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Agreed, neat idea, but pass. Doesn't seem different enough from the Kmart figs to warrant $100+, and I'd rather put that money elsewhere. Looks cool though.

Absolutely love it. Really hope I'm able to get one, as the SDCC exclusives are always a pain. I typically haven't worried too much since they have been re-releasing the figure itself later but being Han Solo - especially Bespin Han Solo, my favorite - I'd really like to get a hold of one of these.

Solo / Re: Solo 3.75" Basic Figures
« on: June 12, 2018, 04:23 PM »
I'm glad that I am not the only one feeling this way. I have also been feeling a little run down by the state of things lately, both collecting and the general state of fandom. Like Darby mentioned, it has peaks and valleys, and generally I'm pretty happy with what we get from Hsbro, we just don't get enough.

We really had a golden run of things for a good while there. Tons of figures, sometimes ridiculous variety and obscurity, and in some cases lower prices. There are probably a number of factors these days, and I do sometimes wonder how much interest there is generally in the toys these days. I rarely see kids checking it out, and I even see some "collector" stuff sit a bit longer than it used to.

I think a (at least) partial factor, at least to me, is being in "the game" for almost 20 years. I know I've been selling a lot of stuff off over the past few years as I work on culling the herd and refocusing my personal collecting as well (and focusing on more vintage stuff). I'll always collect Star Wars, but I think I might aim for more focused collecting in general.

I don't read the Aphra comic any more, but did for awhile and liked these characters from their time there and in the Vader comic. I'd like to get a set of these, but like everyone else I'm not super hopeful. The vinty packaging is nice though. It is nice to see the 3 3/4" line get some attention again.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The "Original" Star Wars Fans Thread
« on: June 3, 2018, 02:56 PM »
Man, reading through some social media stuff today, and it seems like this topic has really blown up (again). Stuff between SW Action News and JTA, stuff between Chuck Wendig and Rebel Force Radio, and just comments back and forth all around. I hate to see SW fandom go this way. There have always been things that people don't necessarily like, whether it is ewoks, Jar Jar or prequels, but I don't ever remember it being this toxic. Some of it may be real world factors that fan the flames a bit. I wish people could just like what they like and not have to resort to hate and name calling to those who disagree. It doesn't matter when you became a fan, how big your collection is, or what your favorite movie is. It really is kind of ruining Star Wars fandom. I enjoy coming online to read everyone's thoughts and opinions on Star Wars stuff as a sense of community. Honestly, most of my "real world" friends don't have the deep fandom of Star Wars, so it is nice to share with those who do. It is too bad it has become such an us vs. them scenario.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Toys R Us (Or: Die, Dinosaur, Die!)
« on: June 2, 2018, 07:31 PM »
Stopped in at our local store today, with everything in the store at the 40-60% level. Star Wars was at 50% off. I picked up the Black Series Admiral Ackbar 2 pack (last one they had), that I had been waiting on. Happy with the $15 price though. Really wish I hadn't been beat to the nice video game glass cases. Not sure what they were charging but they were all sold and would have made some spiffy display cases for some action figures.

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Solo (SPOILERS)
« on: May 29, 2018, 07:48 PM »
Saw it again today, I just really like this movie. I know it has simpler themes and is missing the "force" aspect and grander scale of the Saga movies, but as a fun side story I think it is pretty great. I'm sad to see all the news being about how it is a "flop", because it deserves better than that. I was hoping for a sequel.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The "Original" Star Wars Fans Thread
« on: May 28, 2018, 02:36 PM »
It can definitely be frustrating. Everyone has a right to their opinions of course, and everything that comes out isn't going to be for everyone. Personally, I've enjoyed all of the Disney movies so far (and really liked Solo), but nothing is going to replace the OT for me - probably regardless of how good it is - and I made my peace with that a long time ago. I do get frustrated with the bad attitude just going in about the new movies. I have friends who I got to know because of mutual Star Wars fandom, not to mention what you can read online, who had the attitude prior to TFA of "nope I'm not going to like it" with reasons ranging from "Disney", "nothing will be as good as Empire", "prequels", or "no one asked for this". It all seems silly to me, and I hate that some "fans" would take pleasure in a Star Wars movie failing, like with the lower than projected numbers for Solo. Personally I'd like to see sequels to Solo. I do think there were a number of factors, with Avengers and Deadpool still going strong and just five months since Last Jedi. The box office is more crowded than ever these days.

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Solo (SPOILERS)
« on: May 25, 2018, 05:42 PM »
We saw it this morning, and I really, really liked it. I've said it before, but I will freely admit that I'm an easy mark for these movies. I had my trepidations about a non-Ford Solo as well, but all in all I thought Ehrenreich did a good job. I thought the movie really picked up once he got past the "early years" portion, and there were a lot of great moments throughout. I've seen the word "fun", used a lot to describe this, and I would agree 100 percent. It was a much lighter movie overall than what we've seen lately, and I personally couldn't wait to see a sequel once it was over. I have to admit, I didn't see the "surprise" character coming, and it was totally unexpected to me. I'd like to see it a few more times to soak it all in, but overall I thought it was great.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The "Original" Star Wars Fans Thread
« on: May 22, 2018, 05:32 PM »
I'm glad other people are noticing this as well. As said, everyone has a right to their opinion, I just don't get the anger and hatred about it. Personally, I've enjoyed the Disney era stuff just fine. It doesn't compare to the OT to me, and probably never could just due to the nostalgia factor - no matter how good a movie is. I've said it before, I just look at these blockbuster type movies like a ten year old "hey, they are making more movies of that thing that I love", and I look forward to each and every one. Plus, my daughter absolutely loves the new stuff (Rey in particular), and I wouldn't trade the connection we have had with Star Wars for anything. And that was due to new material being made.

I made my peace long ago, during the prequels (which I like as well), that I'll always have "my" trilogy and nothing is going to change that. I'm happy that kids today get their own as well. Plus we get bonus non-Saga movies, tv, cartoons, etc. I agree, I miss the times when we were a much more agreeable abd happy lot. Sure, Internet "nerd" fandom has always been a surly bunch, but with the prevalence of social media and comments sections in the Disney era - things have been taken to a new level.  I also tire of the "no one asked for this" comments, primarily directed at Solo but to some extent Rogue One and the other stuff. Just sit back and try to enjoy things, or skip it if it isn't your jam. I see this more and more throughout movies, not just Star Wars. We see it in any remake/reboot of something we grew up on. We can still love those things even if they make new ones.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Jurassic Park Toys
« on: May 22, 2018, 05:19 PM »
Yeah I just found out the classic, or "Legacy" line, of stuff from the first movie is Target exclusive. I guess I haven't looked close enough to see what is left, but I'm a little curious now. It does seem from online reports that things are selling pretty well.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Jurassic Park Toys
« on: May 21, 2018, 01:47 PM »
I haven't bought any of the new Mattel stuff, but have read a lot of positive things about the line so I took a look at them at Target the other day. I have to say, it doesn't look too bad. The mega T-Rex in particular is really, really cool. I was tempted to at least pick that up, but I'm really trying to not buy any "other" lines outside of Star Wars (and some Marvel), and scale things down. It is cool to see a fun toyline like that out there though.

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Solo (SPOILERS)
« on: May 14, 2018, 02:21 PM »
There are some pretty HUGE spoilers floating out there for Solo. Tread lightly.

I've been steering clear of the actual spoilers, but some of the early social media reviews warned of "Infinity War" level spoilers for this movie, anxious to see what that means next week.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2018 Vintage Collection Wave 1
« on: May 8, 2018, 10:24 AM »
I'm not too surprised on the Trooper. A little, but I think - around here anyway so grain of salt - the fact that you find four or five of him on the shelf with one or two Jyns is very telling. Either collectors no longer army build, or it's only scalpers feasting on this line so far. Probably the latter. Around here it's pretty regular for the 'hot' figure to always be gone. So lately Tarkin, 4-LOM or the Mimban Stormtrooper. Everything else sits, until collectors buy it down, and then the process repeats.

That's a really good point. I know it has been discussed/debated to death, but I really wonder how often kids buy/get these things anymore. I know personally if I run into anyone in the Star Wars section, it is much more often an adult than a kiddo. Things might change around the holidays, where almost everything seems to sell, but generally I wonder if kids care much. I think they care about the movies, but the toys....I just don't know. I hope I'm wrong, because I would love for kids of today to be into action figures the way we were growing up.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2018 Vintage Collection Wave 1
« on: May 7, 2018, 12:33 PM »
I've actually noticed the troopers warming a bit here as well, which I thought was surprising. I'd like to grab a couple more as well, but just haven't pulled the trigger yet. It's funny, locally this is basically a Target exclusive line. TRU is, well, TRU....and Wal-Mart here basically hasn't stocked any new Star Wars since the Last Jedi launch and I don't bother going there (and don't really want to). TVC seems to be selling decently though, with the Hoth Rebel and Snoke being the first to go.

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