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Modern Classifieds / Clone wars animated figures for sale
« on: July 29, 2005, 10:28 PM »
Hey guys.  In an effort to pare some stuff down, I'm going to sell off some extra things.  The first to go is a set of animated clone wars figures.  They're all on mint US cards and are as follows:

Clone trooper white
Durge white
Count Dooku Mace Windu
Asajj Ventress
Anakin Skywalker (first)
Obi Wan Kenobi
ARC Trooper season III packaging

I'd like to sell them as a lot, simply asking regular retail plus shipping. 

I'll trade them off as well, for newer ROTS figures (new clones, higher numbered figures, multi-clone packs, etc.)  I can probably find a red clone to go with the set as well if you want one. 


JD Sports Forum! / JD Fantasy Hockey 2005
« on: July 29, 2005, 04:45 PM »
Since I don't want to run a football leauge, I'd be willing to run a hockey league on JD/Yahoo.  I'm presuming they have hockey on Yahoo, we've typically used a different online site, but for consistency and since we're running other pools on there, I thought it simplest to stay. 

Usual point schemes are remarkably easy except for the goalies:

1 goal = 1 point
1 assist = 1 point

1 goal = 5 points
1 assist = 5 points
win = 2 points
tie = 1 point
shutout = 3 points. 

In the past, we've run goalies/shutouts at 5 points but that tends to make them the best players on the team in terms of points.  A 3 point line for a shutout means a good goalie is still important, but not absolutely critical.  I'm open to all manner of suggestions regarding goalie point scoring schemes. 

Typically we draft 10-12 players, one of which must be a goalie.  We can increase that number if you like, but we usually only use three spares (two skaters, one goalie) in addition to whatever we're allowed to start.  Sort of a draft 'em and live with 'em unless they're hurt scheme.


All the news that Hasbro is seemingly releasing for ComicCon has my head pretty much spinning:

-More cup sets with rehashed figures
-Another holo figure
-Lava figures/exclusives
-Clone pilots that were never in the movie
-Clone repaints in bad case assortments
-Box set after box set with odd inclusions (clone pilot?)
-New, largely unnecessary and mostly repaint vehicles

Really, I was looking forward to a bit of a slow down on Hasbro basic figures (regardless of what packaging) but clearly that's not to be.  Worse, they seem to have no concept whatsoever regarding what is or isn't sitting at stores.  I have no qualms about reshipping Darth Vader or any clones (aside from a pilot) but is Grievous, Tarfful, Anakin or Obi-Wan remotely hard for anyone to find???

I just don't get the logic behind these and if they were to be easy to find, packed well (in the sense of assortments) and sensible figures, then fine.  But the only redeeming aspect is about 1/3 of the figures released are new army builders.  The rest is largely undesirable crap.  The kid portion of the market has moved on to Fantastic Four, so all they're doing is pissing off collectors, what many people consider to be the real market anyway. 

I've moved from carded completeist to loose completeist to loose incomplete getting what I want.  I'm finding vastly more appeal in products from Gentle Giant, Sideshow, Master Replicas, Kubrick and others.  Don't get me wrong, I still like the 3 3/4" scale but half the fun is finding stuff myself.  I haven't bought anything for myself in better than a month, Scott finds my stuff for me.  It's easy, uneventful, cheaper and while I'm tremendously appreciative of the help, it's no fun. 

When you start adding up all those factors, I wonder why I bother.  There's clearly lots of other stuff to collect, albeit more expensive, but if we're looking at 200 figures over a two year span that would leave me with a fair bit of money to divert elsewhere or simply not even spend.  Is anyone else out there in the same boat?

Modern Trading / Please trade (aka take my crap)
« on: June 30, 2005, 03:59 PM »
Card condition will be clarified before any trades are finalized. 
US = US cardback
Tri - Canadian trilogo cardback

POTF2 Orange Card
Princess Leia (bent lower right corner) bilogo
Luke Skywalker Dagobah bilogo
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi long saber heavy vertical crease bilogo

POTF2 Green Card Hologram
Sandtrooper US
Garindan tri
Stormtrooper US
Bib Fortuna tri (yup, you can have the original, not that POS OTC thing)
Gamorrean Guard

POTF2 freeze frame
Ewoks >:(

Episode I
Sith Speeder Darth Maul tri
Senator Palpatine tri
Gungan Catapult Accessory tri

Ellorrs Madak trilogo x2
Leia Organa Bespin Escape tri
Sabe US
Aurra Sing tri opener - pending
Darth Vader Emperor's Wrath US
Darth Vader Dagobah US (sorry)

Djas Puhr US card
Royal Guard US
Darth Vader Bespin Duel trix2
Boba Fett POC green opener US
Luke Skywalker Hoth Attack US
Dutch Vander Gold Leader US
Tie Fighter Pilot USx2 - 1 pending
Clone Pilot tri
R1-G4 US - pending
Cantina Set Ponda Baba
Cantina Set Greedo

Tusken Raider trilogo starburst background
Jawas US card bent along right side of bubble - pending

Canadian ROTS 20 pin set with two cardboard display cards

Luke X-wing Pilot
Boba Fett
R2 - rots
Vader - rots

Tomy mini-dioramas
Han and Chewie

Kubrick's - pending??
Han x2
Wicket >:(

Gamling bilogo
Moria Orc Archer tri
Elrond with Elven Sword Attach Action  US

Biker Chick 2
Spawn/Miracleman 2 pack
NBA2 Stockton purple
NBA 5 white LeBron
MLB10 Grey Schilling
NHL4 Shanahan red
NHL5 Hossa red
NHL8 Chelios white
NHL Legends II Gretzky black Kings
NFL6 Gannon black
NFL9 Culpepper white
NFL10 Moss white :P

Marvel Legends
VI Phoenix green
VI no mask Wolverine
VIII Doombot

Really other
Sauron LOTR Minimate

I'll happily sell the above crap stuff should you want it and not have any of my wants below:

SW exclusives
Target Lava Vader
Target Clone

Kubrick SW figures - openers are fine
Droids R2-D2
Rebo band
Carded Luke
chase Boba loose complete

Dark Trooper
Space Trooper
Epic Force Han Solo
Epic Force Chewbacca
Epic Force Obi-Wan Kenobi
Snowspeeder - first version, loose is fine, but must be complete

Clone three packs - any color except white
Evolutions Anakin to Vader
Evolutions Troopers
Evolutions Sith
AT-RT with clone bonus
Early Bird set (clearance priced, of course)
Jedi vs Separatists Battle Pack

Anakin's Jedi Starfighter w/Anakin (TRU)

M-pire figures
Chewbacca & Mace Windu
Count Dooku & Darth Maul
Emperor Palpatine & Anakin Skywalker
General Grievous & Obi-Wan Kenobi
Han Solo & Boba Fett
Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia
Queen Amidala, R2-D2 & C-3PO
Stormtrooper & Darth Vader
Chewbacca Plush
Darth Vader Plush
Princess Leia Plush
Stormtrooper Plush

Galactic heroes
ROTS wave two

Vader ROTS
Yoda/Palpy (so I can cancel my Amazon order)

Master Replicas
Anakin FX saber
LUke ROTJ FX saber ::)
Shock Trooper Helmet ::)

Y-wing vs Tie Fighter

Bust Ups
Chewbacca from Borders exclusive

That should about do it, pm me here or if that suits you better.

JD Sports Forum! / What was LeBron thinking...
« on: May 17, 2005, 04:25 PM »
A parallel thread to one currently over at I'm involved with.  Just curious what you guys think of LeBron James fires agent, hires high school friends to handle financial aspects. 

I'd suggest it's not a particularly bright move. 

Other Toy Lines / Family Guy toys
« on: May 16, 2005, 10:22 AM »
another from AFX click here for a chuckle  I like the show and its irreverance.  Just don't find the toys around here though. 

Do we already have a thread for this?

Other Collectibles / ROTS 7-11 Promos
« on: May 1, 2005, 09:49 PM »
Slurpees have shown up and the cups are pretty nice. :)  Some nice display pieces are popping up at lots of stores for many different items, so I'll see if the C3 charm can't work a little at home :P

So, stand in line much?  Like to get back some of your time and effort? 

Oh sure, they jacked the price $5 and you have to pay shipping, but really, wouldn't this have been easier >:(

Saga '02-'04 / Mace Windu's lightsaber
« on: April 5, 2005, 01:55 PM »
Did anyone ever pick up Mace's Saga boxed lightsaber?  I was trying to get one back when they first came out (in the US, never up here that I know of) and chuckles saw one (or two) one day, went back to pick them up and were gone.  Never to be seen again it would seem. 

A buddy up here scored one off ebay back around that same time, for retail price and then neither of us have seen them on ebay again.  It's just really strange that it seems to have been so underproduced.  I had forgotten all about it until I saw the new ROTS sabers.

So, anyone have one?

Sorry for posting this here, but it had to go somewhere.  It can be deleted shortly I'd think. 

Kevin, I'm good on the blue guards, thanks though.  If you are stuck with it, I'll take it though, don't want you going to any extra trouble to unload it. 

AS for bowling, we'll see.  Lots of people I want to meet up with at C3, some from Canada too.

Modern Trading / MOMC Red ARC non-animated for Lava Vader?
« on: March 31, 2005, 04:06 PM »
Yes, I know, I know.  But it's worth a shot.

I have a MOMC red ARC trooper that is the non-animated version I'd happily trade for a Target Lava Vader.  Just in case someone gets lucky.

Modern Classifieds / Request for a favor - April 2nd
« on: March 30, 2005, 11:49 AM »
Hey folks, I guess I'll do my formal begging here where it should be. 

I'll state it openly, Canada sucks.  Our prices are high ($10.24 per fig after taxes) and the selection is probably going to be much less than you'll experience.  No big promotional events up here. 

So here's what I'm asking:  I expect that for sure we'll see figures 1-24 and probably up to 32 here.  I can handle finding those except for one figure, the blue Senate Security figure.  If it goes up to #40 in decent numbers, there are more figures I would like.  My list of wants is thus:

III-23 Royal Guard - blue only please x3
III-33 Clone Commander x3
III-34 Clone Pilot x3
III-38 AT-TE Gunner x3

So yes, I'm looking for army builders.  I know everyone else is as well, so I'm taking my own request with a grain of salt. 

Anyway, great if you can help out, if not, thanks for looking.

And yeah, I need a Lava Vader too :-[ ::)

Other Collectibles / ROTS Food Promos: Kellogg's, Frito-Lay, etc.
« on: March 23, 2005, 03:36 PM »
I picked up a couple of the light saber spoons this past weekend.  Both were red, so I still need a green and a blue one.  They're ok, though I preferred the pens to these.  More colors would have been helpful.  I can post pics if anyone wants. 

Toy Reviews / ROTS Clone Trooper #06
« on: March 9, 2005, 11:59 PM »
Ok, wife called it a night, so I was itching to take some pics and do a bit of a review of the clone trooper I picked up yesterday.  So I dragged him in out of the car and played around a bit.  I also snagged one of my two SA clones for a little comparison. 

A little blurry (they get better) but you can see the scale is pretty good and they differ in only a couple of places.  The helmet is obvious, but the left shoulder is different and the new clone does not have the articulation in the waist that the SA clone does.  You can see the SA twists better (well, at all is the right way to phrase it) but also note his right arm can straighten completely, something the action feature prevents the new clone from doing.

One thing you're going to have to be careful of when opening this guy is that there are two parts hidden in the package.  I almost missed them, but there are two shoulder pads hidden in behind the picture of the clone trooper on the inner bubble.  I didn't notice them initially and one of my early complaints was that the one shoulder looked really weird.  The next picture shows why: there are two peg holes that the shoulder pad fits into.  The pic is a bit blurry, but you can see the hole...

One shoulder pad is plain, no markings.

The other has an Imperial insignia, a harbinger of some change coming in the course of the movie.

Sorry about a couple of the pics again, I couldn't get the to rotate in photobucket and I'm too lazy to reload them :P

You can clearly see the differences in the right and left shoulder in this shot.  Paint is different and it looks like they just didn't bother to take the black as far :-\

As far as poseability goes, they're pretty close to equal.  The ankle articulation is superior in the SA clone, who also has the waist articulation.  During training, they were fairly evenly matched. 

But the superiority of the SA clone shone through at a critical point:

The right arm of the new clone trooper is clearly hampered by the action feature.  He just can't get it as high as the SA clone and that could spell trouble when trying to get the attention of your training sargeant.  Fortunately in this case, it was enough.

Both troopers were able to take the necessary break being certain to not break the unspoken rule of looking away.  You can see the effect the action feature has on the, um, posterior region and hips.  Only the right leg moves to initiate the action feature, but the hips do little in the way of movement, so it won't be nearly as poseable as the SA clone. 

The SA clone came only with the blaster.  It appears that this blaster is identical to the new one that the new clone comes with as well.  Plastic is not too bad, not overly flimsy so it should stand up well.  The difference in size you see is just an artifact of the camera angle, they're identical.  New blaster is above in the picture.

The new clone also comes with a rifle.  It's the same sculpt as those that came with the clone commander (red designation?) and the two pack clones.  The plastic is about the exact same consistency but on mine at least, the silver speckling has been reduced.  The new rifle is on top in the pic.  They are identical in size.

It's not a perfect figure and like most of you, I'd be really happy without the action feature.  With the action feature though it is still leaps and bounds ahead of the red clone we received as a basic figure for Episode II.  So they stepped it up a notch here.  I will be picking up more of these guys, no doubt about that. 

I'll try and fix the rotation of the pics and if I get really motivated, reshoot some.  JD can feel free to host them if they like :P

Watto's Junk Yard / Fast Food Nation
« on: March 1, 2005, 10:08 AM »

This is a book Scott and I have been throwing little, friendly jabs at each other about for quite some time.  I think we mentioned it at a time when we were both active on RS and exchanged a few comments.  I kept planning on reading it, rather than just dismissing it out of hand which wasn't at all fair.  I finally got around to reading it in October of 04, but never found time to start the thread, as I always promised Scott I would.  Well, I finally did.

I won't say too much for right now as I want to re-read the book in the next coming weeks so I can annotate it so my nit-picking is more specific and can be placed appropriately with context and without vagaries. 

I will suggest this: my perspective is going to be different simply because we do things differently (better, from the perspective this book brings) in Canada with respect to meat/nutrition/labeling etc.  Not to suggest we are perfect, that's far, far from it.  But in a lot of instance there are regulatory issues that we simply don't have, for a variety of reasons. 

I will preface my comments by saying I am a skeptic by nature and anything raised in the mass media garners my immediate skepticism, regardless of any particular bias or side.  I am, by nature, suspicious of groups with agendas and I think there is a good deal of that going on here.  I will warn you that much of what is discussed in the book relates to agriculture and I think a lot of it doesn't have much to do with reality, or conversely is trying to point out was considered normal not more than 20 years ago is now unacceptable.  Not because practices changed, but because sentiments changed, owing largely to an urbanization of the population.  I think the book makes some fair points in instances, but it often carries them too far. 

I'll leave my comments at that for now and would welcome comments from anyone at all into this thread.  It is by no means just a forum for Scott and I as should be obvious, given this is a discussion board. 

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