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You sure seem like a nice humble fellow. What a great way to introduce yourself here. Welcome to JediDefender! :)

Didn't mean to sound crass or rude there, just jumping in with both feet I suppose. Seems like a lot of folks here are familiar to me from RS, GH, SSG or Yak, so I just came in like I already knew everyone (which I don't).

Anyway, thanks for the welcome. I would be glad to answer questions if anyone had any now or in the future. I'm sure you have your own source for Target info, but I'm always glad to help folks out when I can.

I'm just going to join every SW toy forum and have them sticky a thread to answer questions about Target & exclusives we carry.

Stores have the option of setting the ARC, AT-RT, TIE etc. if all other current sales planner merchandise is blown out due to the 2-day sale. They aren't scheduled to go out until 12/2 (this coming Sunday). If the UBPs sellout or down to less than a full endcap before then, they can put the other exclusives on the UBP endcap, and move any remain UBPs to the riser. The other stuff isn't supposed to be on the riser. It's supposed to be in the backroom until the endcap sets. It's not a STREET DATE with the other exclusives, it's a "if you sell out of these, here's your backup plan. If they 12/2 exclusives sellout before 12/2, they'll have nothing to put on the endcap, and then will have to scramble to find a backup for their scheduled backup....see where I'm going with this?

Some stores don't have backroom space to store all the extra toys that are coming in for X-mas, that much is true. They still aren't supposed to put future sales planner merchandise on the sales floor on risers for everyone to see and risk life and limb for. That's just poor planning on the logistics folks at those stores.....or they can't read English when there is clearly a set date on the DC tag.

Eventually, the DPCI trick is going to come to a halt on "collectibles". In some stores already has. Too many folks are using it nowadays, and stores are getting wiser to it.

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