lottery win over here.

Other Collectibles / Pride Displays
« on: September 25, 2004, 09:33 PM »
Clicky for info on pride displays.  Saw the info on the front page of RS and they caught my eye.  They look kind of interesting in a vinty sort of way (maybe this should be in the vintage section, but they are new?). 

I like the backing card but I'm a little less keen on the desert flowing into the cantina like that :-\

I also see no foot pegs on the display, either front or back, so I'm a little concerned about figures standing well.  I can't get vinty's to stand well on a perfectly level piece of wooden shelving, so some texturing may only add to the problem. 

Space also becomes an issue.  From the footprint that would leave, I probably have about 80 figures displayed in a similar area.  As my wife said...someday you will run out of room.

Still, a neat little item.  Pricey too.

The Wookiee Arcade / Apprentice of the Force GBA
« on: September 24, 2004, 10:03 AM »
Ok, I'm a relative newbie to the world of Star Wars gaming.  I've played a bunch of old PC based games, loving X-wing versus Tie Fighter especially. 

Now that I've purchased a GBA, I have both Flight of the Falcon and Apprentice of the Force. 

I also have a stupid question :-[  In the second segment of AOTF, where in the hell do I pick up the key card that is needed presumably about halfway through? ???  My expectation is that maybe a stormtrooper is carrying it (sandtrooper?) but I haven't been able to get it.  So I kill them.  And it's nowhere to be found.  Any help?

Watto's Junk Yard / Is it possible to run out of things to buy on ebay?
« on: September 12, 2004, 09:17 PM »
Of course not, but of late, I've had a hard time keeping items in my watched category.  Not so long ago, during my vintage buying heyday, I had trouble making space in the watched list for all the things I was following.  But now?  It's crazy. 

And it's not just vintage SW toys that were in there.  All manner of purchaseable item were in there: golf clubs, golf towel, shoes, all other manner of star wars toys - Kubrick's, busts, modern, etc.  Now that I've picked up a game boy advance SP, I have a new category to search, but I'm inherently cheap, so they get deleted as soon as the price gets near about 60% of retail. 

My grails are done, those that I deemed obtainable: Glow in the dark homer; Riddell Stormtrooper bust.  The unobtainable one killed my interest for the most part in McFarlane Sportspicks: 3rd Jersey Roy.  Killed is not quite right, but scaled back. 

I've bought sneakers, golf clubs, toys of every imaginable type, clothes - golf shirts, jackets, etc.  There's just not that much more I want.

Oh sure, there are lots of Star Wars items I could pick up but two things get in the way: being cheap and being realistic.  Sitting here watching the special on the tube, my desire for the vintage carded 12 backs is fueled substantially, but then reality comes in, telling me no way am I spending that much on this hobby.  I won't be able to insure them for that value.  Ships, quite simply, are not practical for me from a vintage standpoint.  Some are great, some not, but space won't allow it.  Otherwise, there isn't that much I can fit and/or want.

I have a few things left I want to pick up yet:
vintage small head Han
vintage brown hair Luke farmboy
vintage vinyl cape Jawa - for this, I'm unconvinced that ebay is the best place to get an authentic piece. 

So the question for you is thus: have you ever been saturated with respect to ebay?  Weird, eh?

Original Trilogy Collection / VOTC display idea, need your help!
« on: September 5, 2004, 11:20 PM »
Reading around the web on the VOTC.  Nothing too startling or revelationary really, nothing I haven't seen before.  But it got me thinking (yes, that is smoke, why?) - I need a cool way to display these things.  My current figure displays suck, at least until I get risers so the figures in back aren't completely obscured.

So here's what I'm thinking and what I need:
I just got my (second) vintage display stand in the mail this week.  It's in decent shape, but I bought it more for the card back than anything else, as I already had a good base with a good sticker, but no cardboard back.  Now I bought one with a pretty nice cardboard, the plastic is fine, but the name tag strip has a few (significant) flaws.  Big enough that no one is likely to buy it from me on ebay, so I either keep it or toss it. 

Given that the display holds 12 figures, I'm thinking of using the second plastic piece for displaying the VOTC.  I'll need to do up a vintage styled name sticker/plate, that should be easy enough.  But I'd like to get a different backing for it, to differentiate it from the true vintage stuff.  So basically, I'm looking for suggestions for the background here. 

Also wondering if anyone thinks this is a good idea, or just plain goofy.  It is contingent on finding my second full set of VOTC figs (when IS going to ship???) to open and display.  I don't want to go out and pick up Ben and Han again, so many are sitting out there, I think they may clearance at some point, but Luke is a different story, so too is Leia, at least at the moment.  The later figures of course are just beginning to show up. 

Also, anyone have any idea of whether the VOTC have peg holes that fit the vintage display?  I refuse to open what I have now (Han, Ben, Luke, Leia, Vader, Yoda) since I don't know what my BBTS shipped versions will be like in terms of quality.  I was pretty selective in choosing these (except Vader, only one on the pegs, but still nice), so I'll opt to see if these are indeed the better cases.

One thing I was thinking is if I could somehow get three, horizontal poster shots, one for each movie, to put in the background - ANH/ESB/ROTJ - and see how that looked, but most posters I know of are vertical in orientation.  Open to other suggestions though.  Just don't want a duplication of the original.  Superstar Destroyer closing in on Falcon?  I dunno.  :-\

Vintage Kenner / Anyone else getting really sick of...
« on: August 16, 2004, 09:48 PM »
plowing through VOTC auctions mixed in with vintage figures and other vintage stuff?  It's driving me bloody well around the bend.  When you enter the auction, it clearly states the years that vintage pertains to.  Vintage style does not make it a vintage figure, take it to the regular, modern section bozos. >:(


Vintage Kenner / Droids and (shudder) Ewoks.
« on: August 3, 2004, 03:59 PM »
Yup, pretty much nearly done the Vinty collection.  Waiting for a few pieces in the mail, need to get a Romba with a hood ::) (this piece will subsequently drop dramatically in price, once I do) and then the loose collection will be complete.  I only need to upgrade a few figures, maybe 5-6 to be happy.  Almost all of the weapons are present, but some that are missing are with the upgrades, so I'll buckle down and get the advertised C-9+++ ::) individual figures with the $4 shipping ::) and be done with it.  No more bargain hunting here.  

That leaves me wanting something new.  I'm still toying with the trilogo carded stuff, but know I won't ever finish that line thanks to a couple of extremely expensive pieces.  I've contemplated doing the first carded appearance schtick as well, but again, probably more $$$ than I want to part with.  

Vehicles are out - too big, too many and too expensive.  Also not keen at the moment on playsets due to space constraints.  Not sure what else there is that I want, so I'm thinking about the two smaller lines, Droids and yes, embarassing though it may be, Ewoks figures.  

So, difficulty?  Price?  Completeness?  Comments are all welcome.  

I'm not terribly worried about prototypes or unproduced second generation stuff, that's beyond my desire (I've never seen these shows even once :-[).  So who are the toughies in these lines?  Should I be expecting to part with considerable sums of money?  From scouring ebay, I've seen a fair number of the Droids common stuff come along, most of it carded surprisingly and relatively cheap.  Seems blasphemous to buy carded stuff to open, but some of those bubbles are so yellow they're almost brown.  

I've noticed that R2 and 3PO seem to be quite pricey and relatively rare on ebay, but the rest are rather more common.  Is this accurate?  

As far as the Ewoks go, I haven't a clue, largely due to my aversion to small furry cute movie ruining midgets.  I occasionally see some and lost a few auctions on them on the weekend, only because I wasn't around at the end.  No big, just curious to see the pricing, seemingly around $15 or so a piece.  

Help me ___, you're my only hope ::) :-*

Watto's Junk Yard / How much snot can the body produce? Or...
« on: July 30, 2004, 11:33 AM »
Summer colds.  

They suck, seriously.  I've had one for about two weeks now.  The Mrs. has it as well, but the kid thankfully has avoided it.  

It started like any other cold, scratchy throat, achy ears.  Then the runny nose came with itching.  Followed up by being plugged right up, hence the title of the thread.  It started getting better, but much like the Mrs.' cold, it then turned for the worse after about 8 days.  Now it's green and yellow everywhere.  I have boxes of kleenex all over the place and everyone on the phone is asking are you sick?  Duh.  

So, anyone else suffering with me?  Trade with me, I'll throw in a free virus ::)

Now that I am nearly complete my vintage collection, I feel it reasonable to ask this question.  My early impression of vintage figures is that in general the sculpts were lacking relative to some of the modern counterparts.  In my mind, it was lacking with respect to many of the modern figures and for the most part, aside from the nostalgia standpoint, it remains so.  That said, I am curious if anyone feels any of the vintage sculpts are still better than the modern versions?  

I'll have to check again at home, but the one that stands out most in my mind is the Imperial Gunner.  Possibly the A-wing pilot, mostly because the POTF2 pack in seems to suck wind.  Ewoks are not as well done, but more diverse.  Amanaman seems darn near identical in many respects.  

What say you?

Other Toy Lines / What are your other toy 'grails'?
« on: July 13, 2004, 10:24 PM »
What toys do you want to have desperately, but don't have, either because of money, availability or space?  

Glow in the dark homer was one of mine.  I waited a long time to get it and finally picked it up at a decent price, though I still wonder if it will go lower.  

In the Star Wars line, the riddell stormtrooper helmet fits, regularly surpassing $200, though a few lately have been under $175.  I will someday own this and it will become a priority after I finish up the vintage guys.  

3rd jersey Patrick Roy from McFarlane.  Released in obscenely low numbers, this was a mid-production switch in the chase figure from the regular dark Colorado jersey.  Running well over $200 on ebay, it is the only goalie figure I am missing, chase or otherwise.  

McFarlane Jets Selanne #13 in white.  They apparently made exactly thirteen of this figure, the regular chase is #8.  Only one has shown up on ebay and that auction was ended around $400+.  No reason given, but there was never a picture of the item put up either.  I would dearly love to have this, but there is no real way I'd pay that kind of money for a figure like that, though I deserve to own it ;)

How about you? :)

Watto's Junk Yard / Junk food regionality
« on: July 11, 2004, 09:55 PM »
Yeah the title sucks, I know.  A spin off of the slurpee thread, but I know of only a few regional items that Americans can't get and a few that we can't get only available in the US.  

Ketchup chips are a personal fave for me and I believe are only now making their way into the US, though they are crappy Lays IIRC.  Old Dutch are far and away the best, making your fingers red with the dust on them.  Yum.  

Red Vines are not widely available in Canada and a must for me on each visit south.  7-1 lb bags last visit :-X  I absolutely love those things.  

Frankenberry is uber regional.  Even just before Halloween last year in Cincinnati I couldn't find them, most tragic.  Fortunately Scott has a quasi-nearby source to send me my fix a couple of times a year.  We actually used to have these in Canada for a period of time, but no more.  Forgot to get my bobblehead last batch :-[

Beer is not quite junk food (it's more of a health food IMO) but is obviously quite regional.  What else is out there?  

Poutine? ;)

Watto's Junk Yard / Five time world champion
« on: July 10, 2004, 05:21 PM »
Winnipeg is.  For what you ask?

We are the five time defending world Slurpee Capital of the world.  

Consumption per store for 2003 was 110,873 Slurpees per store.  

2nd. Calgary 89,587 Slurpees per store
3rd.  Detroit 78,304 Slurpees per store.

Neither of them even close.  Average per store sales for Winnipeg are 10,100 while the Canadian average is only 7,731 per store.  

Nothing better on a cold winter day hot summer day ;D

Vintage Kenner / Madine: Taiwan vs Hong Kong
« on: July 3, 2004, 09:42 PM »
Since every lot I seem to win has a Madine in it (and why does no one ever lose his weapon?), I thought I'd ask a question or two.  

I've got a couple of Madines lying around and there seems to be some differences.  Nothing more than paint apps, but still, they are interesting.  

Blue eye versus black eye.   Taiwan has the blue, Hong Kong the black.  

Date stamp location:  
Hong Kong on right boot, LFL 1983 on other boot.
Made in Hong Kong on right thigh, LFL 1983 on left thigh, much smaller print.
Made in Taiwan on right thigh, LFL 1983 on lefth thigh, large print.

Grey hair versus brown hair.
3 of four I have are brown hair, one is gray hair.  Same color as the tunic.  

A couple of other minor differences in the shade of blue, but I presume that is more age related than anything else.  

Weird, eh?

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