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After revisiting some databank of otc and saga, I realized we had an early version of the snowtrooper commander, but he wasnīt depicted in a natural position, more intended to look as a gunner.

Thinking about this update, I wonder if a recipe could contain:

-tvc at at commander chest armor
-tlc at at driver boots and gloves
-a larger skirt soft goods preferably
-head under helmet: something like Cody, Bly, etc
helmet mask: with the top part a bit highlighted as a different layer.
The holster on right side of belt

The figure needs to be taller than saga legends tvc snowtrooper, requires
more poseability, he has to acquire a nice neutral "ready" stance.

After reading your post first I think about some build a droid we want to see on a single blister, like BGJ38 or the black dark trooper (too big for traditional blister)

I would like to see some build a trooper figures like the biker scout, black stormtrooper, a tvc update of the hoth snowtrooper commander, rebel technician. I prefer OT characters or EU from Ot timeline, considering most OT updates are kitbashes (swap heads, different paintjobs on uniforms, etc)

I would support the build a trooper line, but perhaps this could be the end of the beloved Vintage style card, cause, there isnīt room for extra pieces. A proof for this argument:

When tvc line launches Revenge of the Jedi card, the repack of tlc Slave Leia comes without the extra torso.

The charm of vintage style cards lies too much on the big photos of the characters, and today on the scanning of vintage pictures to a dvd or blu ray definition on print.

BTW, build a trooper would be an idea for a wise developement, a chance to redefine and aproximates issued figures to the always wanted "definitive versions".


Epic Gon

Hereīs my list:

1. Mara Jade Emperor Hand
2. Mara Jade Jedi Knight
3. Dash Rendar (sote)
4. Leebo
5. Guri
6. Atha Prime with soft goods robes
7. Zero G stormtrooper
8. Rebel speeder bike Concept updated
9. Black Hole Stormtrooper with removable helmet
10. Luke Skywalker from anh original vintage Kenner logo (holding saber over his head)
11. Leia Organa  from anh original vintage Kenner Logo (with robe, cape and blaster)

Hey Hasbro! / Re: Questions for Hasbro?
« on: July 7, 2011, 08:35 PM »
Dear Hasbro,

As collection evolves, I want to ask you When is scheduled an update for the classic stormtrooper?
I like the tlc figure, and its variations on tvc line, but looking at what you did recently with characters like commander Fordo, the heads of Cody, etc., I thought you can offer us a new imperial stormtrooper with the following upadtes:

A new sculpt with independent pieces of shoulder plates. Perhaps as an extra layer, detachable or not, you will decide.

A little more opened chest section showing a bigger portion of the black suit.

Longer legs more relief on the layers of armors too.

Paintjob: mark always the black, gray or blue dots on stomach armor.
Mark the grey and black of the "teeth" on helmet.
Paint always the grey square on stormtroopers heels.

Give us another headsculpt, like Fordo without beard.

I am sure thousands of collectors would appreciate your effort.


Epic Gon

Hope detailers and online shops will sell the figures separately, cause I donīt like to repeat them.

Looking for Farlander B wing pilot, Tie fighter pilot, Black Rebel Commando.

This evolution of the Rebel Soldier Deck Officer must anticipate a new depiction of the vests, a more detailed job on them as they include squares, badges, the collar of the cloth coiled. Indeed Luke from Hoth would need another depiction of his beige vest, but this indicate Hasbro has marked a new concept on their tendency for clothes depiction. The gloves and their bracelets are more marked, another layer in relief that rises over the shirt layer (at arms level)

Nice: the cannon concept for Hanīs taun taun which was the belly opened animal. An interesting variation on vintage style Hoth Han, hope the figure sits on the mount ok. The rider will need a system of articulation similar to the dewback sandtrooper from tvc.

Now we wait for a cool tvc evolution of Hoth Luke, the character deserves a taller figure, with ultimate detail on clothes sculpt and removable hat.

Thanks for the pick Leebo, Iī ll take a peek on that scene.

The Vintage Collection '10-'13 / Re: SDCC 2011
« on: July 5, 2011, 01:08 AM »
Hope to see more of the taun taun, perhaps the definitive version, not the prepainted
I to fond on medium ships, and I havenīt lost the hope of a bigger X Wing Fighter, with lights on the wings,
a sculpt decorated cockpit, taller to make the ladder of the toy "usable". With a Luke pilot of course, an update of the tlc snowspeeder one.

I am not sure, but 3 months before more or less, JTA showed an spoiler where Sim Aloo was scheduled, with a softgoods robe, the hat, pale skin, etc. That wave must be ready to appear on display.

Think this could be very much for Hasbro dudes, but if they are going to launch more Revenge of the Jedi figures, they can sell the tvc atst driver, from 2010 Attack on Hoth battlepack. This figure is the current evolution on at st drivers, and would be offered to collectors that canīt afford the whole pack yet.

The Vintage Collection '10-'13 / Re: Boba Fett Mail-Away Offer?
« on: July 2, 2011, 11:29 AM »
Acording to some reviews on video and webs like rebelscum
the tvc classic Boba is slighty different from the vintage, mostly on the disposition
of the jacket under the chest armor, the squares on the shoulders and size.

I look the photos of the very early Boba Fett from 1978 on theswca
the article said that this figure got vintage stormieīs arms but painted in Boba style. This figure depicts the firing misile too.

Something I think, this early Boba Fett is the slimmest Boba in the Kenner Hasbro line. I donīt know if this toy was distributed by the mail offer in 1978 or was immediately rčplaced by the current Boba we saw on the 1978
star wars cardback.

Hereīs my list for rotj figures

1. Luke Skywalker X wing pilot with the right black glove (another mold...not vtsc body)
2. Princess Leia Organa  Sandstorm deleted scene
3. Emperor Royal Guard, with removable helmet
4. Boba Fett from sail barge, with attack cable, removable helmet without skullcap
5. Rebel Commando (vintage) with green camo outfit
6. Fozec
7. Nien Nunb
8. Han Solo coming out of carbon block
9. Bib Fortuna (re sculpt)
10. Luke Jedi from Home One briefing room, with extra piece utility belt hanging hilt over sash.

On esb, there were more girls at the command center of Echo Base, besides Toryn Farr was a blonde chick.

Does anybody know the name of that feamale character?

or more please...

Does anyone could upload pics of the female operators in Echo base?

I think Hasbro will release Toryn in the near future, but the other rebel operators ladies would appear on some battlepacks, like the one with the Hoth sledge fans are waiting for.

Greeting, here is my list:

1. Luke Skywalker (Dagobah training with soft goods removable jacket)
2.Han Solo waiting for the carbonite fluid, with binders and carbonite block
3. Toryn Farr
4. Snowspeeder Wedge Antilles
5.Jeroen Webb, with removable hat and googles
6.Luke Skywalker (Hoth outfit with removable hat, SA)
7. Yoda the Jedi Master
8. Sergeant Merril Bespin wing guard
9.Lt. Sheckil
10. Bespin escape Leia Organa

I will pass all these sets.lack of interest in repeating those figures, the ones I donīt own yet would be bought on single card, preferably the original release.

The only thing I can tell is that the long rifle make profit of snowtrooper super articulation. Iīm not to fond on wide stance figures, but if Hasbro make a decent variation of this guy with that rifle.... could be the snowtrooper commander or the same mold but wearing boots instead of shoes like the original vintage....I will make the new acquisition.

Something I want is the launch of Hasbro ultra paint jobs for the figures, not only SA
cause peinting matches the sculpt. Frequently they forget to paint badges, belt buckles, boot soles
dots and stripes on stormies armors, glasses of helmets, etc.

Returning to wave 7

I like Han figure a lot, one accurate detail is the big poket on lower back of his jacket. This is the taller Bespin Han also, so this lets to build new Lukes a bit taller (the new Hoth Snow Speeder pilot, we are waiting for)

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