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Well of the Souls / Indy on Blu-ray!
« on: July 7, 2011, 08:52 PM »
While looking at the updated pictures of the Star Wars Blu Ray set, it got me to thinking when Indy would be on the radar.  After we get this SW mega set, the Indy "OT" is really my biggest want as far as blu rays go.  I didn't think we had heard any news on it yet, but I just caught this line in the Star Wars SDCC info:

5:00-6:00 2011-2012: The Golden Age of Blu-ray?óWith such titles as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Ben-Hur, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Citizen Kane, Lawrence of Arabia, Titanic, and Raiders of the Lost Ark on the way, could this be Blu-ray's Golden Age? Panelists Bill Hunt, Adam Jahnke, and Todd Doogan of The Digital, along with BD producers Charles de Lauzirika (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, The Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus, Crave) and Cliff Stephenson (Rambo, The Expendables, Crank 2, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), Warner Home Video's George Feltenstein (senior vice president, theatrical catalog marketing) and othere discuss the subject, hold Q&A, and offer giveaways. Room 5AB

I don't know if that is an announcement that I missed, or if it just slipped through, but reading that it looks as if Raiders of the Lost Ark is at least planned for BD release sometime soon.  If that is the case, maybe they are releasing them one at a time, instead of in box set form (for some reason).

Watto's Junk Yard / Will there ever be a Justice League Movie?
« on: March 29, 2011, 03:41 PM »
The word is that WB is again in the process of developing a Justice League movie, with the script currently in the works.  According to this interview (at the link), it sounds like both Flash and WW are in development as well (which we knew about Flash), but the JL movie may come first (following Batman 3 and Superman next year).  They also mention that they'll have to "reinvent" Batman following Nolan's third film in 2012 (but with Nolan still on as a producer).

The Vintage Collection / What Would Be "The End" For You?
« on: March 28, 2011, 11:48 AM »
I know we've discussed before how much longer the line might last, but I was curious what would bring about "the end" of Hasbro Star Wars for you?  I started thinking about this again while my wife was asking me how much longer they would be making this stuff (which, when you think about it, it is crazy how long this has gone on).  I know some have already stopped due to boredom, feeling complete, prices, or something else.  I expect we are seeing more people cut back or stop completely as we approach $10 figures.  Plus, honestly - at least on the movie side of things - we're starting to get a pretty complete lineup.

I'm guessing we'll see movie figures at least through the 3D releases, and probably a little (or long) beyond that.  The CW line will be there as long as the show is on I'm sure, and some form of Legends is likely as well.  For me personally, I think I'm probably in until they stop making figures from the movies.  There are still some things I want to see (resculpts, all-new, etc.) that I hope they get to over the next 3-5 years, but overall the collection is getting pretty complete at this point, with some pretty nice figures.  Although I do collect some of the CW line, I think I'd use the stop of the movie stuff as a good place to jump ship.  I'd probably pick something up here or there if it was spiffy enough, or I'd move on to something else I'm interested (likely Marvel/DC stuff).  I've collected something (whether it was sports cards, comic books, or action figures) about as long as I can remember, and I think I'd probably continue on in some capacity - or maybe move on to other areas of SW collection (or finally finish my vintage collection).

Anyways, I think the end of the movie line (barring any new movies), would probably be the point where I would stop.  I guess this is providing that the movie stuff doesn't carry on another 20 years for some reason.  Unless the figures somehow took another huge leap in quality (like POTF2 era to now), I can't see continuing to re-buy these same characters again and again, if the line somehow went on that long.  Depending on how the line is handled, I can't see how they wouldn't have the remaining wants pretty well covered in the next five years - at least going by our "top 10" lists and my own personal hopes.  When is your stopping point?

The Bullpen / Gentle Giant Marvel
« on: March 15, 2011, 08:53 PM »
Just noticed this news while checking through some sites tonight.  Sounds like GG will be having a number of products from the Marvel Universe (similar to SW), including busts, statues, bookends, life size pieces, etc.  Kind of cool.  I know there are a lot of companies out there that do this sort of thing for Marvel already, but as I've gotten older I've been more drawn to statues/etc. and I'm anxious to see what GG can do.

Vintage Kenner / Do You Display Your Vintage Figures?
« on: March 8, 2011, 01:55 PM »
I wasn't sure exactly how to title this, but I was just curious for those of you who have a vintage collection (or are actively pursuing one), do you have it displayed?  I'm still in the process of completing a loose vintage collection (my overall collecting goal for now), but it is something that has gotten put on the backburner recently with losing my job, working part-time, higher prices, other interests, etc.  I'm hoping to get back to picking a few more figures up here and there this year, and started thinking about how to display them.  Right now, the figures I do have are just baggied and in a rubbermaid box for now.  I get them out and look at them every once in awhile, but don't really have them set up and on display.

Ultimately, I'd like to (down the road) have a display similar to some I've seen on here (Scott's comes to mind, and I think there are others) where you have the vintage lineup and then their best-made modern counter parts next to them or opposite them.  I've often thought that if I had to pack up all this stuff some day, or sell some off, that if I only had a small display I'd like to have at least that stuff out.  The vintage line is what started it all for many of us, and still holds the most nostalgia for me.  Anyways, just wondering how many of you have your vintage stuff on display (or if you want to share pics, that's great too).

Hall of Justice / DC Direct Green Lantern Movie Products
« on: February 10, 2011, 02:05 PM »
Pics up of several nifty looking GL Movie items from DC Direct.

Watto's Junk Yard / iTunes Question
« on: January 1, 2011, 11:41 AM »
Ok, this may be a stupid question, but I just thought I'd post to see if anyone had any advice.  We've recently been having problems with iTunes (getting an error message when trying to purchase, as well as when we try to update our iPod).  I've been back and forth with iTunes support for a month and a half now, and it seems their "last resort" advice is to uninstall/reinstall iTunes.  Now, I've got all of our music backed up, so that's not a problem - but what I'm worried about is the digital copies of movies that we have on there.  I realize that iTunes itself is more a method for playing it, not the source of the movies themselves, but I was worried we may lose those if/when we uninstall.  We don't have a DVD burner on our computer, so backing them up isn't as much of an option either.  Anyways, just curious if anyone knew if we would lose those movies - and if so, what we could possibly do to keep them.  I was always under the impression that when you took the digital copy off of DVDs/etc. that it was a "one time deal", but maybe I'm wrong there too.

Hall of Justice / Mattel Green Lantern Movie Figures
« on: December 31, 2010, 10:14 AM »
Not technically "Green Lantern Classics", but it looks like a possible figure of Tomar Re from the movie line has shown up online.  I'm not the best judge of scale, but I believe it may be 6" (which I think Mattel said there would be "Movie Masters" for the GL line, but also mentioned "big plans" for the 3 3/4" scale too).

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / 2010 "Best Of" the Clone Wars
« on: December 28, 2010, 10:35 AM »
Just a few days left in the year 2010, so what were some of your favorites from the Clone Wars line?  Although I've bought much of the figures from this line since the beginning, I thought the CW stuff really came into its own this year, with a lot of neat stuff out there.  The deluxe line also had some neat stuff, despite the higher (and raising at TRU) price, as well as some other nice items.  What were your favorites from the Clone Wars line this year?

The Vintage Collection / 2010 "Best Of" The Vintage Collection
« on: December 28, 2010, 10:32 AM »
I know the Vintage Collection technically didn't start until the Fall, and we've really only seen three waves so far (or two for some), but I thought it was the time to start a "best of 2010" list since we've only got a few days left in the year here.  Since aside from exclusive packaging differences there wasn't a lot of "vintage" aside from the figures themselves, we could maybe include any vehicle, battle pack, or exclusives that focused on the movies themselves (or EU).  Anything non-CW could qualify here I guess.  What are your favorite figures, vehicles, exclusives, etc. for 2010?

Modern Classifieds / FS - MOTU Classics
« on: December 15, 2010, 10:41 AM »
Just a handful of MOTU Classics figures for sale, in case anyone missed them.  They are all carded, just as they shipped to me (in shipping boxes and all).  I'll likely continue to add the majority of the upcoming releases (for the rest of 2011), as the majority of them aren't figures I necessarily "need".  Prices don't include shipping (I'll combine if you want multiple), and PayPal is preferred.  Thanks for looking!

MOTUC Chief Carnivus - $13
MOTUC Hurricane Hordak - $15
MOTUC Leech - $18
MOTUC Icarius - $18
MOTUC Vikor - $13 SOLD
MOTUC Bow - $13 SOLD
MOTUC Catra - $13 SOLD
MOTUC The Faceless One - $13 SOLD
MOTUC "Large Figure" Shadow Beast - $22
MOTUC "Large Figures" Megator - $30

Hall of Justice / DC Imaginext
« on: October 12, 2010, 10:44 AM »
I thought I had seen these discussed on here somewhere before, but didn't see them in the DC board (or I missed them).  Anyways, I don't follow the line closely or anything, but we were walking through one of those TRU Express stores this weekend and I saw a Green Lantern w/Jet that I hadn't seen before for this line.  Like I said, could be old news and I'm sorry if it is, but it looked kind of spiffy and I thought I'd just pass it along for anyone interested.  I know sometimes those Express stores have a few different items that you don't see at "regular" TRU stores (our Express stores have the 25th anniversary Turtles line, for example), so I thought I would pass it along just in case.

Modern Classifieds / WTB: WM Exclusive Jabba w/Oola
« on: September 5, 2010, 03:15 PM »
Since the majority of the stores in our area don't seem to be carrying this, and I'm not sure when might restock, I thought I'd ask for help here.  If anyone happens to have a decent supply of these in their area and would be willing to pick one up for me, I'd really appreciate the help.  Thanks!

Nevermind, happened to find one this past weekend.  Thanks anyways!

Star Wars Universe / IGN's Top 100 Star Wars Characters
« on: August 10, 2010, 10:27 AM »
Since this technically covers both trilogies (and possibly EU), I figured I would post this here.  IGN has a feature running this week covering their Top 100 Star Wars Characters.  I think it will be updated each day, as they near #1 on the list, but I just thought I would pass it along for discussion.

The Vintage Collection / Better "Toys" Vintage or Modern?
« on: August 6, 2010, 12:52 PM »
I wasn't sure where was the right place to post this, but as this is the most current "modern" line, I thought I'd try here.  This sort of branches off of something Adam Pawlus mentioned in his Q and A (I believe this past week).  He was sort of talking about his preference to the simpler articulation styles (and sturdier toys) of our youth, compared with stuff of today.  It got me to thinking, what are better "toys" vintage or modern?  Sure, the modern stuff looks a million times better - there's rarely a question of that - but from a "kid" standpoint of playing with toys, which is better?

I think both obviously have their strong points.  Like I said, the modern stuff - especially the current stuff - looks absolutely amazing for the most part.  The sculpt, paint, articulation, all adds up to some really nice figures lately - and in some cases (Gamorrean Guard as an example) - they look like they jumped off the movie screen.  On the vintage side of things, sure they weren't all that accurate (although I don't remember minding too much as a kid), I never remembered opening any of my vintage figures and having a body part fall off of it right away (which does happen sometimes today).

The vehicles is a little difficult to judge too.  I think the vintage stuff was great for its time, and obviously held up today as we continued to see the same molds used for quite some time (and sometimes still today).  But, after playing with some of the recent "new" vehicles (BMF Falcon, AT-AT, Snowspeeder, SAGA Landspeeder, AT-TE, Jedi Starfighers, etc.), I might say that the modern vehicles are the winner here.  The sculpts are better, the features are getting better (as we see lights/sounds included again as well), and I think they are even more durable.  I know that the new Falcon, AT-AT, AT-ST, Snowspeeder, etc. all feel a lot more sturdy than their POTF2 (or vintage) counterparts in my collection.  The figures, in some way is a toss up.  I love the figures of today, but there is always that nostalgia for the vintage line that won't go away either.  The vintage toys were probably sturdier, which may make them a winner there - but the modern ones look so nice.

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