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As cool as the aliens are, I don't expect any of them to be the main attraction or even noticeable in the film. I remember the rollout for TPM was somewhat similar in that we saw a lot of background stuff like Tatooine street aliens before anything substantial and this is somewhat similar. So I expect A LOT more volume and variety. Though I have to say what I really wanted with this movie was some 'new' and the pirates are giving that.

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: The Force Awakens Trailers
« on: April 22, 2015, 09:06 PM »
Best part about that shot (and so many others) is the only CGI in that shot are the TIE fighters.

TV-9D9 / Re: Star Wars Rebels - Season 2 (Spoilers)
« on: April 19, 2015, 11:28 PM »
I'd put odds on Barris being the female Inquisitor before I would Ventress, but it's hard to say at this point. I do think we'll see Ventress again in some form somewhere.


This. The HD version just reinforced my perception of this. I'll go see it too but I was waiting for a reason to be excited about this and the more I see / read the more I think they're on the wrong path.

I know I'm still on a SW high, but meh. I don't particularly care for the direction they seem to be going in and this doesn't do anything to help. I think it's interesting they seem to be addressing the ridiculous mass destruction that made MOS utterly forgettable, by making Superman something of a pariah, but it seems to be doubling down on a bad bet.

Ahhhhhhh crap. Well, I'll need a Disney buddy.

Is the pic of the 6 inch Leia's? Looks like it. But yeah, scale issues all of a sudden. Which is odd since on the SL/MS side they've been hitting that part of it out of the park lately.

Star Wars Universe / Re: Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection
« on: April 7, 2015, 04:17 PM »
The whole rollout of this thing has been bizarre. Hasbro's toy sets spoil the existence of this, for whatever reason, and they announce this a week ahead of what would seem to be the optimum time to announce something like this. The value in buying the movies digitally isn't there for me because like Jeff said, I own every iteration of these films and if I want to watch them anywhere I go,  I guess I can search You Tube or flip on Spike. I saw one of the 'new' featurettes on Collider today, regarding the true color of the Hoth Han parka. This was made out to be some revelation at long last, when the true color (brown, he says, in spite of his Kenner roots) has been acknowledged for years. Decades, really.

I happen to love the Endor wave myself. What I like best is that none of the previous figures just captured the simple 'look' of these outfits - in the modern line anyway - leaving them looking like they were wearing potato sacks. Leia is the least successful, mostly due to the head sculpt which has her looking downward in this scowl that the paint apps, depending on your example, turn into this range between angry enough to kill to just sort of pissed. Luke is great. Han for me trumps all modern versions. He's not as good as the Hoth Han which like Ben said is a masterpiece and probably example #1 of why the SL line deserves far more credit than it gets. The online ALL CAPS hatred about these figures and 5 POA in general is hard to take seriously anymore.

Bossk shows as in stock on Amazon as of right now.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Celebration Anaheim 2015
« on: March 25, 2015, 10:23 AM »
Too bad no panel but yeah, the timing of the movie has basically thrown everything off and with Celebration sitting in front of what they probably originally thought would be the release date (May)... what are you going to do. I scanned some of the FB comments on the news there's no panel and... yeah. I don't know what people want or expect anymore when it comes to this hobby, except apparently everything delivered to them on a platter. Last I checked that's not how the world worked.

Anyways, maybe Hasbro does end up showing something and surprises everybody. I read an interview with Simon Pegg last night and he mentioned visiting the set and his daughter playing with the BB-8 (basketball droid from the trailer) model and I thought, this thing is going to make a great, life-size toy. Hasbro would probably be ok showing something like that early on, seeing how it's out there.

Thanks Nicklab!

I agree, as Nicklab himself said, this is unlikely to be comprehensive and we sort of already know Mission Series is continuing. I was worried we'd see a price hike on the 5 POA stuff and this seems to indicate we'll see it. Unless we're seeing a bump in articulation in this line - which maybe - I'd think it's really in Hasbro's best interest to keep the line as affordable as possible. It's working for them, after all. Anyways, all speculation for now. Everything seems very big and movie launch-ish. It will be a great fall and winter I'm sure.

Star Wars Rebels / Re: Recents Finds and/or Purchases
« on: March 23, 2015, 12:50 PM »
Just got my shipping notice on the Endor Wave from HTS so these are showing much much sooner than the pre-order advertised (as usual with HTS). Keep your eyes peeled!

I saw them at TRU also yesterday and definitely as has been said, if you have these guys, and most of us do I think, then huge pass. Super cool if you don't, and if you caught the HTS deal. The poster art on the inside is kind of cool, but overall very blah.

Not quite sure I like the non-removable helmet aspect of Lando - why does Luke have one then? - but I find myself loving this segment of the line more and more. I'm a vintage guy through and through and these more and more thread that needle between perfect modern sculpting and a general vintage aesthetic. The paint apps aren't really there, but some of these figures are leagues beyond previous versions. Yoda I think is the best example. That MS Yoda dropping any day now destroys basically every modern Yoda Hasbro has done and that's saying something. Ditto Hoth Han and Bespin Han and Endor Han - basically all the Han's.

So I was thinking about what else I want to see here in this line and here's what I got. Trying to keep it simple:


Farm Boy Luke
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Sand People
Rebel Fleet Trooper


Hoth Leia
Bespin Lando
Hoth Rebel Trooper
Snowspeeder Wedge/Luke


The Emperor
Emperor's Royal Guard - who I think is coming anyways
Endor Rebel Soldier
TIE Pilot
More Ewoks

CW (because the dream never dies):
Obi-Wan in Mandalore Armor
Bo Katan
Bounty Hunter Ventress

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