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Watto's Junk Yard / Yet another "personality test" type of thing
« on: November 30, 2004, 02:03 PM »
clicky for two tests. 

With 45 questions I came out as JFK and The Godfather for the movie.  Have fun.

Fixed the link for ya!   :-*

Watto's Junk Yard / Tragic news concerning our fearless leader.
« on: November 30, 2004, 01:32 PM »
I know this is hard to believe and it deeply saddens me, but I'm forced to show you what just showed up on the newswire..... :'(

(AP)In news that shocked the Star Wars internet collecting world, the body of Chris Berry was found today in the Ohio countryside.  Berry was well known as the owner and leader of a Star Wars collectible board known as

His body was found by a passerby walking their dog.  One Mr. Coleman stated that he was just out walking his dog and the dog suddenly became very excited, barking loudly.  When Coleman went to look at what was causing the ruckuss, he found the body.  "It was awful" said Coleman, "not only because, well, it was a dead body, but because it had all sorts of horrible burn marks and holes in the body." 

Police spokespersons were unwilling to comment on the nature of the burns or holes.  They would only comment on the fact that there were numerous suspects.   "There's a lot of unruly behaviour in the internet community" the officer in charge said, adding "no leader of an internet site is without their fair share of enemies." 

When an employee of the site was contacted for comment, one Mr. S. Pearson, he initially refused comments.  But later stated that "y'know, Ohio is really nice this time of year, er, I mean I've never been outside Minnesota!" 

Another staff member, a Mr. M. Colman (not related to the witness Coleman, but quite similar sounding in spite of differences in stature) was reported to be deeply saddened by the news.  What baffled the interviewer was the giggling in the background. 

Suspects were not specifically noted, though there is an international flavor apparently.  Apparently, one of the board "members" is from Canada.  No real name was obtained, but police are very interested in finding this individual.  His "code name" (bunch of ******* geeks) is Koda - apparently some satanic name, relating to an evil band from the 70's that went by the name of Led Zeppelin.  Though police did not reveal the information, there is speculation that satanic marking were found on the body including the word "ZOSO".  As far as motive for the elusive Koda there is the suggestion that he was waiting on some help from Berry and became impatient.  Something to do with "snowtroopers" though no one knows what the hell that means to anyone in the civilized world. 

Also tied into the satanic rumours were suggestions of some sort of voodoo involvement.  Rumour has it that one former board member was recently killed, but has surfaced occasionally in the form of a spectre.  The Ghost of Virex apparently had no love for Berry, as he was not allowed power at the site in question.  Some speculate that the Ghost of Virex came back to exact his due revenge. 

Other rumoured suspects are as follows, all using the ridiculous ::) code names from

Angry Ewok - another staff member.  Apparently the name relates to his hirsuteness, when coupled with his short stature resulting in a less than pleasant demeanor (& odour) and poor taste in star wars characters.

Jokabofe (what the **** does that mean ::)) A disillusioned and bitter toy collector from New York and we know all New Yorkers are involved in some type of crime. 

As well there are numerous suspects from Minnesota, including the aforementioned Pearson.  As police spokespersons put it "you can't trust the people from Minnesota y'know."  "They're just like the folks out in Montana - you can't trust 'em.  Oh sure, they seem all citified and civilized but you know damn well they're drunk most of the time and packing weapons.  Can hardly blame them, what with the cold weather and polar bears and **** like that."

Crime scene investigators let slip some information that the burn marks were consistent with some type of crystal light.  Precisely how that could happen, they were unwilling to speculate. 

Investigations continue.  Berry apparently left behind few friends but plenty of family.  Not all were known to him.

RIP Chris Berry.


Feedback / JuvyD's feedback
« on: November 19, 2004, 02:09 PM »
(couldn't find a thread, please add to other if it exists). 

Second huge trade with Jim.  Absolutely flawless both times.  31 figures this time around and three boxes back to me from Jim.  Communication is top notch, packing unparalleled.  One of the best of the bunch (and there are a lot in that bunch). 

Modern Trading / Morgbug's trade list
« on: November 10, 2004, 05:00 PM »
Time for a new list.  I took a gander at the old lists I have and none are really relevant anymore, so I thought I'd just stick a new list in here.  Also going to use this list to keep track of what I have coming (not very bright am I ::)) to avoid the multiples situations I seem forever getting into: anyone need 5 US carded Saga Tie Pilots? :-[

Wants - yup, this is what I need:

Aurra Sing

Galactic Heroes:
Anakin/Padme - pending
Stormtrooper 2 pack - pending
Luke and Gamorrean
Lando & SKiff guard
Tusken & Jawa

Gentle Giant Busts:
Boba Fett
Clone yellow
Clone white
Clone red
Clone blue ::)

Y-wing/Tie Fighter
Dagobah X-wing
Cloud City

Basic 3 3/4" figures
Sly Moore - pending
Senator Yarua - pending
Pablo-Jill - pending
Padme Celebration - pending
Rabe - pending :)

Feltipern Trevagg (Gotal)
Dannik Jerrico
carded sandtrooper if it shows

Animated clone wars figs
General Grievous x2
Clone trooper - color variations x2 each
Anakin x2 - new sculpt

Screen Scenes
Jedi council I
Jedi council II
Jedi council III
Jedi council IV

Snowtrooper - need this one MOMC please

Stormtrooper - always happy to have more of these

Marvel Legends
Series VII
Vision - clear

Series VI
Phoenix red

Spiderman Legends Boxed Sinister Six set

Spider-Man Classics:
Ultimate Lizard

Hulk Classics:

Frankenberry.   I'll trade for cereal.


POTF2 Boba Fett loose (not electronic, straight from box to display, no play wear)
Sandtrooper white pauldron loose, no droid, has rifle

LOTR trilogy carded figures (cards may be US or bilogo)
Arwen coronation

Series 2 complete set

Lego system pens
Jango Fett

Gentle Giant Busts
Green Clone Trooper - holding this for trade towards other busts

Complete Galaxy Darth Vader/Death Star
Deluxe Hoth REbel Soldier

orange card
Luke Skywalker bilogo
Ben (Obi-Wan)Kenobi bilogo
Princess Leia Organa bilogo

Green Card Hologram
Ponda Baba
Momaw Nadon
Jawas US
Stormtrooper US
Sandtrooper US
Bib Fortuna tri
Garindan GC holo tri

SOTE purple card
Liea Boussh tri

Freeze Frame
Luke Skywalker blast shield
Emperor's Royal Guard

Han Solo
Obi Wan Kenobi
Jawa tri

Episode I
Senator Palpatine tri
Darth Maul Sith Lord
Obi Wan Kenobi Naboo
Obi Wan Kenobi Jedi Duel
Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Duel
Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Master
Qui-Gon Jinn Naboo
Padme Naberrie
Adi Gallia
OOM-9 binoculars in hand x2
Queen Amidala Coruscant
Destroyer Droid
Yoda US card
Chancellor Valorum tri
Boss Nass loose
Queen Amidala loose (no, not ascension gun)
Gungan Catapult Accessory

Episode I battle droid bonus pack - cards are not great, but displayable
Qui-Gon Jinn
Anakin Skywalker
Jar Jar Binks

R4-M9 US - damage at the J hook
Darth Vader Emperor’s Wrath US
Leia Organa Bespin Escape tri
Sabe US
Aurra Sing tri opener
Darth Maul Final Duel US
Darth Maul Sith Apprentice tri
Duros  tri x3
BoShek US
Aurra Sing tri
Darth Vader Emperor's Wrath tri
Sabe tri
Sandtrooper tri
Chewbacca Dejarik Champion US
Sebulba loose

AOTC deluxe
Obi Wan flipping
Mace Windu with red battle droid
Darth Tyranus flipping
Clone Trooper with speeder bike

AOTC Vehicles/Beasts
Reek Beast x2
Slave I
Jedi Starfighter

Zam Wessell preview figure
Zam Wessell bounty hunter
Jango Fett Final Battle fireball pointing down US
Jango Fett Final Battle fireball pointing up tri
Yoda Jedi Master tri
Royal Guard Coruscant Security
Padme Coruscant attack
Clone Pilot tri x2
Luminara Unduli tri
Yoda Jedi Master tri
Darth Vader Bespin Duel tri x2
Luke Skywalker Hoth – Saga US
Endor Rebel Soldier US beard
Count Dooku US
Djas Puhr US
Royal Guard Saga US
Gold leader US card
Tie Pilot x 4 US card
ARC trooper blue
Boba Fett POCarkoon green pants
Boba Fett POCarkoon pants US
Luke Skywalker
General Lando trilogo
Han AT-ST trilogo
General Madina trilogo

Endor Victory set x2
Death Star Accessory setx2
Ponda Baba Cantina set
Greedo Cantina set

Marvel Legends
Blue Ironman
Phoenix green

Have more than a few McFarlane's to unload as well.  I will sell this stuff also.

this is a work in progress

Watto's Junk Yard / Farewell to the old barn.....or....
« on: October 31, 2004, 01:58 AM »
The ramblings of a drunken fool.  Fair first warning, it's not too late to back out.  Go now, before boredom sets in. 

Still here?  Huh, amazing. 

Alright then, second warning.  It's post-midnight here and I just came home from a concert and a bout of drinking.  Stay if you like, but be warned, I'll likely regret posting this in the morning or at the very least be embarassed.  Carry on if you are brave. 

1. The old barn is the old Winnipeg Arena, former home to the Winnipeg Jets of WHA/NHL fame. 

2. The concert was the Van Halen concert, the last major concert at the venue listed in #1. 

So, here I sit, about to type this post/thread, rusty nail (Johnny Walker black and drambuie) and Granville Island Lager at my side.  I'll sleep soundly when this is done, the refreshments will only assist the earlier imbibations in achieving that goal.   I won't wake up nearly so happy, but my hearing certainly will not be intact.  This is your last warning, go away now, if you so choose. 

If not, carry on. 

I have lived in Winnipeg my whole life.  Born, raised and still living here.  As such, the Winnipeg Arena has seemingly played a role in my life.  Not dissimilar to any arena in any other city in North America, it has been host to WHA and NHL hockey; host to concerts of all colour and stripe; WWE (F) wrestling; world curling championships ::); world cup of hockey; world junior hockey.  It is, quite simply put,  a storied old building; not as famous as Boston Garden or the Montreal Forum, or any building of similar age and ilk, but still, it remains a trusted old friend. 

It closes its doors in about a week from now. 

We still have AHL hockey in the form of the Winnipeg Moose.  It's not at all the same as the glory days of the WHA or the fun days of the NHL and the drawing power of the league simply isn't there: they draw maybe 8000 fans a game, pretty pitiful really.  In the NHL days, they drew 12,000+ fans, even in years in which we won only 9 games total in a season.  Pathetic in the scheme of the NHL, but truly a hockey town.  Bitterness towards the departure of the NHL (and Bettman, general peckerhead) remain and impact the attendance of the subsequent team.  That team will move to the new MTS centre, a building that seats about 16,000 with great seats, good site lines and reasonable prices.  Generally speaking, it's a much better building. 

From a concert venue standpoint, it is likely to draw bigger names, more frequently, in a building with better acoustics.  This should lead to more and better concerts.  So all in all, it's a good thing. 

But I can't help feeling sad.   :-\

I don't remember the first time I went to the Winnipeg arena, probably sometime back around 1972 or so, before many of you were even alive, but pegging me at the wise old age of 8.  One of the most memorable hockey games I attended was on my 10th birthday, Quebec Nordiques versus the Winnipeg Jets.  IIRC, both teams sucked for the most part, but I was in my heyday of Canadian boyhood, playing hockey and madly, passionately in love with the game.  The game that evening was attended by my dad and I and I believe the Jets won it about 6-4.  It was not notable in the grand scheme of things, with the exception of the fact that the game took better than four hours to play.  Barbaric to say the least, well over 300 penalty minutes were assessed and the duration of the game was a dream come true to a 10 year old.  I didn't get to bed until probably 11 PM.  The next day I revelled in the fact that the game was high scoring, full of fights (eh?) and I got to stay up super late. 

Many more hockey memories were fostered during the tenure of the old building:  multiple Avco cup trophy wins - Hull, Nilsson, Hedberg; entry into the NHL (finally); Hawerchuk being an amazing player; Jets finish 4th overall, only to lose to the Oilers in the first round (Edmonton finished 1st, Calgary 2nd overall); Selanne's amazing year; the whiteouts that have never been matched; the last regular season game; losing to Detroit in game six of the first round in 1996, a game that never should have happened. 

Concerts were another critical part of my life.  My first concert was around 1976, Alice Cooper's Welcome to My Nightmare tour.  I'm pretty sure my parents didn't know about this one, or they would have put the kibosh on it pretty damn quickly.   Later, early concerts included Nazareth, Styx, CCR and more.  All in all, I saw probably over 100 concerts in the old building.  AS mentioned earlier, the acoustics, to put it mildly, sucked ****.  It was, literally built as a barn, adapted to a hockey rink and made into a concert venue for lack of another suitable sized venue.  Numerous bands refused to tour through Winnipeg because of the ****** sound and sight lines.  Money was there to be made, but they didn't like the venue so didn't come. 

I saw Alice Cooper, Nazareth, Golden Earring, Kick Axe, Quiet Riot (booed off the stage at the height of their popularity - the crowd came to see Whitesnake and a local band, Kick Axe); Motley Crue; Black Crowes (Guns & Roses was the opening act, back in 1986 :o); Styx (Paradise Theatre tour for you old farts); Scorpions (4 x); Iron Maiden 4x - once backing up the Scorpions); Judas Priest (4x); KISS (saw every show); Van Halen (3x); Ozzy Osbourne (3x - both the loudest and the lamest show in terms of volume); Metallica (2x) and so very many more.  Drunkeness and drugs were a part of the culture of the Winnipeg Arena.  Just a fact of life.  I have every ticket stub for every show I attended there.  The list above is pale in comparison to whom I have seen.

I left a University Exam early to see Twisted Sister open up for Iron Maiden :-[;  I passed out during a ZZ Top encore, after being up for 38 + hours pulling an all nighter studying for exams.  My girlfriend (at the time) threw up all over the side of the car following an Alice Cooper concert. 

Alice Cooper has played a pivotal role in my concert going history.  It was my first concert at the Arena, or anywhere else for that matter.   The second time I saw him, the girlfriend blew chunks on the car.  The last time, some few months ago, ironically I had the opportunity to meet with Alice after the show and have his autograph (and yes, a picture) to prove it.  I was sorely tempted to leave the history at that - first and last concert being Alice Cooper.  It may not scare anyone these days, but he did in the day and I appreciate him for it. 

Van Halen was a suitable follow up for the last concert though, and ended the symmetry of seeing Alice, first and last.  The show, while not spectacular, was good.  Sammy Hagar was entertaining; Eddie can still play the guitar like so few others.  The show was loud, energetic and well received.  After the lights came up, Green Day's Time of our Life was playing, the last song I'll ever hear in that building - fitting, ironic and sappy all at once. 

The truly lasting memory I'll have of that building is of the bathrooms though.  Not sure how many places in the sporting universe have trough systems rather than individual urinals though.  In a wave of personal privacy lost forever, at some point in the distant past, some Einstein decided that the human male's need to urinate would easily overpower the need for privacy.  As a result, individual urinals were never installed for the men's bathrooms.  Instead, a long and large "trough" was put in, allowing as many males as could comfortably stand astride one another do so.  They would urinate on the wall, draining into said trough, fed by a constant stream of flush water.  This is an innovation that will never be repeated.  There has never and will never be a line for the men's washroom at the Winnipeg Arena.  Tonight, for example, during the opening act, we stood in the outer area drinking beer and subsequently needed to use the facilities (i.e. trough).  We walked a short ways, passed the lineup for the women's washroom, did our duty and returned to find the women's line had not moved an inch.  Clearly the designers of said facility had drunken men in mind.  A more practical and politically uncorrect decision shall never be made again. 

Anyhoo, if you made it this far, bravo.  Thanks for your attention.  I had need to "verbalize" a fond memory fueled by alcoholic consumption.  Carry on. :) ;)

Other Toy Lines / Army of Darkness?
« on: October 25, 2004, 09:45 PM »
Anyone know anything about this line?  I knew there were some figures out at one time (McFarlane Movie Maniacs?) but this looks different.  Army builder set at Toyfare

Hmmm.  Could always use an Ash...

Watto's Junk Yard / What kind of car would you buy if.....
« on: October 24, 2004, 12:09 AM »
you could spend up to $100,000 and you had to drive the car every day?   You have to pay for the insurance and the gas, etc. 

I went and saw Taxi tonight and really thought the BMW 760 looked pretty sharp.  Not sure of the price, I haven't looked yet. 

I'll have to do some digging for other vehicles, but at the moment I really want an Infiniti G35 two door.  My kids big enough she can crawl into the back through a single door.  All wheel drive, decent economy for the engine, looks pretty sharp.  I'm sure I'll stumble on a more expensive car for fantasy purposes, but right now that one sticks in my mind.   How about you?

Watto's Junk Yard / Anyone been to Hawaii?
« on: October 20, 2004, 10:49 PM »
We're likely going, so I'm looking for suggestions.  I've been before, but always like to hear what other people have done or enjoyed doing. 

Most likely we will go to Maui.  Oahu/Honolulu seem a bit to city-ish and crowded for what we are after.  I know you can get away and I'd really like to spend some (more) time at Pearl Harbor, but with a 4 year old it's probably not going to be really interesting for her.  We'll do it later once she's in school and taking history classes and such. 

So, give me your thoughts please.

Other Collectibles / Shepperton Helmets
« on: October 5, 2004, 10:13 PM »
I would love to have one of these beauties but the price is, ah, a little steep.  Anyone planning on picking one of these up?  Need a lottery win over here.

Other Collectibles / Pride Displays
« on: September 25, 2004, 09:33 PM »
Clicky for info on pride displays.  Saw the info on the front page of RS and they caught my eye.  They look kind of interesting in a vinty sort of way (maybe this should be in the vintage section, but they are new?). 

I like the backing card but I'm a little less keen on the desert flowing into the cantina like that :-\

I also see no foot pegs on the display, either front or back, so I'm a little concerned about figures standing well.  I can't get vinty's to stand well on a perfectly level piece of wooden shelving, so some texturing may only add to the problem. 

Space also becomes an issue.  From the footprint that would leave, I probably have about 80 figures displayed in a similar area.  As my wife said...someday you will run out of room.

Still, a neat little item.  Pricey too.

The Wookiee Arcade / Apprentice of the Force GBA
« on: September 24, 2004, 10:03 AM »
Ok, I'm a relative newbie to the world of Star Wars gaming.  I've played a bunch of old PC based games, loving X-wing versus Tie Fighter especially. 

Now that I've purchased a GBA, I have both Flight of the Falcon and Apprentice of the Force. 

I also have a stupid question :-[  In the second segment of AOTF, where in the hell do I pick up the key card that is needed presumably about halfway through? ???  My expectation is that maybe a stormtrooper is carrying it (sandtrooper?) but I haven't been able to get it.  So I kill them.  And it's nowhere to be found.  Any help?

Watto's Junk Yard / Is it possible to run out of things to buy on ebay?
« on: September 12, 2004, 09:17 PM »
Of course not, but of late, I've had a hard time keeping items in my watched category.  Not so long ago, during my vintage buying heyday, I had trouble making space in the watched list for all the things I was following.  But now?  It's crazy. 

And it's not just vintage SW toys that were in there.  All manner of purchaseable item were in there: golf clubs, golf towel, shoes, all other manner of star wars toys - Kubrick's, busts, modern, etc.  Now that I've picked up a game boy advance SP, I have a new category to search, but I'm inherently cheap, so they get deleted as soon as the price gets near about 60% of retail. 

My grails are done, those that I deemed obtainable: Glow in the dark homer; Riddell Stormtrooper bust.  The unobtainable one killed my interest for the most part in McFarlane Sportspicks: 3rd Jersey Roy.  Killed is not quite right, but scaled back. 

I've bought sneakers, golf clubs, toys of every imaginable type, clothes - golf shirts, jackets, etc.  There's just not that much more I want.

Oh sure, there are lots of Star Wars items I could pick up but two things get in the way: being cheap and being realistic.  Sitting here watching the special on the tube, my desire for the vintage carded 12 backs is fueled substantially, but then reality comes in, telling me no way am I spending that much on this hobby.  I won't be able to insure them for that value.  Ships, quite simply, are not practical for me from a vintage standpoint.  Some are great, some not, but space won't allow it.  Otherwise, there isn't that much I can fit and/or want.

I have a few things left I want to pick up yet:
vintage small head Han
vintage brown hair Luke farmboy
vintage vinyl cape Jawa - for this, I'm unconvinced that ebay is the best place to get an authentic piece. 

So the question for you is thus: have you ever been saturated with respect to ebay?  Weird, eh?

Original Trilogy Collection / VOTC display idea, need your help!
« on: September 5, 2004, 11:20 PM »
Reading around the web on the VOTC.  Nothing too startling or revelationary really, nothing I haven't seen before.  But it got me thinking (yes, that is smoke, why?) - I need a cool way to display these things.  My current figure displays suck, at least until I get risers so the figures in back aren't completely obscured.

So here's what I'm thinking and what I need:
I just got my (second) vintage display stand in the mail this week.  It's in decent shape, but I bought it more for the card back than anything else, as I already had a good base with a good sticker, but no cardboard back.  Now I bought one with a pretty nice cardboard, the plastic is fine, but the name tag strip has a few (significant) flaws.  Big enough that no one is likely to buy it from me on ebay, so I either keep it or toss it. 

Given that the display holds 12 figures, I'm thinking of using the second plastic piece for displaying the VOTC.  I'll need to do up a vintage styled name sticker/plate, that should be easy enough.  But I'd like to get a different backing for it, to differentiate it from the true vintage stuff.  So basically, I'm looking for suggestions for the background here. 

Also wondering if anyone thinks this is a good idea, or just plain goofy.  It is contingent on finding my second full set of VOTC figs (when IS going to ship???) to open and display.  I don't want to go out and pick up Ben and Han again, so many are sitting out there, I think they may clearance at some point, but Luke is a different story, so too is Leia, at least at the moment.  The later figures of course are just beginning to show up. 

Also, anyone have any idea of whether the VOTC have peg holes that fit the vintage display?  I refuse to open what I have now (Han, Ben, Luke, Leia, Vader, Yoda) since I don't know what my BBTS shipped versions will be like in terms of quality.  I was pretty selective in choosing these (except Vader, only one on the pegs, but still nice), so I'll opt to see if these are indeed the better cases.

One thing I was thinking is if I could somehow get three, horizontal poster shots, one for each movie, to put in the background - ANH/ESB/ROTJ - and see how that looked, but most posters I know of are vertical in orientation.  Open to other suggestions though.  Just don't want a duplication of the original.  Superstar Destroyer closing in on Falcon?  I dunno.  :-\

Vintage Kenner / Anyone else getting really sick of...
« on: August 16, 2004, 09:48 PM »
plowing through VOTC auctions mixed in with vintage figures and other vintage stuff?  It's driving me bloody well around the bend.  When you enter the auction, it clearly states the years that vintage pertains to.  Vintage style does not make it a vintage figure, take it to the regular, modern section bozos. >:(


Vintage Kenner / Droids and (shudder) Ewoks.
« on: August 3, 2004, 03:59 PM »
Yup, pretty much nearly done the Vinty collection.  Waiting for a few pieces in the mail, need to get a Romba with a hood ::) (this piece will subsequently drop dramatically in price, once I do) and then the loose collection will be complete.  I only need to upgrade a few figures, maybe 5-6 to be happy.  Almost all of the weapons are present, but some that are missing are with the upgrades, so I'll buckle down and get the advertised C-9+++ ::) individual figures with the $4 shipping ::) and be done with it.  No more bargain hunting here.  

That leaves me wanting something new.  I'm still toying with the trilogo carded stuff, but know I won't ever finish that line thanks to a couple of extremely expensive pieces.  I've contemplated doing the first carded appearance schtick as well, but again, probably more $$$ than I want to part with.  

Vehicles are out - too big, too many and too expensive.  Also not keen at the moment on playsets due to space constraints.  Not sure what else there is that I want, so I'm thinking about the two smaller lines, Droids and yes, embarassing though it may be, Ewoks figures.  

So, difficulty?  Price?  Completeness?  Comments are all welcome.  

I'm not terribly worried about prototypes or unproduced second generation stuff, that's beyond my desire (I've never seen these shows even once :-[).  So who are the toughies in these lines?  Should I be expecting to part with considerable sums of money?  From scouring ebay, I've seen a fair number of the Droids common stuff come along, most of it carded surprisingly and relatively cheap.  Seems blasphemous to buy carded stuff to open, but some of those bubbles are so yellow they're almost brown.  

I've noticed that R2 and 3PO seem to be quite pricey and relatively rare on ebay, but the rest are rather more common.  Is this accurate?  

As far as the Ewoks go, I haven't a clue, largely due to my aversion to small furry cute movie ruining midgets.  I occasionally see some and lost a few auctions on them on the weekend, only because I wasn't around at the end.  No big, just curious to see the pricing, seemingly around $15 or so a piece.  

Help me ___, you're my only hope ::) :-*

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