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I've been seeing partials of Wave 2 at Walgreens (Constable Zuvio and that Gauvian Enforcer figure) and have likely been missing it from Target since all I usually see is a lone Finn.  But I'm not going crazy, going to ever store first thing in the morning or anything, so what I'm finding is to be expected...  That said, I ordered the 2nd wave from Entertainment Earth, paid only a little more per figure than I would have at retail (covering what I would have spent on gas running around town) and now I have Captain Phasma  ;)

TV-9D9 / Re: Star Wars Rebels - Season 2 (Spoilers)
« on: November 12, 2015, 06:30 PM »
I enjoyed seeing the B-Wing prototype in last night's episode.  Fun to see that fighter going through its maneuvers, including the gyro-stabilized cockpit  ;)  Its firepower seemed a bit overrated with that "Death Star" type laser gun - at least compared to what I was used to when "flying" the ship in the X-Wing games...  The episode had some nods to ROTJ and possibly even Top Gun and it was nice to see focus on some of the other characters in the gang besides Kanan and Ezra. 

But, now I have questions...  In ANH, the Rebel Alliance is clearly equipped mostly with X-Wings and Y-Wings.  No B-Wings and no A-Wings, if anything because they hadn't been created yet.  I know that later mediums and source materials retconned at least the A-Wing into the Alliance inventory prior to the Battle of Yavin in the form of the R-22 Spearhead.  That at least makes sense for the fighter used by the Rebel fleet in the "Rebels" cartoon.  That said, I'm actually surprised we haven't seen Y-Wings yet, or even Z-95s.  We know they've been around since the Clone Wars and were depicted frequently in that cartoon.  Would make sense they would be around in number and in use by the Rebels or other groups after being ditched by the Empire, but not a sight of them yet...

However, back on the B-Wing, I thought that ship came about via Admiral Ackbar and the Sullustans post Battle of Yavin, not some random engineer on some backwater planet years before the events of the ANH film.  Guess those elements got trashed with the Disney takeover, are now legends, and Dave Filoni and crew are creating the new timeline ::)     

Saw one yesterday at Target for $169.99.  Takes up a lot of shelf space there!

Found the new Riot Stormtrooper/Poe Dameron dual-figure pack at Target this morning for the $39.99 price.  Nice set.

Found this set today (Oct. 30) while shopping at Target this morning.  Almost overlooked it as I was looking for the single-packed 6" figures and the set was hanging below the one Finn figure from the first TFA wave.  It was not part of any display, just hanging with all the other items.  At first, I got a bit of sticker shock, but then $39.99 is about the price of two of the single-boxed figures (and this set has two figures) so it made sense. 

The Poe Dameron figure is nice whereas the Stormtrooper is the same as the single version, just with a couple extra accessories.  I can't help thinking the Stormtrooper with riot gear looks like one of those "Peacekeepers" from the Hunger Games books and films :) 

I think that I've sort of caved in on driving all over for these 6" figures...  I recently ordered the Wave 2 and subsequent cases of TFA figures on Entertainment Earth.  While it means I may wait a little longer and pay about $1-$2 more per figure, at least I'll get them in the end - and the extra cost is really covered (if not exceeded) by what I spent on gas driving all over town.  If I happen to come across something in a store, then I'll get it, but its nice having that piece of mind that in the end, I'll get what I want :)

Since finding the one I bought, I've not seen anymore at the two Toys R Us stores in my immediate area.  When I purchased it, there was only the one there, meaning that was the one they put out or people had already snagged the others.  A friend of mine in Pennsylvania told me yesterday his local TRU has three of them, so obviously they are getting distribution.  I would suspect each store would get 4-6 of them.  However, its hard to say how rare or common the TIEs will turn out to be.  If they're not out all over just yet, I suspect we'll see more as the movie - and holiday season - approach.  And I really hope to see more full-sized ships and vehicles in the 6" line.  The "01" on the TIE fighter's box had better not stand for the "one and only" full-size ship ever made in that scale! 

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: The Force Awakens Trailers
« on: October 20, 2015, 01:53 AM »
Cool trailer 8)  Even watching it on YouTube, it's really easy to tell that there's a lot more "actual" footage and scenery in this movie than in any of the Prequals.  Its not totally a CGI-fest save where it needs to be... I like it!

Also got my tickets for the 7:00pm (first) showing on December 17.  Went with the standard showing as it will still be on a huge screen and I don't care about 3D, etc.  I had no issues using the Fandango App on my phone, and have the confirmation emails for the purchases, so everything is good.  Sort of a personal standard that I always see a new (or re-released) Star Wars film on the opening day  ;D   

I've eyed the new Micro Machines each time I walk down the toy aisle at a major retailer - often because they're the only thing there in quantity.  Is it just me, or is the quality not there?  Even with the Titanium Series ships, they just seem cheaper overall than the old versions did.  I have a bunch of the original Star Wars Micro Machines from the late 1990s as well as the Titanium series vehicles.  They all just look better than the new stuff...

Guess I'll just keep collecting the odd ship or two from the Star Wars Miniatures Game...  They're basically expensive Micro Machines ;)

Anyway, now that the door is WIDE open on 6" scale vehicles, anyone have a new "Fool's Dream" they are hoping for?  Obvious one would be an X-Wing to go with that 6" scale TIE...

I think a 6" scale TFA Resistance X-Wing is entirely plausible.  After all, they have to include something for the good guys to combat the TIE fighter.  Also, the TIE's box was marked "01" which leads me to believe its the first in a series of 6" scale vehicles (hopefully not just one and only ever made).  The X-wing could likely go in a smaller or longer box than the TIE as it doesn't have the bulky hexagonal wings.  The fuselage could be one or two sections with the wings and laser cannon as separate pieces attaching to the main body. 

In terms of other ships that could be done in the 6" scale?  I suspect we're going to see a 6" version of Rey's speeder from TFA, that First Order Elite Speeder Bike, that little Assault Walker thing, and possibly the desert landspeeder.  Basically scaled-up, greater-detailed versions of the 3 3/4" ships that have been released so far.  Hasbro already has released a speeder bike and the Assault Walker in their 12" scale, so very likely to get them in the 6" scale.  Further afield, I would guess smaller OT vehicles like the A-Wing, T-47 Snowspeeder, TIE Fighter, X-Wing, etc. could be done as well.  Speeders like Luke's Landspeeder would be easy too.   

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: The Force Awakens Trailers
« on: October 5, 2015, 09:20 PM »
The TFA Teaser Trailer #2 (with the crashed star destroyer, Han Solo and all) shows before the new film, "The Martian".  Was pleasantly surprised to see it on the big screen this weekend :)

I did the same with getting the Luke/Wampa and Han/Tauntan sets from Hasbro's ebay store.  Both look really cool. 

Thanks guys and not a problem on posting a detailed product review.  That's what these forums are for :) I'm still getting used to the size of the thing, taking up about 3 square feet of my study's floor space. I may eventually hang it, but it will need to be from a secure attachment, not just an eye-hook screwed into the drywall.  The box shows the TIE is the first in what is likely going to be a series of TFA vehicles for the 6" figures, so my interest is piqued now about what else will be revealed in the coming months...  This could get really interesting!

Found the Black Series 6" First Order Elite TIE Fighter at the Clovis, California, Toys R Us this afternoon ;D  Price was $169.99 + tax.  Overall, this thing is massive, highly detailed, and way cool.  I've included a number of photos and review below.

Found one at the Clovis, California Toys R Us this afternoon ;D  Price was $169.99 + tax.  With California's high sales tax, it came out to a little over $183.  For those of you looking for this item, the item barcode is: 3050941288.  The SKU #, per my receipt is, 285603.

Overall, this thing is massive, highly detailed, and way cool.  I've included a number of photos and review below.

Boxed Item (Front)

Boxed Item (Rear)

Box/Item Barcode

Box Contents

Overall, not that many parts and assembly is a breeze with just snapping in the wings and inserting the antennas, hatch, and guns.  It should come apart pretty easily as well, meaning that if I get tired of it, I can put it back in the box.

Once assembled, this thing is gigantic!  You can see the 6" pilot figure for scale.  In the background, you can see how this compares to 1:18 scale and 1:6 scale items.  That's the 21st Century Toys 1:6 scale radio controlled M-5 Stuart tank in the background, being dwarfed by the TIE Fighter :o  Its a little wobbly when sitting on the wings, but is overall rather sturdy and does not seem to have used as rubbery of plastic as on the smaller Class III vehicles.  I can see some bending occurring with the wings the longer the item sits on them, though, which means you may want to hang it.  This will definitely look spectacular in hanging in flight!  The paint detailing is good and they even added some weathering.

Comparison shot with the 3 3/4" Class III toy of the First Order TIE Fighter

The interior is my favorite part of the model.  Probably one of the most detailed cockpits we've ever gotten on a Star Wars toy.  Lots of controls, levers, buttons, screens are intricately detailed and painted.

Cockpit Overhead View

Pilot's Station Interior Details

Gunner's Station Interior Details

The figure itself is pretty decent.  I like the red markings on the helmet.  It comes with a sidearm, but no holster to attach it.  I hope Hasbro eventually releases a single-boxed version of the TFA TIE Pilot so I can have the ship properly crewed.  But for now, the OT TIE Pilot will work well enough as the gunner

Its a little tricky getting the pilot figure into his seat, if anything due to its utility belt.  The headrest is removable (or at least I was able to easily remove it) making placement of the figure easier.  Would have been nice if the whole seat apparatus lifted out to put the figure on it, like on the recent 3 3/4" scale TIE Interceptor and TIE Bomber.  It was a little easier to get the figure into the gunner's station.

Pilot in seat (minus headrest part)

Fully crewed ship using an OT TIE Pilot figure

Overall, I'm very, very pleased with the Black Series 6" scale First Order Elite TIE Fighter.  Its simply an incredible ship and its awesome to see a Star Wars vehicle replicated on such large scale.  Its proof to me that Hasbro will still take on "big ticket" items, but it also has me thinking about future vehicles in the 6" scale...  I have a good feeling we may see a TFA X-Wing sometime down the road as after all the TIE needs an adversary.  Then what about other ships?  If they did the TFA TIE Fighter, why not an OT TIE Fighter or X-Wing?  Heck, the A-Wing, Snowspeeder, Luke's Landspeeder, TIE Interceptor are all "small" enough to be feasible in the 6" scale now - even some of the slightly larger ships like the Y-Wing and B-Wing.  Lots of possibilities. 

Still, if you have the cash to get this ship, don't miss out! 

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