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Photonovels and Movies / Rykrof Enloe # 16 - CURSE OF DATHOMIR
« on: March 11, 2007, 09:30 AM »
Another remake?  That's correct... and the hardest one to put together yet.  Hope you take the time to sit back and read this one, it was by far the most difficult photonovel I've put together.  Thanks in advance for any feedback.   

While on Dathomir, Rykrof Enloe's clone strike force has fallen victim to the many dangers of the planet, as well as a droid strike force dispatched to eliminate any survivors.

As Rykrof and a small group stranded travelers attempt to find a way off Dathomir, a trio of Separatist battle cruisers loom over the hostile planet.

On the surface, Rykrof's group has discovered a mysterious group of destroyed droids submerged in a shallow swamp.


"These are the same droids that attacked us yesterday," Rykrof comments to Traedon Cusiro, a stranded smuggler who though a chance encounter has joined Rykrof.  "What do you make of it?"

"These marks aren’t from animals," Traedon reveals.  "Look how clean the cuts are.  I'd say we're not the only ones down here running from droids."

"I hope the Badoo Corba aren't back," Freelo says nervously.  "But maybe it was the witch that did this?"

"I don't think it was any witch Freelo," Rykrof replies dryly.  "We better keep moving."

Meanwhile, Neimoidian General Snodd continues his search for survivors from Rykrof's team.

"Gamma Patrol is still missing Sir," one of his droids informs him.

Although he does not know the fate of the missing unit, he is well aware of the countless dangers in the jungle.  Even smugglers have been known to hide on the planet, and there are always the giant beasts that inhabit the area.

"Update Commander Ventress on the situation," he snarls.  "In the meantime, keep attempting to open a communication signal with the missing unit," he orders.   

As the hours pass on yet another sultry night, Rykrof's group stumbles onto a field of skeletons and decomposing corpses.

"Freelo, get that out of my face," Rykrof gasps in blatant disgust as he attempts to ignore the foul stench from the bodies.

"This look's like a feeding ground," Freelo says thoughtfully while observing an aged skull.  "Many carnivorous species will drag their prey to a marked territory before consuming it."

"What's that?" Freelo then says as something catches his eye.

Suddenly, the most horrifying sight Rykrof has ever laid his eyes upon appears. 

Carrying the bloody helmet from one of his deceased clone troopers, the hideous being known as the Dark One emerges.

"I told you she's real," Freelo exclaims.  "The witch!"

Suddenly the demonic being turns towards the group and roars an obscenity in an unknown language.

"Great job Freelo!" Rykrof yells in disgust. 

While Rykrof opens fire on the hideous creature, Freelo runs off in fear.

"Run for your lives," Freelo screams as he scrambles off into the jungle.

"Damnit," Traedon shouts.  "Where did she go?"

"Just hold your positions," Rykrof orders.  "She's gotta be around here somewhere!"

"Blast this, we've got to get out of here," Briss yells as he suddenly dashes past Traedon.

"Wait, Briss," Rykrof gasps in horror as the young man foolishly attempts to escape into the jungle.

With frightening speed, the creature seemingly appears out of thin air and pounces on Briss!

Knowing they are unable to save their friend, Rykrof and Traedon run for their very lives as the evil witch begins to consume the flesh of her kill...

...tearing Briss to pieces.

Minutes later, the two exhausted comrades stop to catch their breath.

"You ever seen anything like that before?" Traedon wheezes.

"Hell, I've never even heard of anything like that before," Rykrof says in disbelief.

"But Freelo’s out here somewhere," he continues.  "...we need to find him."

"The fish took off to save his scales," Traedon argues as his eyes widen.  "He’s only slowed us down.  He’s useless…"

To Rykrof's surprise, Traedon raises his blaster...

…and fires towards an approaching battle droid!

Rykrof then remembers that the terrible creature is not their only concern as the droid opens fire on the two survivors.

"I don't believe this," Rykrof growls as more droids approach.


"Hands up," another droid orders in a cold voice as it emerges from the jungle.

Rykrof then spins around, blasting the droid to pieces.

"There's too many of them," Traedon yells as the two become surrounded.

Then Rykrof hears the familiar hiss of a lightsaber ignite and deflect a bolt of blaster fire.


Out of nowhere, a figure appears and dismembers one of the droids.

And another droid is quickly destroyed by a second Jedi.

As Rykrof comes to grasp the sudden turn of events, he realizes that the aid has come from an old friend, Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi.

Rykrof and Traedon watch in awe as Kala Mly Shundi defeats the last of the droids.

"Rykrof Enloe, are you hurt?" Kala asks after securing the field.

"I'm alive, thanks to you," Rykrof exclaims to his friend.  "And am I glad to see you!"

"As am I, Commander," the Jedi replies.  "But it is not I that you should thank for finding you."

"Never underestimate the loyalty of a Wookiee," Kala then says with a smile as Ralbarr approaches the group.

The mighty Wookiee then picks Rykrof up off his feet; wrapping the commander into his powerful arms in joy for having found his friend alive.

"I'm alright pal, I'm all right," Rykrof wheezes as Ralbarr gleefully squeezes the air out of him.

Young Jedi Knight Kovin Thayle then interrupts the reunion with bad news.

"Master Shundi," he says calmly, "...we have company."

The rest of the group then sees the evil Asajj Ventress approaching.

"Ventress," Shundi says. 

"Ralbarr, take Rykrof and his friend to the rescue site.  Kovin and I can handle this.  This is no place for you Rykrof."

"And this is no place for you, Jedi," Ventress hisses as she ignites her twin lightsabers.

As Rykrof and Traedon follow the mighty Wookiee further into the depths of the jungle, Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi ignites his weapon, singeing the muggy air.

The two Jedi quickly discover that they have their hands full with the Dark Side advocate; who is much quicker and agile than either of the two Jedi.

"You've given yourself to hate," Kovin tells her as he blocks a deadly strike from Ventress.  "Come back to the light before it is too late."

"We must fight together, or we will all die here," Master Shundi then tells Ventress.

"Huh?  What are you talking about?" she hisses through her teeth as she turns back to Kala.

"A greater evil approaches," the Jedi responds.

As she tries to understand the Jedi's intentions, a hideous bellow erupts from  the adjacent field. 

"Jeeeediiiiiii..." the horrible creature cries.

Asajj Ventress leaps at the opportunity to face the abomination; realizing this confrontation is the true test her master, Count Dooku, has orchestrated for her.

To her shock, the living curse of Dathomir unleashes a terrible inferno of dark side energy into her...

...rendering her unconscious.

"JEEEEEDIIIIIIII..." the horrible creature bellows again.

"Slow and easy," Kovin says wisely.

"We'll take her together," Kala then says.  "Follow my lead!"

As Kala Mly Shundi attempts to draw the creature's attention for Kovin to sweep in for a side attack, Siriadne effortlessly delivers a burst of Force energy into the powerful Jedi Master; knocking him out of the fight.

Now effectively on his own, Kovin Thayle bravely stands his ground... the Dark One moves in for the kill.

As a new day dawns on Dathomir, an eerie stillness consumes the forest.

Many hours have passes before Kala Mly Shundi awakens with a terrible headache.  Looking around, he sees no evidence of Ventress or the abomination...

...but finds the dismembered corpse of his Jedi friend, Kovin. 

He then falls to his knees in despair over the carcass of his friend.

But suddenly Kala Mly Shundi senses someone approaching.

To his surprise, he finds a Mon Calamari smiling at him. 

"A Jedi," he says with joy.  "We’re saved!"

That afternoon, Rykrof, Traedon and Ralbarr reach the rescue site but run into another droid patrol.

"Not again," Rykrof yells as he blasts a droid to shrapnel. 

"We can't keep getting out of these entanglements much longer!"

"Wait," Traedon shouts.  "Is that what I think it is?"

…Rykrof is astonished as he looks in the sky to see a Republic Gunship descending.

"Angels above us," Rykrof shouts as he narrowly avoids a deadly laser blast.

"Get on board!"

"Rykrof, we’re here to rescue you," Freelo exclaims as he emerges from the heavily armored ship.

"You should have followed me last night," Freelo yells above the blaster fire.  "Then we wouldn't have had to look for you all day!"

"Shut up Freelo or you're staying here," Rykrof shouts back at him.

As the ship prepares to take off, more droids join in the fight and reign down on the makeshift landing zone.

"Look, there's a rancor out there," Freelo exclaims as Rykrof fends off more approaching droids.

While the main droid force concentrates on the rancor...

...Kala Mly Shundi fends off the sporadic blaster fire.

As Rykrof and his friends climb towards safety, the droids fire several idle shots into the air...

...and soon bring down the mighty rancor.

After reaching the site of Rykrof's escape, General Snodd contacts Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray.

"My Lord, I regret to inform you that we were unable to prevent the Republic Commander from escaping," General Snodd reports.  "I alerted the orbital cruisers to engage them but it was too late."

"This is not good news at all General.  Return to Neimoidia immediately," the Viceroy replies.  "Leave one cruiser in the Dathomir system to maintain our presence there."

As the transmission ends, Asajj Ventress approaches.

"They have escaped," Snodd informs her.  "Count Dooku will not be happy with you over this." 

"I suggest you worry about your own skin, General Snodd," Ventress hisses as she ignites her lightsaber. 

"Now, prepare my ship.  I've had enough of this wretched place."

Meanwhile, Rykrof and the survivors embark on the long journey home.

"I can’t thank you enough for coming for me," Rykrof says to his Jedi friend.  "And I'm very sorry about Kovin.  From what I had heard about him, he was an honorable Jedi."

"That he was," Kala replies.

"I have no way of knowing for sure, but there could be more survivors from my strike forces still on the planet," Rykrof then tells him.

"But with that creature down there, I don't see how we could send another search team... even if we could get past the Federation cruisers orbiting the planet it would be near impossible," Rykrof says.

"Quit thinking about it.  No one will approve the resources to attempt any more rescues like this Rykrof," Kala informs him.

"And the witch on Dathomir should now be the last of your concerns," Kala adds.  "You will face a harsh Senate committee when we get back.  Many feel the Badoo Corba terrorists escaped only because you delayed the launch of the mission just so you could visit your family on Naboo."

"There is a good chance you will be stripped of command and arrested once we reach Coruscant."

"We'll see about that," Rykrof says defiantly, firmly grasping a data cylinder he recovered from the abandoned terrorist base on Dathomir...



Ok friends... another redo.... this one is the 15th chapter in the Rykrof Enloe series... probably the most effort I've put into any of the redos.  Hope you enjoy, there are quite a few changes here.  All are new pics as usual, with more emphasis on script.

Several months have passed since a strike team led by Rykrof Enloe has crash landed on Dathomir.  Thought to be dead by the leaders of the Republic and by those close to him, no rescue attempt has been made. 

As the war continues, a trio of Federation Battleships looms over the planet as the Confederacy continues to hunt for Republic survivors.

Taking refuge in an abandoned Badoo Corba terrorist base, Rykrof and his team search the complex for supplies. 

Taking shifts, at all times a lone guard patrols outdoors to watch for approaching droids.

Hoping to find a way off the planet, TK-42 has searched the entire base but has come up empty handed. 

During their stay at the complex, Rykrof has become acquainted with Freelo, a freelance archaeologist who had been contracted by the Separatists to help coordinate an excavation on Rhen Var. 

Although the Mon Calamari had considered working for the Confederacy, Rykrof has learned that his new acquaintance is no enemy of the Republic, and had preferred to stay out of the war. 

Rykrof has enjoyed the company of the stranded alien, who has since expressed interest to help the Republic in the war effort if he can ever get off of Dathomir.

During his stay, Rykrof has managed to repair a damaged terminal, and viewed hundreds of recordings.

One particular recording of interest is a transmission to evacuate the complex sent by an emerging leader of the Badoo Corba, Troffar the Terrible; immediately prior to the Republic’s arrival in the Dathomir system.

After another day of endless research, Rykrof comes across a startling discovery – the secret identities and coordinates of dozens of Badoo Corba terror cells throughout the galaxy, including the underground of the Republic capital of Coruscant.

Amazed at his find, Rykrof quickly saves the data onto two separate security locked data cylinders.

Knowing his chances of survival are slim, he entrusts the second data cylinder to Freelo. 

“If only one of us makes it out of here, this information must get to the Republic.  Commander Tylin Gere will know how to retrieve the data,” Rykrof tells him.

“We’ve stayed here long enough,” Rykrof then says.  “It looks like our only option is to find your ship and see if we can make the necessary repairs.”

Meanwhile, in the Spahl system, Count Dooku makes contact with his master, Darth Sidious.

“The Force is with us, Master Sidious,” Dooku says as he greets the Dark Lord of the Sith.

“Yes, you have done well," Darth Sidious tells his apprentice.

"Neither side has struck an advantage in the war.”

"The conflict is serving its purpose, just as I have foreseen."

"Yes, my Master.  Soon we shall have our revenge against the Jedi..." Count Dooku replies.

"...they have become preoccupied by the relentless attacks of the droid armies and are unable to interfere with our interests on Rhen Var..."

"...however, Asajj Ventress has not found proof of the death of the Republic strike team on Dathomir, nor has she encountered the dark witch."

"But as you requested, I have already sent General Snodd to aid in the search for Republic survivors." 

"Finding the strike team is insignificant," the Dark Lord laughs. 

"The Dark One has found Asajj Ventress.  Your protégé’s test is near.   She is already watching her."

Meanwhile, back on Dathomir, Nemoidian General Snodd searches new areas far from the original crash site of the Republic strike team…

…and finds evidence that the team has survived longer than originally thought. 

“Rancor droppings," he mumbles to himself.  "Fresh."   

Nearby, a modified Spelunker probe droid emerges. 

Traveling on four articulated pincer legs, the agile droid quickly scrambles over the rocky terrain as it searches for traces of Rykrof's strike team.

Suddenly, a laser blast strikes the droid's central processor!

"You're a good shot, Rykrof!"  Freelo exclaims. 

"What was that?" a patrol battle droid asks in reaction to the laser blast.


"Look out!" Rykrof yells.  "Patrol unit!"

Caught off guard, the droids fail to process the attack quickly enough as Rykrof's team advances.

"Watch for more droids!" Rykrof yells over the blaster fire.  "These patrols always travel in single file to hide their numbers!"

Hearing the laser blasts, General Snodd approaches the scene of the battle.

“It’s them,” he exclaims.  “Kill them!”

Suddenly more droids emerge from the jungle and open fire on Rykrof's team.

"They're trying to kill me!" Freelo screams as a laser blast rifles past him.

“There’s too many of them,” TK-42 says to Rykrof.  “We need to fall back!”

"Come on Freelo!" Rykrof shouts, grabbing the panic-stricken Mon Calamari.

As the Republic troops retreat, General Snodd contacts Commander Asajj Ventress. 

“I’ve found them!  Three Republic troopers and a Mon Calamari …heading southeast at coordinates two-zero-six-point-three-three-eight ...looks like they're splitting up!”

After dispersing into the wilderness, Rykrof and Freelo slow down to catch their breath, only to find themselves separated from the other two troops.

“Damnit!  I don't believe this!” Rykrof curses to himself.  “Hey, what are you looking at?"

“Whoever that is behind you...” Freelo replies slowly.

As Rykrof turns around, he finds himself starting into the barrel of a D-22 blaster.

"Easy there," Rykrof says to the unknown man. 

Suddenly another armed man appears from behind them, pointing his blaster at Freelo. 

"Shiste," Freelo cries after dropping his blaster.  "We're trapped!"

“Never seen a clone trooper look like you before,” the first man says to Rykrof.  "I thought you were all the same.” 

“Most are," Rykrof says.  "I'm Commander Rykrof Enloe, of the Grand Army of the Republic.  And this is Freelo.  Who might you be?”

“Cusiro’s the name.  Traedon Cusiro.  And if the fish hadn’t dropped his blaster, I reckon Briss would have shot him dead in the head.  He’s never liked aliens.”

"We've been trying to get off this sewage dump for a while now.  Wretched droids have attacked us too, so I guess that puts us on the same side,” he says. 

Meanwhile, Asajj Ventress contacts her master, finally having progress to report. 

"Commander Ventress," Dooku says sternly as his image appears.  "I had begun to think you were in the stomach of a rancor."

Ignoring the insult by her master, Ventress reports the situation on the surface.

“My Lord, we have found the strike team," she hisses.  "They are alive just as you predicted." 

"My droids are closing in.  Enloe is among the survivors, but it will not be long before they are dealt with.”

"Enloe is not your prey," Dooku reveals to her.

"Then you speak of the being on this planet?" she asks.  "Of the presence I have felt... it's everywhere."

“Your feelings serve you well, Asajj," he says approvingly.

"Now prove your worth to me.  Find her ...she has already found you."

Meanwhile, Rykrof’s separated troops discuss their situation.

“Our primary objective is to see to it that the commander survives.  Our lives are not important,” trooper 004 says.

“Agreed,” TK-42 replies. 

“He needs to get that information to the Republic.  If we can't find him, we must do everything in our power to distract the droids so he has a chance to escape.”

Miles away, Rykrof, Freelo, Cusiro and Briss set up camp for the night.

Although uncomfortable trusting these new men, Rykrof feels he has no choice.  Any help is better than no help, and Freelo appears to be quite relieved to surround himself with these new companions. 

More importantly, Rykrof realizes he must concentrate on finding a way to deliver the data cylinder he has in his possession to the Republic.

Although the Badoo Corba escaped and he has failed in his primary mission, he takes comfort knowing the vital information he has acquired  could save millions of lives.

“Now how did you end up out here?” Rykrof asks, breaking the awkward silence. 

“Shot down by the Separatists just like you,” Cusiro says.  “Smuggling supplies to Ithor and stopped here to rendezvous with another group ...sure as hell didn't expect to see those battle cruisers in the system."

"Once we crashed though, the real hell began.  Ran into some sort of witch down here.  Killed and actually ate most of my men.  Briss here somehow escaped from her.  Doesn’t like to talk about it though.”

“Witch?”  Freelo asks. 

“I encountered a creature in the mountains after I crashed was unlike anything I've ever seen before.  Only in folk lore have I heard of such an abomination.  But what I saw after arriving here is true.  Such things do exist!"

"But don't be scared without your clones Rykrof, these men will protect you."

"Trust me Freelo, I've seen things before that you wouldn't believe," Rykrof says dryly as he stokes the fire.

"No disrespect intended, but I don't care who you are or what you've been through've never seen something like this," Traedon Cusiro insists. 

"I don't think I've slept in days ...I guess I'll run watch again tonight."

"Are you kidding me?" Rykrof asks.  "We'll run shifts."


"Shifts?  Not me!  I'm not staying awake all by myself out here!" Freelo exclaims, bringing an amused smile to Briss.

"The creature out there may have been once a Night Sister," Briss tells him.  "A user of the Force …evil as hell.  I’ve heard stories about them,” he whispers.  “Siriadne is her name."

"Space travelers talk about her," Cusiro says.  "Some call her the Dark One ...a living demon from the ancient galaxy …a cannibal." 

"She never sleeps… her obsession with flesh is her curse.”

“She is the curse of Dathomir…”



Photonovels and Movies / Rykrof Enloe # 14 - SURVIVAL (final edition)
« on: January 16, 2007, 06:13 PM »
Ok, here's the official redo of "Survival" - the 14th chapter in the Rykrof Enloe series.  Hope you enjoy...

Although few threats have faced Naboo during the Clone Wars, the peaceful planet keeps a watchful eye on the stars... the government is fully aware that the droid armies of the Trade Federation could once again take away their sovereignty.


Nearly one month has passed since Alyssa Enloe last saw her husband... the father of her child, Caldin.

The bereaved Naboo handmaiden holds her infant son, and walks, saddened as she has learned today of yet another loss for the Republic in the Outer Rim.

Once the child has fallen asleep, Alyssa stares into the sunset as she prays for her husband's safety, wondering what might have happened to him...

Little does she know that Rykrof has become stranded on Dathomir after being ambushed by several Trade Federation battleships.  While his small fleet had been able to launch several escape pods, many were shot down in space before reaching the surface of the planet.

If it is not the diseases, starvation or the native creatures that the survivors fear, it is the relentless patrols by the Separatists, obsessed with killing any survivors from Rykrof's strike force.

Those who have been hunted down by the Separatists are the lucky ones...

…for the survivors have encountered the true dangers of Dathomir...

…very few have the ability to avoid the clutches of a hungry rancor…

…and are devoured by the terrible beasts.

After several weeks, Commander Asajj Ventress has tracked down several survivors from the Republic strike force.

"How many of you survived the impact?" the dark woman hisses to her latest captive.  "Where is your commander?"

Unconditionally loyal to the Republic, the clone trooper refuses to reveal any information to the powerful woman.

“Fool,” the spiteful woman says.  “Your war efforts are useless against the might of Count Dooku.  The terrorist base you sought was abandoned before you even arrived.  Once again your pathetic military strategies have failed!”

With a sharp twist through her mastery of the Dark Side of the Force, Asajj Ventress suddenly closes the clone’s air supply, resulting in an agonizing death for the soldier.

“Leave this weak scum to rot,” she says half mindedly to the battle droids flanking her. 

“I know Enloe made it to the surface," she says, assuring herself.  "We can not leave this wretched place without proof of his death.   Double your search,” she orders her droids.

As her troops disperse, Ventress stands alone; absorbing the darkness around her.  Although Count Dooku's orders are to find proof of Rykrof Enloe's death, the dark warrior has begun to sense there is more to her master's plan than has been revealed to her.

“I could take her out right now,” TK-42 says through a pair of macro binoculars.  “But even if I got off a clear shot, we’d quickly be overrun by droids.”

“Then we move on,” Commander Rykrof Enloe replies.  "Now's not the time to confront them."

“But Sir, where are we to go?” TK-42 asks. 

“We’ve been out here for weeks, running and hiding from the droids and those giant beasts.  I for one would rather take a few of them out with me than be snuck up on and shot in the back...or…”

“Look, we’re getting off this damn wasteland.  I don’t know how we’re gonna get out of this mess, but we're not dying here,” Rykrof snaps.  “Either we wait to get rescued, or we find our own way off this slimy mud hole.”

“We really haven’t covered any ground either.  It’s time we try heading south,” Rykrof says as the group of survivors moves on.

Meanwhile, the Separatist fleet gathers in the Spahl system.

With neither side in the war gaining an advantage, Count Dooku discusses the progress of the latest Separatist campaigns with former Jedi Master, Sora Bulq. 

“We need every resource we have to be used efficiently," Bulq says.  "Therefore, I don't understand your logic in keeping Commander Ventress on Dathomir."

“She has a mission and I wish to see if she fulfills it," Dooku says calmly.

"Her true mission is not to find Republic survivors, but will be a challenge for her with the Dark One.  The commander’s search radius is currently limited to a 200 kilometer trajectory of where the escape pods landed.  The pods just so happened to crash on a rather large island, ruled by this dark witch.  This should prove to be an interesting challenge for Commander Ventress.”


“I see,” Sora Bulq says.  "So you are testing her will to find proof of the death of Enloe.  Undoubtedly her path will cross with the Dark One of Dathomir.  If she survives she may prove worthy of further teachings?"

"Precisely," Dooku replies.  "And while we continue to strike randomly against the Republic, they are unable to gather the necessary resources to interfere with our interests on Rhen Var.”

Meanwhile, the group of survivors has stumbled upon the abandoned Badoo Corba base they had originally set out to destroy.

“It’s doubtful there will be anyone here still Sir, but I still suggest we try and find another entrance to be on the safe side,” TK-42 recommends. 

“Nothing’s been easy so far,” Rykrof argues.  “Let's see if our luck changes.  We’ll go ahead and try the front door.”

To the relief of the group, Rykrof appears to have been right.  Not only does the base appear to be abandoned, but the front door was unlocked.

“Ok, now I suggest a little more caution.  I really didn’t expect that door to be open,” Rykrof admits as he surveys their surroundings.

As they begin to search the complex, Rykrof notices an emblem of the former Badoo Corba leader, Trigg Fuuda… and is reminded of the many terrible memories he has experienced since his first mission to Abridon, so many years ago.

The group then hears a sound from the adjacent room, and proceeds forward with caution.

To their surprise, they find a shaking Mon Calamari standing with his arms up, begging for his life.

“Oh no!  Please don’t shoot me,” he cries.  “I am only looking for parts to repair my ship to get off this planet.  I mean you no harm!”

I'm a terrorist," he says.  "Wait, what am I saying?   I'm an archaeologist, not a terrorist!"

“Stupid fish... how do we know you're not really a terrorist …left over from the quick departure?" TK-42 asks, strangling the confused being.

As the panic-stricken Mon Calamari begs for his life, Rykrof secures the room.

"Alright," Rykrof says.  "Who the hell are you?  And what are you doing here?"

"My friends call me Freelo," he says, gasping for air.   

"I really am an archaeologist... you startled me by pointing all those blasters at me!  Let me make you some tea.  I assume you're hiding from all those droids too!"

Soon after, Rykrof’s troops begin searching the complex for supplies while Rykrof becomes acquainted with the strange Mon Calamari.

“Like I said, I'm a freelance archaeologist, one of the finest in the galaxy!" Freelo proudly tells Rykrof.

"I was contacted by the Separatists to assist in an excavation on Rhen Var, but was unsure of whether or not to take the offer, which was substantial.  I was near this system when my ship’s thermal coupling faulted, causing my crash on this planet.”

“I’ve seen the Separatist droids here on the planet," he says.   "But I've hid from them.  I've seen how they're tearing through the jungle.  They must be on an important mission!  These droids shoot first and ask questions later!”

“Well you might be in more danger by just being in this same building with us.  But that’s what this war has become,” Rykrof laments.

“Even now, the war goes on…”

“…it’s reached levels I never thought possible…”

“…and all we have seen is destruction... but we're not even able to reach Confederate strongholds such as Cato Nemoidia.”

“True,” Freelo says.  “A terrible thing this war has become, for both sides.  Perhaps we can work together to get off of this planet and return to our homes before they become destroyed too.”

“But to get back to my ship it could prove to be difficult…”

“…there's more than droids and rancors on this planet."



,,,check it on out folks, feel free to compare it to the original, etc.

And special thanks to Famine, for helping me with some of the dialogue.

Battles continue to rage across the Republic; as neither side has gained an upper hand in the in the greatest clash the galaxy has ever bore witness to...

...the Clone Wars.

Following a recent terrorist attack on Coruscant, Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker have been sent to destroy a cache of Confederacy weapons on the dim world Nivek.

"Stay focused on the mission Anakin," Obi Wan tells his student.  "I sense your distraction.  Are you still wishing you had been sent with Commander Enloe to Dathomir rather than fight alongside your mentor?"

"Of course not Master," Anakin replies, attempting to conceal his thoughts to himself.  "It's nothing."

"Well your mind is elsewhere," the elder Jedi says, "And so is your heart.  You must distance yourself from attachments Anakin, or you will never fulfill your destiny and become a Jedi Knight."

Elsewhere across the galaxy on the peaceful world Naboo, Republic Commander Rykrof Enloe has made an unscheduled visit to his home planet before a scheduled mission to destroy a Badoo Corba terror cell on Dathomir.

From a distance, Senator Padme Amidala watches as Rykrof bids farewell to his wife, Alyssa.

"You shouldn't have come home," Alyssa warns her husband.  "What will the Chancellor say?"

"He won't even know," Rykrof assures her.  "I had to see you and the baby," he says.  "Besides, the Badoo Corba has no idea that we've located their base on Dathomir.  The least I could do was come home to see my family before the mission."

"Just be careful," she begs him.  "And hurry back.  The last place I want you going is to some wild planet looking for those terrorists!"


As her husband's shuttles depart, Alyssa Enloe wonders when the love of her life will return... or if her child will ever remember its father.

Meanwhile, Anakin Skywalker has returned to the Republic fleet following his mission to Nivek with Obi Wan Kenobi...

...and immediately contacts his secret love on Naboo.

"Anakin!" Padme says with joy as her image appears via the holonet.

"Padme, I'm sorry I haven't contacted you before today.  The mission with Obi Wan took longer than expected," he tells her.  "But we were successful.  We're one step closer to winning this war."

"Just seeing your face makes up for the lost time," Padme says warmly.  "But I must admit I was jealous of Alyssa Enloe today when Rykrof showed up unexpectedly to visit her."

"Enloe was on Naboo?" Anakin asks.

"Just for a short time Anakin," she tells him.  "But Alyssa looked so happy to see him.  I wish you could have been here too," she says before changing the subject.

" do I, my love," he says softly, though his thoughts revolve around Rykrof disobeying a direct order to report straight to Dathomir.

Following the transmission, young Skywalker seeks the wisdom of a true friend.

Anakin quickly details what he has learned to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

"I'm not surprised," the ruler of the Senate says.  "Commander Enloe has not seen his family in some time."

"But his orders were to go straight to Dathomir," Anakin counters. 

"Yes, they were," Palpatine admits.  "And those orders should have been followed," he says with a stern look.

"Therefore, the question presents itself:  Where do Rykrof Enloe's loyalties lie?"

"I'm not sure," Anakin says softy. 

"Neither am I," the Chancellor replies.  "Anakin, you did the right thing bringing this information to me.  If the Badoo Corba has used this window of opportunity to escape from Dathomir, Commander Enloe will be held accountable for dereliction of duty."

"You have become a great Jedi Anakin," Palpatine then says.  "I only hope the Council understands this as I do."

Soon after, Rykrof's assault team arrives in Dathomir space.

Expecting to land on the planet safely, they are unprepared as they are confronted by a Separatist Fleet!

Without hesitation, the battleships open fire on Rykrof's ships...

...unable to jump to the safety of hyperspace, the convoy is defenseless against the attack.

Outnumbered and outgunned, Rykrof has no choice but to order his troops to launch their escape pods.

While the Separatist fleet does manage to destroy most of the escape pods, several vessels evade the deadly turbo lasers and enter the atmosphere of the dark planet below.


Soon, word of a distress signal from Commander Enloe's convoy is brought to the attention of the Supreme Chancellor by Commander Tylin Gere, a close friend of Rykrof Enloe.

"Commander Gere, I want to personally give you my condolences for your friend, Commander Enloe," the Chancellor says as he embraces Rykrof's good friend at the Republic Alpha Security Complex.

"It appears a Separatist fleet was in the Dathomir system when he arrived.  We have yet to receive word of any survivors," Tylin informs him.

"The situation doesn't look good, and he's also a very close friend," Tylin continues after a brief pause.


"Of course he his.  There is no doubt in that.  And little doubt that if someone survived the attack, it would be Commander Enloe," Palpatine says thoughtfully.  "But we now both know where his loyalties lie," he continues.

"I'm not sure what you mean," Tylin replies.  "Rykrof is loyal to the Republic.  He always has been."

"True, but we know that your friend took a detour to Naboo before carrying out his mission; thus giving the Badoo Corba an opportunity to escape," Palpatine says sternly.

"He must therefore face consequences upon his return; if he's even alive... think about it Commander Gere.  If it came down to it, which would your friend lay down his life for?  For the Republic or for his family on Naboo?"

"His family means everything to him," Tylin replies.

"As it should," the older man agrees.  "But without the Republic, his family and the people of Naboo would be under oppression from the Separatists, or even the Badoo Corba.  You see, the Republic can survive without Naboo, but Naboo can not survive without the Republic." 

"True," Tylin agrees.

"Your friend fails to realize that," Palpatine says in an exhausted tone.  "Because of this he had disobeyed direct orders and put himself and others in a situation that has most likely cost them their lives."

"This could have been our one chance to eliminate the Badoo Corba. Commander Gere, you must understand that if your friend is alive and if he is ever allowed to return to service, we must be weary of his allegiance.  He could betray the Republic.  He could betray you."

"I don’t..." Tylin mutters.

"You don't have to say anything," the supreme ruler of the Republic says as he begins to exit the complex.  "I'm sure there are other more important matters to for you to attend to."

"But in the meantime I will personally evaluate the risk of attempting a rescue, and decide if it is worth bringing him back here to face a trial," Palpatine says.

"But it appears it would be a waste of resources to try and find him."

Following the surprise attack on Rykrof Enloe's assault team, General Grievous has summoned Commander Asajj Ventress, a cold-hearted, merciless Force sensitive operative of Count Dooku to search the planet below for any survivors.

"Count Dooku himself has insisted that you personally dispose of any survivors," the general of the droid armies informs her.  "Take a battalion of droids to the surface.  Do not return without the head of Commander Enloe."

Although Asajj Ventress internally questions why she would be sent to dispose of a mere Republic commander who could very well already be dead, she restrains from questioning General Grievous of the rationale behind Count Dooku's orders.

"Count Dooku will be pleased," Grievous laughs.  "There will be no escape for this fool Rykrof Enloe!"

Meanwhile, Rykrof wakes from an unconscious state and is helped to his feet by a surviving clone trooper.

"Do you have any injuries, Sir?" the trooper asks.

"I think I'm just a little dazed," Rykrof tells him as he looks around.  "Wow, this place is disgusting," he observes.

"Affirmative Sir," the clone confirms.

"Ok, we've got to start looking for survivors," Rykrof says.  "Do you know the status of any other pods that made it to the surface?"

"I'm not sure, but I've seen one approximately 200 meters to the east," the trooper replies.

Rykrof is dismayed to see that one of the troopers did not survive the landing.

"Broken neck," one clone trooper advises Rykrof.  "We came in so hard it's a wonder any of us made it."

"I guess we have to consider ourselves lucky then," Rykrof says dryly.

"We'll continue our search until nightfall," he then says, thinking aloud.  "Then we can see if we can find a shelter for the night."

Rykrof and his known surviving troopers then begin to search the dank swamp for any other survivors...

...unaware of the true dangers that await them on Dathomir...

...or why the Separatists have taken control of the system.



Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Niub Niub
« on: December 27, 2006, 12:25 PM »
Click here -

Looks like Niub Niub is indeed doing some sort of project too -

I am sooooo sooooo thrilled and excited to let you all know that Lucasfilm and Gen Con have asked me if I wanted to return next summer to organise yet another Diorama Workshop based on the tremendous success and fan popularity of the past 2 celebrations.

We have been in talks for about 3-4 months now and they LOVE the theme/idea I proposed for next May's event. If you thought that Mos Eisley and the Death Star projects were BIG, HA !!!! wait till you experience the workshop in Los Angeles next May !!!

Next Summer, we will return to the basics of Diorama skills that people enjoyed at Celebration II, the 3 P's... Paper, Plaster and Paints :) and what exactly will we be crating??? What if I hinted that my ewok cousins would be first in line to start building - LOL. Yes that is correct... The ENDOR FORREST is next years theme.

During the 5 day event, you will have even more time to push your skills and complexity to a new level. With some major twists and surprises you will find out more about early next year. Ahhh, I know... tell us NOW ;p

We will need a lot, and I mean A LOT to fill up the 16 X 32 feet forrest surface. The main creation of course will be your own TREE. That is the start of your project. Once that is completed, if you wish to stay on for another day, then you can add to it your very own EWOK HUTT. Those of you who only want to spend 1 or 2 hours at the workshop can build a ROPE BRIDGE that we can connect to 2 trees to start getting the feeling of a village. As in previous workshops, you WILL be allowed to bring home your creation at the end of the last day's exhibit.

Now if you think THAT is cool, you can't have Endor without it's specific locations, like perhaps you want to stay on even more days and build a POWER GENERATOR, orhave your friends work as a team and build an AT-AT DOCKING STATION where Luke surrenders to Darth Vader. Or some Ewok traps like Logs crushing an AT-ST :) and if that wasn't exciting enough ... :) How can you not include a cool SPEEDER BIKE CHASE :D

Spread out between all the items that you guys will have created, will be a huge miniature train railroad system that will have Luke, Leia and Biker Scout Speeders (attached on top the locommotives) to simulate the high speed chases we remember so well in Return of the Jedi. Now if that isn't excitement enough to book your flight and hotel reservations today, I don't know what is :P LOL.

I will be planning the workshop January all through end of April and will create a section that will keep you informed as to what the techniques and actual look of the trees, hutts etc... will be like leading up to the convention. I hope I will see some familiar faces and some new ones in Los Angeles. The one thing I can Guarantee, is that it will be a LOT of fun.

Stay tuned NEXT WEEK for PART 2 of my NIUBNIUB SECRET. It could be my most amazing post since the site was created over 6 years ago...

I have tried contacting him several times to see if he had anything planned, but never heard from him.



And this is as far as I am caught up...

Deep within secure Republic territory, Coruscant is the most important planet in the galaxy.  As the Clone Wars continue, the public has begun to understand the consequences of the ongoing war.  But under the leadership of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, billions of loyalists still believe the Republic will prevail in the Clone Wars.

However, former Peace Officer Rykrof Enloe, who has begun to lose faith in the Republic, is all too aware that there are dangers beyond the threat of the Separatists. 

Having recently survived a deadly assault on Rhen Var, Rykrof's attention has recently focused on an old enemy.

Barely mentioned by the media, Lotar Prison Facility in the Outer Rim has become overrun by a local rebellion loyal to Count Dooku...

...and images have surfaced of several notorious criminals escaping.  Among the convicts to evade recapture are Troffar the Terrible, a ruthless assailant with close ties to the Badoo Corba organization.

After reviewing the holonet of the disaster at the prison facility, Rykrof is approached by a longtime friend, Tylin Gere.

"Tylin, I take you seen this about the Badoo Corba who escaped from Lotar?" Rykrof asks as he turns around to face his friend.

"The prison break?  Of course I heard about it.  But I have military priorities to address before I have time to brief on a police matter," Tylin says.

"But you're in charge of security for Palpatine's public appearances.  I suggest the Supreme Chancellor halt all public appearances for the time being.  The Badoo Corba are up to something," he insists.

"Why would he listen to you?" Tylin laughs.  "Even the Jedi Council asked him to push some appearances back.  But he won't listen.  He says that he's safe and so are the people of Coruscant.  And you know what; he's probably right!"

"We might be safe from a full scale military attack, but we're in no way prepared for a terrorist strike.  The Badoo Corba are more dangerous than you realize," Rykrof says coldly.

Meanwhile, two of the greatest of all Jedi contemplate recent events in the war.

"Terrible news Master Mundi reported in session today regarding Rhen Var.  If Dooku discovers the secrets of this planet, great consequences will we face," Master Yoda laments.

"It seems as though Master Mundi was set up for failure," Master Windu replies.  "The addition of Commander Rykrof Enloe was not nearly enough to assist the outpost there.  If we are to win this war, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine must grant us the resources we need."

"Take back the Rhen Var system we must," Master Yoda says firmly.  "But to discover the secrets of the Ancients, take Dooku some time it will.  For now, other matters must we discuss."

Meanwhile, a small civilian transport enters the Coruscant system unabated...

...but the fugitive on board is much more dangerous that the average traveler.

After landing, the passenger enters a dark chamber hidden in the Pojer District; one of the most dangerous locations on the entire planet.

Within ancient duracrete walls the leader of the Badoo Corba, Trigg Fuuda, contacts the charismatic leader of the Confederacy, Count Dooku.  Hoping to forge a new alliance with the Separatists; Trigg once considered himself a key ally to the Confederacy prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars on Geonosis.

"Trigg, you are slobbering a fool," Dooku says sternly to the Badoo Corba leader.  "I should have destroyed you when I had the chance."

"What?" Trigg hisses.  "I come to you to forge a new alliance!  You should be pleased to hear from me!  I have a proposal that will interest you!  Troffar has returned!"

"You are a terrorist.  There is no longer a purpose for your kind.  Nothing you can offer will interest me.  And remember, you have failed me in the past... consider this a final warning to stay out of Separatist affairs," Dooku says coldly.

Continuing before Trigg can reply, Dooku finishes the transmission.

"Therefore there will never be a place for you in the Confederacy," he continues. "You will stay out of all military engagements or you will suffer  severe consequences."

"Damn him," Trigg fumes to his ally, Troffar the Terrible.

"What did you expect?" Troffar retorts.  "Dooku and Palpatine are both our enemies now.  Let the Republic and Confederacy tear themselves apart in this war.  Then we will slaughter the survivors and forever be free of tyrants!"

"I already told you Trigg that Dooku could not be trusted," Zeedo Chissis mentions.  "He betrayed us on Abridon and would do it to us again.  Instead we should persuade Black Sun to join our cause.  Prince Xizor left the Confederacy some time ago.  Form an alliance with them!"

"Besides, Black Sun credits are good in both the Confederacy and the Republic," he jokes in an evil laugh.

"No!" Trigg erupts.  "This has never been about credits.  And we will carry out the planned attack on schedule.  Once Dooku realizes what we are capable of, everything will change.  It is the only way!"

The next evening, a group of Republic officials anxiously await an opportunity to see Supreme Chancellor Palpatine as he is escorted to the Galaxies Opera House on Coruscant; a favorite pastime of the Supreme Chancellor. 

Soon the Supreme Chancellor emerges, escorted by a light contingency of clone troopers.

The guards assigned to protect the leader of the Senate are amongst the finest Kamino has to offer; constantly on alert for any potential assassination attempts on Chancellor Palpatine.

"Wait a minute," young Jedi Anakin Skywalker says to himself as the escort approaches.  "I sense something... something's wrong here..."

Suddenly a thunderous explosion engulfs the light escort craft!

Amazingly, the Supreme Chancellor is unharmed in the inferno.

"Chancellor!" Anakin yells in panic as he offers the Chancellor his hand.  "Are you alright?  Are you hurt?"

"Anakin my boy, I'm quite fine," Palpatine says with a comforting smile.

"This must be the work of the Separatists," the Chancellor announces spitefully as Tylin Gere secures the area.

Although he is the senior officer present in charge of security, Tylin is relieved to see a Jedi offering support in the situation.

"Maybe it was Dooku, or terrorists or a political opponent," Tylin says, taking charge.  "But now is not the time for an investigation; right now we need to get to you a secure location."

"Yes of course," Palpatine agrees.

Soon, Trigg Fuuda speaks with Count Dooku again, this time at the Count's request.

"You surprised me today Trigg," Dooku reveals with a smile.  "I was unaware that you had the resources to get so close to the Chancellor.  And from the reports I read, the Chancellor was only inches away from being killed."

"Thank you, my Lord," Trigg hisses with a new found sense of confidence.

Trigg is then instructed to meet with an associate of Dooku's in the bowels of an abandoned facility nearby in order to join the Confederacy.

"But you must come alone," Dooku tells him.  "Only then will you be taken care of and properly treated for your actions today."

Following Count Dooku's instructions, the leader of the Badoo Corba soon enters the abandoned facility he was instructed to locate...

Once inside he is confronted by a menacing cyborg.

"This way.  Lord Sidious has been expecting you," a cold mechanical voice says.

"Darth Sidious?"  Trigg thinks to himself.  Now is he not only in Dooku's favor, but he has the opportunity to meet the mysterious Sith Lord himself! 

For years Trigg has yearned for something more; to be greater than the leader of a band of terrorists.  Now, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Confederacy, he will become more powerful than he had ever imagined.

Deep within the chamber, Trigg soon encounters a shrouded being standing in the darkness...

"Welcome, Trigg Fuuda of the Badoo Corba," an evil voice says.  "Your actions today have caught the eyes of the entire galaxy.  Most importantly, mine!

Suddenly, an overwhelming fear consumes Trigg Fuuda; realizing he unwittingly set the stage for his own demise.

"But your painful end will be witnessed by only me!"

Beams of dark energy emit from the Dark Lord's fingertips, penetrating the very soul of the terrorist leader.

Like an Arkanian jellyfish out of water, Trigg's body spasms on the dank floor as the dark powers destroy his very essence. 

Even as he begins to lose consciousness, everything becomes clear to Trigg for the first time since his ambitions for power hatched years ago.  Not only has he been betrayed by Dooku, but the Sith have penetrated the highest levels of government in the Republic.  Knowing what he discovers in death, he is thankful that he will not be alive to bear witness to the aftermath that will be the result of the Clone Wars.

"What a foul stench this mindless fool has," Dooku says as he glances at the smoldering corpse of Trigg Fuuda.

"Lord Tyrannus, you did well luring him here.  Now, see to it that this stunted slime is disposed of," Darth Sidious says.

"Use the sewers below so that the body is never found.  The Cthons will finish what is left of him."

The following morning, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine calls for a special session of the Galactic Senate to be broadcast throughout the Republic.

"Thanks to our clone intelligence, the terrorist threat on Coruscant has been eliminated," he explains above overwhelming support in the Senate Hall. 

"Regretfully, the leader of the Badoo Corba, Trigg Fuuda was killed while resisting arrest.  But this shall be an example to both the terrorists and the Separatists that such strikes against civilian, political or military targets will not be tolerated for as long as I am in office!"

Upon hearing the breaking news, the remaining leaders of the Badoo Corba discuss the fate of their fallen leader. 

"This is a devastating loss, but we will recover and emerge stronger under new leadership," Zeedo Chissis declares.

"Yes, and with the public satisfied that we no longer present a threat and the military focusing on the war, we will be able to move forward with our plans in secrecy.  I will contact Mubaas on our hidden base on Dathomir." 

Later that afternoon, Rykrof is approached by Governor Tarkin after a military briefing.

"Commander Enloe," the Governor says sternly.  "I have good news for you.  We have just intercepted a message tracing a terror cell of the Badoo Corba to the Dathomir system."

"We want them eliminated," he continues.  You are free to use any means necessary but we do not want the public to be aware of this mission.  This means your Wookiee companion may not accompany you."

"Fine.  How much time do I have to get a team assembled?" Rykrof asks.

"I will brief you at 1800 hours, after that you are free to assemble a squad," the Governor says.  Your shuttles will depart tomorrow at 0600 hours.  And once you complete your mission, you have my personal guarantee that you will be granted the leave of absence you have already requested."

As he prepares to hand pick a platoon of clone troopers, Rykrof hears his name being called by Anakin Skywalker.

"What is it, my Jedi friend?" Rykrof asks. 

"I was there when the Chancellor was attacked," Anakin says.  "I have already requested to go on this mission with you but am being forced to engage in battle on the front lines.  May the Force be with you in your search for the monsters responsible for this attack."

Later, Rykrof and Ralbarr are approached by an old friend, Finis Valorum.  Breaking a direct order, Rykrof informs Valorum of his conversation with Governor Tarkin.

"Something's not right here," Valorum warns.   

"I agree, and for some reason Ralbarr is restricted from going on this mission," Rykrof says.

"I tell you, something else is out of place," Valorum insists.  "Trigg Fuuda was caught much too quickly, and they haven't revealed any details regarding how they found him or where his body is."

"And you should be concerned that they won't allow non-humans to participate in many military engagements lately.  They should be letting Ralbarr accompany you on this mission.  Watch your back, Rykrof.  Be prepared for anything."

Finis Valorum then quickly walks away, as if afraid he might be seen by someone.

"Ralbarr, let's keep this conversation between us for now," Rykrof then says to his Wookiee friend.

That evening, thousands of clone troopers board Republic cruisers to travel to distant planets in the war.

As Rykrof prepares to depart with his small strike force, he bids farewell to his friends, not telling Tylin of his conversation with Finis Valorum. 

But the words of the wise old man have awakened an old fear within Rykrof's very soul.  A dark fear that began a decade earlier when his planet was invaded by the Trade Federation.  And now the fear that forces of darkness will emerge victorious in this war.

Meanwhile, Darth Sidious meets once again with his apprentice. 

"My lord, we have seen the end of Trigg Fuuda, and soon we will see the end of the Jedi," Darth Tyrannus says proudly.  "Once the ultimate weapon is complete, no star system in the galaxy will defy us."

"Good... good," Darth Sidious says.  "But the Badoo Corba are still a threat.  For now we will allow for them to survive... as they may serve our purposes by eliminating a Republic officer I have come to suspect."

"I will not allow a respected military leader such Rykrof Enloe to begin to question his superiors.  See to it that he meets his end on Dathomir.  Have a fleet awaiting him once he reaches the system.  If he somehow survives the fleet, surely the Badoo Corba will finish him and what is left of his strike force..."

"...and it will only be a matter of time before the powers hidden on Rhen Var are revealed," Darth Tyrannus adds.

"...yes my friend, the final days of the Jedi Order are approaching."



Here is the 11th chapter in the Rykrof Enloe photonovel series  ...this chapter follows some established EU events with fan fiction mixed in.  It was a fun chapter for me to work on. 

Following a recent battle on Ohma-D'un, Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi, and his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker survey the aftermath of a chemical weapon used to kill a Gungan colony.

"How could the Separatists do this?" Anakin asks.  "These Gungans were peaceful.  They had nothing to do with the war."

"This is the new face of war, my young Padawan - realize that this moon was just a staging area to launch an attack on Naboo," Obi Wan replies.  "The important thing is they've been stopped."

"I still think we should visit Naboo to ensure all is well there," Anakin states, mostly to himself.

"No, Naboo will be fine.  What we must do is contact Coruscant immediately," the elder Jedi says.  "Master Windu is awaiting our report."

Far across the galaxy, Coruscant continues to dominate the political landscape of the Republic.  Now a Republic at war, its citizens are unaware of a far more sinister force than the Separatists.  A force that continues to remain hidden, patiently awaiting the opportunity to gain control of the galaxy.

Anxiously awaiting Obi Wan Kenobi's report from Ohma-D'un, Commander Rykrof Enloe meets with several Jedi Masters and Governor Tarkin to receive the transmission.

"The transmission is cleared," Master Windu says calmly.  "General Kenobi, what is your status?"

"Anakin and I discovered what has become of the Gungan colony here," Obi Wan reports.  "But both Separatist Commanders Asajj Ventress and Durge escaped."

"Every single Gungan here has died of a chemical weapon. We were infected by the poison, but its effects take longer to work on other beings," he says. 

"We've been able to successfully reverse the effects on ourselves."


Masters Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura listen carefully to the report.

"However the Gungans stood no chance against this biological weapon.  Fortunately Anakin was able to destroy the capsules of the gas that were being loaded onto ships destined for Naboo," Obi Wan says.

"So Naboo is safe?" Master Windu inquires.

"Yes, but we did uncover plans for an assault on Rhen Var," Obi Wan reports.

"We do not know the time parameter of this attack but believe it will be carried out soon.  I ran an analysis of our garrison on the planet and request we deploy two legions of clone troopers with several assault walkers to bolster the defenses there," Obi Wan says as the group studies an image of the Rhen Var terrain.

"Unfortunately we do not have the resources to spare at this time," Governor Tarkin retorts.  "However we can send Commander Enloe immediately to transport additional supplies.  While he is there he can further assess the system's defenses."

Although he had been scheduled for a leave of absence to be with his wife and newborn son on Naboo, Rykrof's sense of duty to the Republic keeps him from arguing the point with his superiors.

"Very well," Obi Wan says at the end of the transmission.  "I will inform Master Mundi to prepare for Commander Enloe's arrival.  But if the Separatists attack the planet, the current force will stand little chance against a well supplied droid army." 

Days later, Rykrof and Ralbarr arrive at their destination.   

Through history lessons, Rykrof has learned the remains of an ancient civilization and old Jedi artifacts can be found beneath the ice on the planet, remnants of a former population.  But for unknown reasons, the Jedi Order has insisted for hundreds of years that the planet be kept under protective quarantine.

But for now, Rykrof's interest is to inspect the system's defenses and coordinate a defense in the event of a Separatist attack.

A cold, bitter environment; the Republic clone troopers maintaining outposts on the surface are forced into cumbersome blizzard protection gear.

After clearing security checks, Rykrof and Ralbarr are informed that Jedi Master Ki Adi Mundi has been expecting them.

The guests are then greeted by Jedi Master Ki Adi Mundi and Commander Bacara, who have recently assumed command of the remote outpost.

"You are a welcome sight Commander Enloe," the Jedi Master says warmly.  "I understand you are here to inspect our defenses?"

"I'm here to offer assistance," Rykrof says.  "And after I assess the situation I will request additional troops.  I'm not sure why the Jedi insist on holding this planet, but I do have every intention of preventing the Confederacy of gaining a foothold here."

"What few supplies we were able to gather are already being sorted by your worker droids and assigned to secure storage," Rykrof informs him.

"Supplies are welcome, but I will make no false pretenses; this outpost is poorly defended.  We should begin your inspection immediately," Ki Adi Mundi says.

Meanwhile, on Tibrin, thousands of Ishi Tib rally in support of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

After taking over the local government, Count Dooku addresses the euphoric crowd.

"My friends, the oppression of the Republic will never again reach the good people of Tibrin!  Together we shall crush the Jedi Order and form a society built on peace, justice, security, and freedom!" he exclaims.

The crowd roars its approval of their new leader, chanting his name and praising him for liberating them from the lies of their previous government, of the corruption of the Senate, and his leaving the Jedi Order.

"They had already joined us; I just needed to open their eyes," Dooku says to his colleagues, who are amazed by his appeal to the masses.

"Now we proceed with Rhen Var," Viceroy Nute Gunray says.  "General Grievous claims he is ready for the assault."

"The general is needed elsewhere," Dooku replies.  "Rhen Var is relatively unprotected.  Inform Commander Durge that the command of this mission has been granted to him."

The following morning, a large Separatist fleet approaches the Rhen Var system.

Jedi Master Ki Adi Mundi then receives a holo message from his front line troops. 

"Sir, they're here.  An entire task force has jumped out of hyperspace and drop ships have been sighted," the soldier reports.

"With the high winds the Seps won't risk Vulture Droids.  And according to intelligence they don't want to risk damaging the infrastructure below us.  So a bombardment is out of the question," Rykrof says.

"Agreed," the Jedi says.

"We haven't much time," Rykrof urges.  "Inform your men to prepare for a heavy ground assault."

The Separatist forces waste no time in opening fire once within range of the Republic outpost.

With very little heavy weaponry, the garrison's lone AT-TE walker attempts to fend off the attackers.

But the Republic troops quickly come under heavy blaster fire... dozens of droids break through the outer perimeter.

Safe behind the fortress walls, clone gunners attempt to repel the advancing force.

Vastly outnumbered, other troopers outside the walls fight bravely against the menacing droids...

...but with the odds in the favor or the Separatists, more clone troopers continue to fall in battle.

Soon the northern command post is overrun...

...and scores of clones are slaughtered in a hail of blaster fire.

In the fight of their lives, the Rhen Var garrison desperately attempts to repel the attack...

...only to fall in battle.

Back at the central command post, the surviving members prepare for a final stand.

"The Force will be with us," Ki Adi Mundi insists.  "Feel; don't think when the droids strike.  Together we will live to fight another day."

Meanwhile, Separatist Commander Durge enters the battlefield, eager to slaughter any survivors and present any Jedi bodies to Count Dooku as trophies.

Rykrof then dons his helmet as the central command post falls under attack.

Igniting his lightsaber in preparation of the imminent fight, Master Ki Adi Mundi knows this battle could be his last.

The Jedi gracefully hacks through an advancing droid.

The Jedi then easily avoids a laser blast, his Force senses enabling him to sense the direction of the laser blasts even before they are fired.

As he prepares to join the side of his Jedi friend, Commander Bacara turns just in time to see a large warrior approaching.

Before he can get off a shot, Bacara receives a brutal melee blow to the side of his helmet.

Commander Durge then moves in for his Jedi kill.

Startled, the Jedi Master spins just in time to see Ralbarr tear into the warrior.  The force of the blow smashes Durge against a duracrete wall; rendering him unconscious.

Ki Adi Mundi then recovers just in time to disable an advancing droid before it is able to blast the mighty Wookiee.

"We can't hold out here!" Ki Adi Mundi exclaims. 

"Commander Bacara needs immediate medical attention, and we have no time for prisoners!" he shouts above the blaster fire.

"We're evacuating then," Rykrof says as he leads the way out of the overrun command post.

The few remaining clone troopers provide cover fire for the escape, sacrificing themselves in the name of the Republic.

Within minutes the group arrives at a lone remaining shuttle.

"We have orders from the Supreme Chancellor to fight until the last man," the pilot says.

"This battle is already lost," Ki Adi Mundi says.  "You will take us to Coruscant so we can brief military intelligence on this disaster."

"I will take you to Coruscant so you can brief military intelligence on this disaster," the pilot slowly replies.

"Alright, get us out of here before the droids find us," Rykrof says.

As quickly as it began, the battle is over. 

"Search every corner of this outpost," Commander Durge orders.  "Kill any survivors."

As their shuttle escapes the catastrophe on Rhen Var, Ralbarr and Rykrof collapse in the cargo hold of the ship.

"I don't see any end to this war," Rykrof says to his friend.  "I don't know if we'll see our homes ever again... Naboo or Kashyyyk... just new worlds we've never been to while we risk our necks in a damn war that we'll probably get killed in."

"And the war's spreading... everywhere.  All over systems I'd never even heard of.  We've lost everything we should stand for by creating clones to fight in this war..."


"...and we're still losing."

"Battles across the furthest reaches of space..."

"...Jedi fighting across the galaxy in the name of a Republic that many of them don't even believe in anymore."

"Families have been torn apart... just like mine..."

"...and who knows where the Badoo Corba's at and what they're planning."

"I'm not sure if we really know what we're fighting for... or who."



...and the series continues...

Above the surface of the planet Cholganna, a Republic strike force engages in a fierce battle with several Assault Cruisers of the Trade Federation.  Hoping to destroy the droid production facility on the surface, the Republic has thus far been unable to penetrate the powerful shield protecting the valuable installation.

With the droid production plant still protected, dozens of Vulture Droid patrols scan the outlying perimeters of the jungle surrounding the facility, where several small generators hidden in the dense foliage power the facility's shield.

But unknown to the Separatists, a small strike force led by Commander Rykrof Enloe has already landed on the surface undetected. 

With the coordinates to several generators in their possession, the team is poised to inflict a heavy blow on the Separatist war effort.  A malfunction of just one of the four generators protecting the droid facility will temporarily disable the entire shield generator.

During the march, the team comes across several downed Republic ships in the forest that had attempted earlier bombing runs on the shield generators...

...they find many of the ships to be missing their pilots, who appear to have been dragged away by local predators.

After briefing before the mission, Rykrof is well aware that the native life on Cholganna can be more deadly than the droid army being created on the planet. 

As the Republic soldiers continue towards the eastern shield generator as planned, a pair of lethal Nexu approaches the group.

The first troopers to spot the deadly beasts immediately open fire on the savage hunters...

...but they are too late to save one of their brethren.

With its mate killed the surviving Nexu scampers off into the forest.

"Commander, JT-54 has been killed in action," one of Rykrof's troopers says without emotion.  "We should continue towards our objective before more of these creatures return."

Under normal circumstances, Rykrof would give the fallen soldier a proper burial, but realizes the urgency of completing the mission.

"Agreed," he says as he looks down at the dead Nexu.  "Everyone prepare to move out.  This operation will fail if we take time to bury our dead."

Quickly but carefully, the group makes it way through the jungle, keeping in deep cover to hide themselves as much as possible from observation by the enemy on the mesa far above.

Hours later, the group approaches the coordinates of the eastern shield generator.  As expected, a droid vanguard is spotted protecting it.

With only one Geonosian present with a small company of battle droids, Rykrof gives the order to attack.

Surrounding the droid outpost, Rykrof's team of clone troopers moves in for the kill.

In a flash one droid is down.

Before the battle droids can register they are under attack, Rykrof's force moves in with swift and deadly force.

The droids attempt to regroup and respond with a concussion wave of laser blasts at the advancing threat...


...but faced with comparable numbers, the clone troopers soon advance on the enemy position.

As the blaster fire begins to die down, Ralbarr emits a victorious roar as he raises the lifeless body of the Geonosian captain assigned to protect the eastern generator.


Suddenly two more battle droids come clattering down from the shield generator towards the Republic strike team.


Charging towards the advancing droids, Rykrof fires off several quick shots...

...destroying both in a flurry of blaster fire.

Moments later the group secures the eastern shield generator.

"This is it," Rykrof says.  "Let's disable this thing and get out of here."

"Right away, Sir!" his demolition expert replies.

Charging a compressed ion disruptor, the clone demolition expert quickly disables the shield.


As soon as the group verifies with the orbital command that the shield is down, Rykrof's team races back to their drop zone for their hidden gunship.

With the shield down, the Republic assault force soon approaches the droid facility, decimating the infrastructure.

Within less than an hour, the entire facility is lost.

Hours later, the Republic fleet regroups after destroying the droid facilities of Cholganna.

"We were lucky today Ralbarr," Rykrof says to his friend.  "It's not every day that we're going to be able to go into a situation like that and come out on top."

The mighty Wookiee grunts in agreement as Rykrof departs to make contact with his wife, Alyssa.

"How are you Alyssa?" Rykrof asks once he is able to contact his wife on Naboo.


"I'm here, Rykrof... trying to get a grip on myself... and praying every night and half of each day," she says softly. 

"How much longer will it be until you can come home?"

"The war has just begun," he says.

"But I'll always be with you Alyssa, during the war and after," Rykrof says.  "Even if I don't return, I will always be with you."

Meanwhile, several Separatist leaders meet to discuss the loss of the droid facility on Cholganna.

"This is a disaster," Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray exclaims to his colleagues.

"General Grievous must be held accountable for the loss on Cholganna.  That facility was financed by the Trade Federation!"

"Perhaps we should speak with Count Dooku," Corporate Alliance chief aide Denaria Kee replies. 

"Viceroy!" General Grievous hisses at the group of Confederate leaders.

"You fool!" he continues.  "You dare challenge my command yet you lack the courage to confront me head on!  When you have concerns over the war you cower and scheme with your fellow grubs!"

"My only concern, General, is that droids should follow orders, not give them," Viceroy Nute Gunray replies.

"Pathetic cretin!  The Confederacy does not require your military assessments to overthrow the Republic!" Grievous retorts.


"Surely you both understand we are committed on a broad scale across the galaxy," Count Dooku interrupts.

"As important as the facility on Cholganna was, there are many other priorities we must consider,” Dooku says.

"I have just received word from my Master that we will be proceeding soon with the assault on Rhen Var.  I assure you that our losses on Cholganna will be long forgotten by the gains made from our next assault."



Ok, a new chapter is now up.  I hope you guys enjoy it. 

Although officially neutral in the Clone Wars, the peaceful planet Ithor of the Ottega System has fallen under surveillance by Separatist forces, who keep a watchful eye on the hovering herdship estate of Ambassador Tame Heem.

With Republic troops stretched to the limit, the pacifist Ithorians and visitors to their planet find Ithor to be virtually defenseless.  However rumors persist that the Republic is sending a group of Jedi emissaries to meet with Ambassador Tame Heem; who made the fateful decision to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

The sight of several occupying Battle Droids marching through the streets of the herdship is a grim reminder that without an army of their own, the Ithorians will always be vulnerable to aggressive forces outside their peaceful system.

To many Ithorians, it is unacceptable for the droid armies to even set foot on the massive herdships above the sacred jungle planet below.

Soon, the emissaries arrive on the planet and are greeted by Ithorian Geraint Tue Towler and Consort Towam Loudain.

"Welcome to Ithor, Master Jedi," Consort Towam Loudain says kindly.  "You have no cause to worry; the Battle Droid garrison here has been ordered to allow for your party to travel freely on this herdship."

"Thank you, and greetings from the Republic, Geraint and Consort," Jedi Master Shaak Ti replies as she greets their hosts.  "We are grateful for the opportunity to discuss the future relationship between the Galactic Senate and the good people of Ithor."


"This war is proving to be much harder than expected for the Republic," Consort Towan Loudain replies.  "There are many who do not wish to support a war that with an uncertain outcome."

"Regardless, Ambassador Heem feels terrible for the debacle on Spahl VII and we all grieve for the Jedi who died that night," Geraint Tue Towler replies.  "The Ambassador will see you now.  He is waiting for you at his dwelling."

As the group follows Master Shaak Ti to Ambassador Heem's home, an uneasy feeling comes over Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi and his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker.

"I sense it too," Anakin says before his Master utters a word.

"Look how empty the plazas are," Obi Wan observes.  "These people are afraid.  Something is about to happen."

"We're being watched," Obi Wan continues.  "I feel a great deal of hostility coming from an unknown source."

"I feel it too, Master.  But I'm not sure if it's from the Ithorians," Anakin adds.

Before arriving at their destination, the group is approached by Ambassador Tame Heem and his aid, Pon Gadon, who greets them nervously.  Several Federation Security Droids flank the Ithorians.

"Welcome Jedi," Pon says.  "Welcome to Ithor, and our home.  It is with great regret that we meet under such circumstances.  But during desperate times, difficult decisions must be made."

"It is good to see you both.  We are grateful to have taken this first step to bring our governments back together as allies," Shaak Ti replies kindly.

"I already know what you have to offer; Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has informed me that the Senate will reinstate my position without reprimand if we bring Ithor back into the Republic," Tame Heem says. 

"But I fear for my mother world.  Count Dooku has guaranteed that as long as we offer our resources to his cause, no harm will come to out planet or our way of life.  He even offers us protection from the Badoo Corba!  The Republic never even offered such protection!" 

"Truly?  You say the Republic never aided you in your time of need... was it not the Republic that saved you from capture by the Trade Federation on Abridon?  And were the Badoo Corba not involved with that plot?"  Shaak Ti asks while she motions towards one of her escort troopers to step forward. 

"Is protection truly your primary concern?"

"Of course, protection," he says.  "And Abridon was years ago.  It was Rykrof Enloe who was responsible for my rescue and for that I am forever grateful.  But now we face a full scale war, and Count Dooku has shown more dedication towards keeping us safe.  I see no Republic battleships in this sector.  Only those of the Confederacy."

"Perhaps you should speak with him," Obi Wan says to the trooper Shaak Ti had beckoned towards. 

"Perhaps a more familiar face will ease the concerns of the good Ambassador."

"Nice pure environment here on Ithor," Rykrof says as he removes his helmet, taking in a deep breath of the fresh air. 

"I can see why you want to protect it.  Ironic though that you are unwilling to do so yourselves.  Instead you expect for someone else to provide your protection."

Shocked to see his friend and feeling embarrassed at the accusations, Tame Heem quickly regains his composure and greets Rykrof, while apologizing for what happened on Spahl VII. 

"Because of your actions two Jedi and my entire squad were killed there," Rykrof says as he stares the Ithorian down. 

"You did what you thought you had to do at that moment in time,” Rykrof continues.  “But a new alliance for your planet with the Republic is the only way you can spare your people from utter destruction in this war." 

"If you allow for the Separatists to deploy an unabridged occupation of your planet, the Supreme Chancellor will retaliate with a full scale attack," Rykrof warns.  "The consequences for your people will be beyond your comprehension."

"You're right, my friend," Tame Heem says solemnly as he absorbs what his friend is telling him. 

"Since the war broke out we have been living in fear, and because of this fear I made a terrible mistake.  I will return with you to discuss the future relationship between our societies."

"I've been looking forward to this," a dark voice laughs from behind the group.

As the Republic committee turns around, to their horror, they find themselves confronted by Sora Bulq; a powerful former Jedi Master who has recently turned to the Dark Side of the Force.

"It's a trap," Obi Wan yells.

Immediately Rykrof and Shaak Ti turn on the droids escorting Ambassador Heem before they can register what has happened.

Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker already have their light sabers ignited before a single droid can get off a shot.

Realizing the situation may be more than the Jedi can handle; Rykrof comms his Wookiee ally, Ralbarr.

"We're just north of the main hangar outside Tame Heem’s home.  Get us out of here," he orders into the comm link.

One by one, the droids begin to fall... does the group's lone true Clone Trooper.

Sensing Master Kenobi is in danger, Shaak Ti calls out to him.

"Obi Wan, are you alright?" Shaak Ti shouts above the laser fire.

"Just hold off those droids!" Obi Wan yells.  "I can handle this!"

"Save yourself Obi Wan," Sora Bulq hisses.  "Give yourself to the darkness!"

"I expected more from you Obi Wan!" the dark Jedi laughs as he knocks his opponent to the ground.

"I'll be happy to raise your expectations higher," Anakin interjects before Sora can pounce on the Jedi.

Meanwhile, Shaak Ti and Rykrof regroup with Ambassador Heem while fending off the last of the droids.

"We need that gunship now!" she says.

"I am through playing games, Jedi!" Sora Bulq yells at Obi Wan and Anakin. 

"Anakin, we can take him together," Obi Wan says.  "Follow my lead.  Wait for the right moment to strike."

Suddenly the team's gunship arrives and opens fire on the remaining Separatists!

"Now's our chance," Anakin says.  "We can take down Bulq!"

"Anakin, no!" Obi Wan shouts.  "More droids!"

At that moment a group of droids entering the plaza opens a deadly barrage of laser blasts on the group!

"There's too many of them," one of the Clone pilots says.  "Get on board!"

"Come on Ambassador," Rykrof says as he pushes the terrified Ithorian towards the ship.  "It's now or never!"

Upon seeing Tame Heem, Ralbarr releases a ferocious roar. 

"Shut up," Rykrof yells.  "Let him on board; we're getting out of here!"

As the group narrowly evades blaster fire, a group of courageous Ithorian rebels suddenly open fire on the Separatists!

"We can't hold out much longer," the pilot shouts.

More droids pour into the plaza...

...and as the last of the Republic committee boards the ship, the Ithorians rebels become the sole target of the droid attackers.

Untrained for combat, the brave Ithorians fall to the droids; knowing their sacrifice has allowed for their Ambassador to escape to safety.

Sora Bulq watches as the gunship blasts off the estate of Tame Heem towards an awaiting Republic cruiser.

"Sir, our droid fighters are standing by to intercept them before they can escape," a commanding droid says.  "What are your orders?"

"Let them go," the Dark Jedi says as he approaches the trembling leaders left behind.  "We do not want to risk harm to the Ambassador.  I will contact Count Dooku and update him on the situation."

Safely away from the Separatist controlled herdship, Rykrof and the Jedi approach their awaiting cruiser; lucky to escape the system with the Ambassador unharmed.

Soon after, several leaders of the Separatist movement meet on Cato Neimoidia; a safe haven deep within the Confederacy.

Gathered in Nute Gunray's personal quarters, Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray speaks with Foreman Wat Tambor of the Techno Union regarding the recent events.

"The war is not going as well as planned," Nute Gunray says to his associate.  "I have just received word from Count Dooku himself that Ambassador Tame Heem has returned to Coruscant!"

"Without the Ithorians on our side in this war, we may have a difficult time convincing other systems to join our cause," Wat Tambor notes.

"This is an outrage," Nute Gunray yells.  "I knew we could not trust them!"

"Patience, Viceroy, patience," Count Dooku says smoothly as he enters the quarters. 

"Tame Heem is a fool.  We will not make the mistake of trusting the Ithorians again and in time they will pay for their treachery.  But more importantly, I would like to inform you that I am placing all of our combined droid armies under the direct control..."

"...of General Grievous."



Ok gang, here is the 8th chapter in the remakes of the Rykrof Enloe series.  Thoughts/comments/feedback is always appreciated.

The Clone Wars have begun.  As the galaxy becomes torn apart by the first full scale war since the formation of the Republic, hundreds of thousands of clone troopers board starships destined for countless worlds in the name of freedom.

Although the Republic has recently won a crucial battle to protect its precious clone facilities on Kamino, the victory is short lived as Ambassador Tame Heem has become stranded on the distant planet Spahl VII.  Without the Ithorian’s influence, it is feared that many members of the Galactic Senate may side with the Separatist movement.

“We can ill afford for Ambassador Heem to become a prisoner of war,” Supreme Chancellor Palpatine says in a secret meeting on Coruscant. 

"I agree," the Supreme Chancellor's aid, Mas Amedda says.  "Without Ambassador Heem's influence, we run the risk of Ithor joining the Confederacy.

“We should act quickly and send a team to rescue him from the Spahl System.  Commander Enloe on Naboo has a garrison that is ready.”

“But rumors persist that Count Dooku is there,” Chancellor Palpatine says.  “Surely Commander Enloe and his troops are no match for a Sith Lord.  He would need a Jedi escort in order to have any chance for success.”

“That could be arranged,” Jedi Master Mace Windu says.  “The Jedi will assist in this operation.  Masters Riin and Timbuu will go in separately to distract Dooku’s army so Commander Enloe can attempt this rescue.”

The only inhabitable planet in the Spahl System, the war ravaged planet Spahl VII has become a shell of its former glory.  While the Separatist strategy had been to secure the planet’s rich ore mines, the Republic has attempted to rescue the political leaders of the battered planet.

In the province Ontaris, dozens of battle droid patrols scour the region in search for rumored Republic infiltrators.

“There is no sign of the Jedi, Sir,” a droid informs Count Dooku, who oversees the planet’s transition to Separatist rule.

“Double your search,” the Dark Lord says.  “Two Jedi have arrived with reinforcements.  Their primary objective will be to find Ambassador Heem.” 

Meanwhile, several squads of clone troopers have landed on the outskirts of Ontaris.  Led by former Peace Office Rykrof Enloe, the teams plan to find the Ithorian Ambassador and then regroup with a team of Jedi who have already infiltrated the city. 

As Rykrof’s troops disperse, every soldier adheres to the mandatory order in restricting all transmissions to avoid the Separatists tracking the team, as the smallest mistake could lead to failure in the mission.

While a number of clone troopers move forward with Rykrof, several stay back in defensive positions to secure a hasty retreat if necessary.

Far sooner than expected, the troops are spotted by a probe droid.

Within moments several battle droids emerge from the shadows and open fire on the Republic troops.

The clone troopers find themselves heavily outnumbered by the droid army…

…but their rigorous training on Kamino has prepared each soldier in the Grand Army of the Republic for the horrors of war.

But with a numerical advantage, the droids continue to move forward…

…and the clones struggle to maintain their positions.

With most of his troops pinned down, Commander Rykrof Enloe slips away from the battle to make way for the panic zone, where he believes Ambassador Tame Heem will be hiding if he has not been captured.  With any luck, the Jedi will already have secured the position and be waiting for him.

Alone, he soon reaches the designated area, only to find the ambassador and Jedi are nowhere to be found.  Instead, he finds himself standing face to face with the leader of the Separatist movement, Count Dooku himself. 

“What’s this?” Dooku asks.  “A non-clone donning the armor of the Republic’s finest troops?  Don’t tell me your precious clone facilities have already run dry.  Perhaps another strike on Kamino will not be necessary.”

“Perhaps I can end this war right here with your surrender,” Rykrof replies as he raises his blaster.

“Or perhaps I shall end your pitiful existence right here and now,” Dooku replies.

In a flash, a beam of lightning shoots from the Dark Lord’s extended hand...

…and strikes Rykrof in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

As his entire body spasms from the shock of Dooku’s attack, Rykrof struggles to crawl away from the former Jedi.

Suddenly the two Jedi appear.

“Commander Enloe, contact a drop ship to evacuate you and our surviving troops at our designated evacuation point,” Master Ked Rinn says.  “We will rendezvous with you there shortly.”

“My Jedi friends,” Count Dooku says.  “What brings you here to Spahl VII?  Depart the system in peace and no harm will come to you.”

“We are Jedi, we wish no harm to you Count,” Master Rinn says.  “But you will come with us in peace to Coruscant to stand trial before the Jedi Council for the deaths on Geonosis.”

Meanwhile, Rykrof stumbles towards the evacuation point under orders from the Jedi.

Back in the panic zone, the Jedi are unable to arrest Count Dooku as a lighsaber duel commences.

After quickly killing Master Timbuu, Count Dooku taunts the lone surviving Jedi.

“Give yourself to the Dark Side,” Count Dooku says to Master Rinn.  “Don’t make yourself be destroyed as Master Timbuu did."

“No Jedi will follow your path of darkness,” Rinn replies defiantly.

“How mistaken you are,” Dooku says as he overpowers the Jedi Master.

Meanwhile, Rykrof’s troops continue to fall back as the droid army advances.

Rykrof soon finds his way to the evacuation point, which has also come under attack.

“Ralbarr, we’re can’t leave yet,” he yells.  “The two Jedi are in the panic zone and we have failed to find Ambassador Heem!  We need to call for reinforcements immediately!”

“There’s too many of them,” one clone shouts as more droids approach the evacuation zone.

Surrounding the gunship, the droids continue to move in for the kill.

“We can’t hold them,” another trooper shouts as he returns fire on the droids.

As the droids advance, a Federation tank enters the battle.

“Sir, the Separatists are blocking all transmissions and our fuel line has been hit,” a pilot informs Rykrof.  “We can’t call for help.  We must evacuate now.”

“Agreed,” Rykrof says.  “Then we’ll assemble a counterstrike and find the Jedi and Ambassador Heem.”

Once aboard their orbital cruiser, however, several Trade Federation battle cruisers enter the system.  Unaware of the fate of the Jedi and unsuccessful in the mission, Rykrof is forced to order a full retreat.

“I’ll report personally to the Chancellor,” Rykrof says aboard the ship as it prepares for the jump to hyperspace.  “We are going to have to assume the worst with regards to the Jedi and Ambassador Heem.”

Meanwhile back on the surface of Spahl VII, Count Dooku approaches Ambassador Tame Heem.

“Only two Jedi in the rescue attempt; a true pity,” Dooku says to his new ally with a twisted smile. 

“Yes, a somewhat weak force was sent,” Tame Heem says softly as he looks to the ground.

“Welcome to the Confederacy of Independent Systems Ambassador," Dooku then says.  "With your influence more systems will join this noble crusade.  And with your continued support, I will see to it that your planet is spared in this conflict.”



Photonovels and Movies / CHAOS! - Rykrof Enloe # 7 FINAL EDITION
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Here is the 7th chapter in the Rykrof Enloe series.  I am very excited and relieved to get this chapter up!

Ideas, thoughts, feedback are appreciated.  Thank you!

Far away from the watchful eye of the Peace Officers on Coruscant, Tattooine is the perfect sanctuary for those wishing to not be found, and the ideal place for Trigg Fuuda to reorganize the Badoo Corba and train new recruits while forging an alliance with the Mandalorian Remnant.

Standing guard on another seemingly quite night, two Battle Droids scan the area for possible intruders.

But suddenly both droids are destroyed by a pair of laser blasts!

Moving quickly, Peace Officers Rykrof Enloe and Tylin Gere advance on the Badoo Corba camp. 

“This is Officer Enloe,” Rykrof says into his comm link.  “Forward positions advance now!  Team Beta, cover a potential Badoo Corba retreat on the left but put fire on the hill on the right immediately!”

“Did you hear that?” Trigg Fuuda hisses.  “Those were laser blasts!”

“That was Republic gunfire,” Ameed Hannil says.  “They’ve found us!”

“We will meet them head on,” he shouts as alarms blare throughout the terrorist training camp.

As the Badoo Corba waken from their sleep, the Republic storms forward, led by several All Climate Armored Crawlers; fitted with sled tracks for the desert terrain.

“Forward!” Zeedo Chissis shouts as he heads into battle against the Republic attackers.

Suddenly several Wookiee Warriors appear and begin to force the terrorists into a deadly crossfire.

Caught by surprise, the Badoo Corba forces begin to fall, the blaster assault from the Republic firing from so many weapons that it becomes difficult to pick out individual shooters.

The Wookiees show no mercy on the ruthless terrorists as they tear them apart.

A pair of Battle Droids then emerges and fires at the Wookiees…

…one blast strikes Brontar in the chest…

Choktarr does not need to check on his fellow Wookiee to know his life has passed on, as a deadly Mandalorian approaches the mighty warrior.

As Choktarr studies his enemy, Ferennik Isinn raises his Mandalorian blade of honor and prepares to engage in his favorite death ritual; the disembowelment of Wookiee Warriors.

In a swift motion, Ferennik releases his weapon; slaying the Wookiee with one stroke.

Knowing he has no time to relish in this victory, the masked warrior retrieves his weapon, in search of his next kill.

To his surprise, an even larger Wookiee stands between him and the battlefield.

“I will bood stain this wretched planet with your remains,” Ferennik Isinn hisses.

Running around a jagged corner, Rykrof and Tylin stumble onto the confrontation between Ralbarr and the Mandalorian.

Without hesitation, Rykrof swiftly fires a blast into the chest of the terrorist warrior.

As Ferennik Isinn lies dead at the feet of Ralbarr, the mighty Wookiee explains that he had the situation under control; but still thanks Rykrof for his assistance.

“I’m sure you could have handled him pal,” Rykrof says.  “But I need you to help us find Trigg Fuuda, he’s got to be here somewhere.”

Meanwhile, the Republic forces continue to crush the Badoo Corba resistance, who refuse to surrender.

Back at his ATL Interceptor, Trigg Fuuda prepares for a hasty retreat...

…and in moments escapes from the camp.

“Trigg has fled,” Zeedo informs Ameed Hannil. 

“We must do the same.  Live to fight another day!” he says.

The two fight their way out of the camp, lucky to escape with their lives.

“Fuuda’s gone, damnit!” Rykrof curses as he discovers the terrorist leader's escape pad.  “This whole operation was for nothing!”

“Sir,” an officer says to Rykrof.  “We just received an urgent message from Coruscant.”

Rykrof then speaks with his team.  “Geonosis?” he says in disbelief. 

“Yes Sir,” the officer says.  “They’re saying the Separatists have declared war.  An attack force has already been dispatched to Geonosis for some sort of Jedi rescue mission.”

“Geonosis isn’t far from here,” Rykrof says thoughtfully.  “I’ll take half the team there to see if we can assist.  The rest of you complete a sweep of the camp and report back to Coruscant.”

Rykrof and several of his team members then depart the planet.

On the nearby planet, the Geonosian Execution Arena holds the outbreak of a Galactic Civil War…

In the archducal box overseeing a scheduled execution of Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padme Amidala; Count Dooku watches with amusement as a band of Jedi have intruded on the entertainment and struggle to prevent the execution.

Among the chaos, the Jedi cut down swarms of Geonosians and Battle Droids…

…and have taken the Separatists by surprise…

…but more droids quickly enter the arena and attack the desperate Jedi.

Back-to-back, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala fight back the advancing droids.

Meanwhile, bounty hunter Jango Fett rockets into the arena to join the fight.

But the legendary Mandalorian is no match for Jedi Master Mace Windu, who decapitates the bounty hunter.

As his helmet falls to the ground, the bounty hunter's body collapses.

Although Jango Fett has been killed, the droids continue to advance on the Jedi and encircle the survivors.

Suddenly, several Republic Gunships descend fast through the open area in the arena ceiling, landing in a cluster around the handful of Jedi.

Republic Clone Troopers spill out and start firing at the droids…

…as a hell storm of laser fire pushes back the droid army.

Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala dash towards a Gunship and scramble in… the remaining survivors board the Gunships.

The Jedi hang on tight as the last ship rises out of the arena to safety.

Count Dooku looks at the ground littered with dead Jedi and dismembered droids for a brief moment before departing for the Geonosian War Room.

Fleeing the arena, the Gunships join a number of Republic starships that have entered the Geonosis atmosphere.

A massed lines of parked Trade Federation Starships attempts to flee the planet, surprised by the superior Republic force.

Tens of thousands of Clone Troopers emerge from the landed starships…

…and the Separatists can only hope their droid armies can stall the Republic long enough for their leaders and starships to escape.

“This is not going well at all,” Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray says.

“Order a retreat,” Geonosian Poggle the Lesser demands.  “I am sending my warriors deep in the catacombs to hide.”

Angered at this outcome, Rune Haake recommends that the Trade Federation get the cores of their ships back into space.

“The Jedi must not find our designs for the ultimate weapon,” Poggle the Lesser says.  “If they have any idea of what we are planning to create, we are doomed.”

“I will take the designs with me to Coruscant,” Count Dooku replies.  “They will be much safer with my Master.”

Soon after, the last of the fleeing Trade Federation starships begins to weaken under the constant fire as it begins to fall and then explode in a fireball.

After the battle, Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi enters a forward command center and receives an incoming transmission from Peace Officer Rykrof Enloe.

“You have your clearance to land,” the Jedi Master informs the incoming ships.  “I will see you at docking bay AA24.”

After landing, Rykrof and Tylin are greeted by their Jedi friend.

“What the hell happened here?” Rykrof asks.

“The war has begun,” Kala says softly.  “Dooku is behind everything… but what happened on Tatooine?  Did you find the Badoo Corba?”

“We located their base, but the mission wasn’t a success,” Rykrof says.  “Trigg Fuuda escaped.”

“Then this is truly a sad day for all of us,” Kala laments. “First the terrorists escape…”

“...and now the great Clone War has begun.”


Thanks for being patient with me guys on the newer stories as I go back and try to make the originals in this series a little better.  I have got #6 up now.  I hope you like it and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Although the memory of the Trade Federation's occupation of their planet many years ago will always be on the minds of the population of the peaceful planet Naboo, few in the capital of Theed believe such an aggressive act of war could ever happen again in their lifetime.

However, some have begun to speculate that the galaxy could be edging close to a civil war, as many organizations have seceded from the Republic and joined the Separatist movement, led by former Jedi Count Dooku.

Having recently returned to his home planet, Rykrof Enloe and his young bride, Royal Handmaiden Alyssa, are both all too aware of the dangers that threaten the galaxy. 

With his young love pregnant with their first child, Rykrof has become concerned about the security on his home world.

"I've spoken with Senator Amidala about your concerns," Alyssa tells her husband.  "But she doesn't agree with you."

"The government has been too passive on this issue," Rykrof says.  "Governor Bibble and I have urged her about this upcoming vote in the Senate.  But she won't listen.  She and Queen Jamilla must both understand that the Republic needs an army to defend itself."

Rykrof then kisses Alyssa goodbye before conducting his daily routine checks of the planet's defense systems.

After completing a routine inspection of the planet's missile defenses, Rykrof is informed of a holo-virus that has infected the online orbital radar. 

"It's probably nothing major, but it will take another 24 hours to clean and reboot the system," Captain Panaka tells him.  "Our other defense mechanisms were able to block the virus; it's only the radar."

"We shouldn't take any chances," Rykrof says in disagreement.  "I want you to put security on yellow alert.  The Queen or Senator Amidala may be in danger."

After warning his wife of the possible danger, Rykrof finds his Wookiee friend, Boracca tinkering with a pile of broken devices.

He explains to his friend about the virus and states his concerns about the inept security on the planet. 

"This virus may have been planted to allow for a ship to land relatively undetected anywhere on the planet," Rykrof says.  "We should be cautious."

The mighty Wookiee agrees, and offers to contact his good friend Ralbarr, a fellow Wookiee who owes his life to Boracca, and could offer extra protection for Queen Jamilla.

"That's a good idea.  See if you can reach them; the quicker they can arrive, the better," Rykrof says.

Later that evening, in the Shire Lagoon several armed warriors have landed in small ships.  The warriors take advantage of the cover of dark and make their way towards the capital of Theed...

After Boracca's contacts arrive, Rykrof informs them of a Gungan sighting of unauthorized ships landing in the Shire Lagoon.

Both Ralbarr and Choktarr are eager to find the mysterious ships.

"We need for you to stay here and protect the queen," Rykrof says.  "I've put all security on red alert and have authorized a public quarantine in the city.  I'll take a team to the landing site and see what we find."

Ralbarr then tells his longtime friend to be careful on their hunt.

"We better get moving," Captain Revner says.  "If whoever landed in the lagoon is hostile, they won't be staying there long."

Led by a Gungan guide, the small group then leaves the safety of the city walls in search of the mysterious invaders.

"Nothing yet," Captain Revner says.  "Maybe the ships aren't hostiles after all."

Suddenly Rykrof's comlink comes to life and a message from Captain Panaka back at the capital comes through.

"I think it's over Rykrof.  A group of Whipids was discovered trying to infiltrate the palace.  We were forced to gun them down," Captain Panaka says.

"That's a relief," Rykrof says as he looks up to Boracca.  "But we still have to find their ships."

Suddenly a laser blast rips through the air and smashes through Boracca's chest!

"No!" Rykrof yells in horror as his team takes defensive positions.

As Rykrof looks in the direction of the attack, he sees two droids, unlike any he has seen before approaching the group.  He then realizes that the Whipid attackers Captain Panaka referred to were either a decoy or the first assault.

The Super Battle Droids then make short work on the Gungan guide.

"How is the Wookiee?" Captain asks as he returns heavy fire at the attackers.

"I ...I don't think he's breathing," Rykrof says.

"We have to call for help," he barely manages to say as he realizes his friend is dead.

"It's too late for help," a Rodian says who has snuck up behind Rykrof.  "Trigg Fuuda will be most pleased to see you on Tatooine."

Captain Revner then sees the horrifying image of two Mandalorian warriors approach them.

With the two droids standing guard as well, Rykrof and Revner know there is no chance for escape.

"I am disappointed in you," the Rodian says.  "Master Fuuda has spoken so highly of your battle tactics.  I truly hoped for more resistance, but you are no match for Zeedo Chissis," the Rodian laughs.

As Rykrof is watched closely by the Mandalorian warriors, Zeedo speaks to Captain Revner.

"What is your name?" the evil Rodian asks.

"Jagred Revner, in service to the Queen of Naboo," he replies firmly.

"My master did not mention you as a potential hostage," Zeedo says as he kills the captain in cold blood.

"Now, what to do with you," Zeedo asks.  "Tell my master you were killed in the battle, or bring you back crippled?"

Suddenly both Super Battle Droids are engulfed in flames!

The group then hears a thundering roar as the powerful Wookiee Ralbarr charges madly towards the intruders!

Realizing he is no match for this Wookiee, Zeedo Chissis retreats in a sprint for his ship.

In a matter of moments, blood flows from one warrior's throat...

...while the other hangs dismembered from a tree; his lifeless body a gruesome testament to the unparalleled rage of a Wookiee.

Ralbarr then effortlessly picks up the body of his friend and howls a sad cry towards Rykrof.

"I'm so sorry," Rykrof laments.  "I'll call for help."

Soon after, Zeedo Chissis narrowly avoids a new search party and makes his way back to his ATL Interceptor. 

Although his mission to capture or kill Rykrof Enloe was a failure, he knows his master; Trigg Fuuda will be pleased to learn that the mighty Boracca has fallen in battle.

The next morning, the skies above the capital are abuzz with patrols in the aftermath of the attack.

After debriefing with Captain Panaka, Rykrof bids farewell to his wife, Alyssa.

"Captain Panaka's team found the remaining ships in the lagoon," he tells his wife.  "Trigg Fuuda is still running the Badoo Corba and I know for a fact he's on Tatooine ... after we return Boracca's body to Kashyyyk, I have to return to Coruscant and organize a team to find the Badoo Corba's hidden base."

"Just be careful Rykrof," his wife says solemnly. 

"The terrorists must really want you dead."

"What about the Separatist Movement?" Naboo Councilman Tason Push interjects. 

"Please contact us after you speak with Chancellor Palpatine."

"I will do what I can," Rykrof says. 

"But Senator Amidala has more influence than I do, especially with the Military Creation Act in consideration."

"You know where I stand on this issue," Senator Amidala says.  "Raising an army will only encourage a war."

"We're well aware of your concerns, Senator," Alyssa says with a smile.  "And we trust you will do what you feel is in the best interest of our people."

"Just be careful here and if anything happens, contact me," Rykrof tells his wife.

"I'm more worried about you," she says. 

"Don't worry; Ralbarr insists on following Boracca's debt.  He's been stubborn about it, plus he's a lot bigger than me; so what can I say?" he says with a smile.

"I love you," Alyssa tells him.

"And I love you," he replies. 

"After this is all over we'll be able to have our child.  We must stay positive and look towards the future; together we'll get through this."



Here is the 5th chapter in the Rykrof Enloe series, just got wrapped up tonight.  Hope you like it, was able to get this up a bit quicker than I thought.

Several years have passed since the small planet of Abridon had nearly been destroyed in an attack by the Badoo Corba terrorists; an attack many believe was linked to the occupation of Naboo by the Trade Federation. 

The long re-building process has been underway for over 18 months, and despite exceptional progress, few citizens have returned to their ravaged home world.

Having recently arrived on the surface, Finis Valorum’s team prepares to gather evidence that the Trade Federation was involved with the attack on the planet.

“Stay here in the central district and keep an eye on things,” Rykrof tells his good friend, Tylin Gere.  “We’ll first check where Ambassador Tame Heem was taken prisoner.  If there’s any evidence of the Federation being here, that would be the first place to look.”

Although their clearance codes allowed them to land, the group is confronted by a worker about their reasons for being on the planet. 

“As we stated earlier before our landing, we have clearance to be here,” Valorum tells him.  “We are to survey the extent of the damage in the northern sector and report our findings to the Senate; nothing more,” he lies.

“Finis, we’re taking an awful risk,” Rykrof says once they are a safe distance from the central district.  “If word of this gets out, we will face a harsh committee back on Coruscant.” 

“That’s a risk I’m willing to take,” Valorum replies.  “The holonet can spin the facts and the Senate can look the other way.  But we both know damn well that the Badoo Corba had help from the Trade Federation in this attack – we just need proof.” 

Boracca then growls his frustration with their investigation. 

“I know pal,” Rykrof replies.  “No trace of the Federation anywhere.  Not even a lousy busted up droid.”

Suddenly a laser blast rifles in front of Rykrof, narrowly missing him!

Rykrof’s commlink then heats up with an urgent message from Tylin. 

“Rykrof, several ships have jumped out of hyperspace, and they’re not friendly.  Looks like the Badoo Corba either knew we were coming here, or they’re here to finish the job.  They've got us pinned down here pretty bad.” 

Rykrof then curses to himself, “Blast this damn planet.  It’s cursed.  I swear it.”

“We’ve got a sniper somewhere out here trying to pick us off,” he states into the commlink.

“Looks like their leader is with them!” Tylin answers back as his troops return fire on the terrorist force.

"They've got the upper hand, I don't know how long we can hold out here."

With terrorist leader Trigg Fuuda leading his relentless Whipid mercenaries into battle against the Republic forces at the central reconstruction site, his force quickly gain the upper hand in the fight...

...and the meager Republic force struggles to maintain their position!

But back at Rykrof’s position, Boracca has taken out the sniper pinning the group down.

“Tylin, we’re secure here now.  Just hang on, we’ll be right there!” Rykrof informs his friend.

“Now what?” Valorum asks.

“You need to stay here,” Rykrof says as Boracca picks up a rusty war ax among the rubble.  "You know how to use a blaster?"

"Of course," Finis replies.

"Good," Rykrof says as he hands a weapon to the old man.  "I want you to stay hidden until this is over."

Rykrof then catches up with Boracca, who seems to have gotten wind of something…

Without warning, a bloodthirsty Trandoshan terrorist leaps over a pile of debris!

But before Rykrof can raise his blaster, Boracca decapitates the fierce creature, spilling its blood on the street.

The head of the Trandoshan rolls at the feet of the two.

“Let’s go,” Rykrof says in disgust.

Meanwhile, Tylin Gere’s force stands strong against the onslaught of the Badoo Corba.

Moments later, Rykrof and Boracca enter the battlefield and overwhelm the terrorist invaders.

With the advancing Republic forces, Trigg Fuuda then realizes his team is about to be caught in a cross fire.

"Trigg!” Liris Foil shouts, “Where are the Battle Droid reinforcements you promised?”

“Shut up you grub,” Trigg snarls in frustration.  “They’ll be here!”

But the Battle Droids promised to land in conjunction with Trigg’s forces have not arrived, despite assurance from Count Dooku himself...

…and the Badoo Corba operatives continue to be picked off by Republic troops.

A dawning realization then hits Trigg Fuuda; there will be no aid from Count Dooku this time.  This mission was a test, and he has failed miserably.  And he recognizes the Republic officer who has helped turn the table on him – Rykrof Enloe.

“Prepare to withdraw our forces,” Trigg orders his remaining henchman.

As quickly as it began, the battle is over as emergency crews begin to tend to the wounded.   

As Rykrof and Boracca survey the dead Whipids, they are approached by Finis Valorum and Tylin Gere.

“I thought you were going to stay back where it was safe,” Rykrof says to Finis with a smile.

“Old in body, young at heart,” Finis Valorum replies.  “Sometimes in order to understand the truth behind why we fight these terrorists, one must see the war with their own eyes rather than hear second hand tales.”

“That was too small of a strike force,” Tylin observes.  “Something went wrong in their attack.”

“I agree with that assessment.  Their leader was amongst them as well.  In my research of the Badoo Corba, it's against their nature to willingly go into a fight with such a disadvantage,” Valorum says. 

“This attack was reckless... it was unorganized.”

“Well if Trigg Fuuda is alive, we’ve got to find him and interrogate him.  He might be our only proof to the Senate that the Federation is involved in a plot against the Republic,” Rykrof points out.

“And he can face justice for another senseless attack.”

Meanwhile on Geonosis, the planet's remote location has made it an ideal base of operations for the Separatist movement that is spreading through the galaxy.

“Viceroy Gunray,” Dooku smiles.  “How good to see you.”

“Count Dooku!  What of the attack on Abridon,” Viceroy Gunray asks.  “Did the Badoo Corba succeed?”

"The Badoo Corba are no longer at our disposal, I am afraid.  The decision has been made that any links to a terrorist group may hurt our support in the coming movemenet," Dooku says.

"But our friends here have pledged their mechanical military forces to our disposal, just as my Master has forseen."

“But you promised me the Badoo Corba would kill Senator Amidala of Naboo,” Nute Gunray bellows. 

With a smile, Dooku simply tells the viceroy to have patience. 

“Her time will come soon enough.  But we can not afford for the finger to be pointed at you for her death; or for the Republic to connect us with the Badoo Corba at this time.  So, for all intents and purposes the Badoo Corba cease to exist.”

"Senator Amidala will be eliminated in due time."

That evening, Count Dooku meets with his master, Darth Sidious.

“The Force is with us, Lord Sidious,” he says as he takes one knee.  “The Badoo Corba have been wiped out by the Republic.”

“Good,” the Dark Lord hisses.  “Then their maniacal leader can not become a liability in your bid to acquire allies for the war.”

Meanwhile, Trigg Fuuda sneaks into his backup ATL Interceptor back on Abridon.  As he prepares to leave the system, he curses both the planet and Rykrof Enloe; who he swears will pay the ultimate price for forcing him into disfavor with Count Dooku…


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After quite a bit of work, and getting some bugs straightened out, the forums at are up and running.  It's still a work in progress, and we realize there will be a learning curve for our mods there, but we are going to give it our best shot and hope to have a great fan relationship with everyone here at JD at the outstanding JD staff.  

I am really excited about it, because I first starting going online to look at Star Wars stuff in 1996, and Yakface was the first site I knew about... and my first forum too, in 2000.  And now I have the wonderful opportunity to be part of a Star Wars fan site. 

So after the forums went away in 2001, there is a new team there and the forums are back.  We hope it's an enjoyable experience for everyone who joins.

So, stop on by when you get a chance and check it out.  Not to replace here or any other place, just another stop for you in your forum chats if you please.  For a bit I'll be spending most of my time there in trying to get things established, but will still be around here too.

Thanks my friends and hope to see you there!



Finally got this one ready and is up.  It's the 4th chapter in the Rykrof Enloe storyline, and is a redo of the orginal version.  I think that this is much, much better than the original, with a few minor changes and has been by far the most fun out of any of the redos.  Hope you enjoy.

In the far reaches of the Outer Rim, a lone Republic transport ship enters the remote Munist System, which looms large as the Republic struggles to maintain control of its outlying systems.

On board the transport, Peace Officer Rykrof Enloe expresses his aggravation to Tylin Gere over the recent events with the Badoo Corba terrorist organization's continued attacks, as well as the recent release of Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray.

"Somehow these organizations are linked," Rykrof says.  "I know it."

"Agreed," Tylin replies.  "And I think the Senate is underestimating this Count Dooku's influence with all the commerce organizations."

"I don't know that Dooku would be associated with the terrorists though," Rykrof says.

"Maybe not, but he was once a Jedi.  After what happened with Shundi and Kollen's death, I don't trust a single one of them," Tylin says softly.

After a brief pause, Tylin continues, "There's no way in hell the Senate should have dropped the charges against that Jedi." 

"Over half the Senate agrees with you on that," Rykrof admits as he turns to a deck officer.  "But we should be thanking Master Shundi instead of blaming him for what happened in the Pojer District."

"Sir, your ship is ready," the crewman says.  "And Ambassador Tame Heem has agreed to stay on board and allow for Finis Valorum to be the one to talk to Belpointes."

"Good to hear," Rykrof says with a smile.  "Finis has always had a strong relationship with Belpointes.  This could work out well."

Meanwhile, Count Dooku meets with Trigg Fuuda and bounty hunter Jango Fett to finalize plans set in motion by his master, Darth Sidious.

"The time to strike is now," Dooku orders the two.  "This mission is crucial to our cause.  Belpointes must be killed at all costs."

"Understood," the Mandalorian bounty hunter replies.  "He will not live past this day."

"Good," Dooku says darkly.  "Everything is set in place, and the Whipid enforcers will have adequate support.  There can be no mistakes."

Back on Munist, Rykrof Enloe's team has landed on the surface of the planet.

There they are promptly greeted by Erleath Belpointes, the beleaguered head of state for Munist.

"Finis Valorum!" Belpointes declares.  "They didn't tell me you would be here!"

"I was hoping this would be a surprise," Valorum answers.

"Frankly I was dreading this meeting, but had the Republic told me you would be attending I wouldn't have pushed this off for so long!" Belpointes exclaims.

"Well it's very good to see you, old friend," Valorum says warmly.

"Old?  Take a good look at yourself!  You've got more gray hair than a frozen Taun Taun!" Belpointes jokes.

"Ah, I see you still have your sense of humor," Valorum laughs. 

"My friend, let us discuss the situation between our governments over refreshment," Belpointes says.  "If you were still running the Republic, I doubt these talks would even be necessary."

Over the next two hours, the two friends reminisce on old times and discuss their situations.

"I was surprised by the lack of security here," Valorum says once they open the topic to military matters.

"Officer strike," Belpointes says.  "It's slowed down production in the mining facilities even worse.  The economy is suffering too.  Kashyyyk has lent us several Wookiee guards however to ensure our facilities are safe for the time being."

Suddenly a massive explosion erupts in the western peak tower...

An emergency siren quickly alerts the facility of an attack.

"Sir, sir!" protocol droid E3-PO says frantically as he enters Erleath's quarters.  "The complex is under siege by a group of Whipid mercenaries!  You must get to safety immediately!"

Over the intercom, an officer updates all personnel that a legion of Battle Droids has emerged from a  second separate transport.

Rykrof finds Finis Valorum and Erleath Belpointes, and advises that they get to the Republic drop ship and escape to the Republic transport in space before more enemy troops arrive.

"It's the Badoo Corba," Rykrof says.  "They don't take prisoners.  They will kill you if you stay," he warns the two.

After agreeing with Rykrof's assessment, Belpointes asks for his Wookiee allies to fend off the attackers as long as possible, and then escape into the southern canyon, where he will organize a rescue team for any survivors.

Meanwhile, the Whipid attack force tears through the meager Munist defenses.

Only the heroics of the Wookiee guards pose a threat to the attacking Badoo Corba.  However, even the mighty Wookiees must fall back in the midst of the vast number of terrorist attackers.

As the main battle engulfs the complex above, Rykrof and Tylin lead Finis Valorum and Erleath Belpointes through an underground passage.

Soon they arrive at the hangar and realize their escape will not be easy... the terrorists have killed the Republic pilots and open fire on Rykrof's team!

As Rykrof and Tylin return blaster fire on the Whipids, several Wookiees enter the hangar as well.

In a matter of seconds both Whipids fall in battle.

"Everyone on board!" Rykrof yells once securing the ship.

But suddenly a group of Battle Droids, led by Jango Fett enters the hangar and opens fire on the group!

Struck down by the Mandalorian bounty hunter, Erleath Belpointes' lifeless body crumbles to the ground before Finis Valorum.

Narrowly avoiding blaster fire, Tylin dashes towards the cockpit, just as more Battle Droids enter the hangar.

In the chaos, the mighty Wookiee Boracca attempts to check the status of Erleath Belpointes but is struck by a laser blast!

"The prime minister's already dead!" Rykrof yells.  "It's too late for him!"

To Rykrof's horror, more Whipids enter the hangar...

...and the relentless Mandalorian warrior continues to close in on the ship!

With all other survivors on board the ship, Rykrof fires several cover shots before boarding...

...striking a trio of approaching droids!

With several of the droids down, Rykrof then drags the wounded Wookiee, Boracca, onto the ship.

"Tylin get us out of here!" he yells.

The ship then jets skyward to safety!

"They escaped," Trigg Fuuda snarls as he enters the hangar.

"The objective was to eliminate Erleath Belpointes," Jango points out.  "If you have an issue with my methods, take it up with Count Dooku."

Soon after, Rykrof's transport makes a hasty retreat from the Munist system.

Days later, the survivors arrive back on Coruscant.

Rykrof and Ambassador Tame Heem then rush to meet with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

"Rykrof, I need for you to explain to me why you brought Finis Valorum with you on this mission.  Ambassador Heem was to be our voice of reason with Munist.  Now Erleath Belpointes is dead, along with any hopes of our forging a lasting alliance with the people of Munist," Supreme Chancellor Palpatine says.

"This was my decision," Rykrof says.  "Finis Valorum had a very strong relationship with Munist and Ambassador Heem did not."

"This was a reckless decision," Mas Amedda argues.  "For all we know, the Badoo Corba were targeting Valorum, and because of your decision the Prime Minister of Munist was killed in the process of a terrorist attack."

"Yes, it was the former Chancellor's policies that led to tax disputes in the Outer Rim; and ultimately led to an increase in terrorist activity," Palpatine agrees.

"You may be correct," Rykrof says.  "But I suggest we conduct an investigation on the resources of the Badoo Corba.  It's highly unlikely that they are capable of executing such an attack without the aid of another organization.  Someone is helping them."

"Your point is well taken Officer Enloe, as are your reasons for having Finis Valorum assist you in the talks on Munist," Palpatine says with a smile.  "Following a full report with the Peace Officer Judicial Board, you shall have whatever resources you require in your investigation of the Badoo Corba." 

"But in the future you will follow procedure and allow for this Executive Branch to make such decisions.  Failure to do so will result in your dismissal." 

Late that evening, Rykrof meets with Finis Valorum and Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi.

"I understand the Wookiee Boracca has sworn a life debt to you for saving him," Valorum says.

"Yeah," Rykrof replies.  "I'm not sure how I feel about it."

"You will find that the Wookiees are among the most noble of all sentient beings," Kala Mly Shundi tells Rykrof.  "This is a debt he and his companions will always honor, and one you must respect."

After a pause the Jedi continues, "Finis Valorum has explained to me what happened on Munist."

"There's more to the Badoo Corba than we realize," Rykrof says.  "Finis and I have decided to go back to Abridon to investigate their initial attack there."

"That was three years ago," Kala Mly Shundi says.  "What do you hope to find?"

"Proof of a connection between the Badoo Corba and the Trade Federation," Rykrof replies.

Meanwhile, Count Dooku makes contact with his master, Darth Sidious.

"Well done Lord Tyrannus," the Dark Lord of the Sith says.  "With Erleath Belpointes eliminated, there will be no political voice in the Outer Rim to oppose the formation of the treaty."

"Thank you, my Master," Dooku replies.  "But what of the suspicions of an organization assisting the Badoo Corba?"

"I will see to it that neither the Senate nor the Jedi make any valid connection," Darth Sidious replies. 

"In time the Trade Federation will pledge their unconditional support to you and others will follow," he continues.  "With Belpointes dead, we shall have no further use for the Badoo Corba.  Trigg Fuuda must now be eliminated."



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