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Hall of Justice / DC Universe Classics
« on: February 13, 2010, 11:19 AM »
I'm hoping we see a few new things at Toy Fair this weekend for the DCUC line.  I'm sure we'll see this wave, and probably the two previous, but hopefully we'll get a glimpse at a little something more as well.  I know they sometimes like to save stuff for NYCC as well though, so we'll see if that happens this year or not.

As a side note, I broke down an ordered the rest of the figures to complete Kilowog.  Like Mikey mentioned earlier in this thread, they (at least the ones I needed) were all Green Lantern related anyways - and I hoped to get to them eventually - so I went ahead and ordered them.  They should be here Monday, excited to see Kilowog when completed.

Sounds like Wave 14 has/will be announced in an upcoming Toy Fare, and will be shown at Toy Fair.  Here's the lineup:

Green Lantern (Alan Scott)

Ultra Humanite BAF

I'm really psyched about Zatanna, as I'm a fan of that character and was hoping we'd see her soon.  I'd also probably pick up Alan Scott and maybe Kamandi.  Not sure about the others, but I'm in a bind again because I'd like to get the Ultra Humanite BAF, which I'm sure will be spiffy.

The Bullpen / Iron Man 2 Toys
« on: January 26, 2010, 05:28 PM »
For those interested, it looks like Hasbro announced its line of Iron Man 2 products today.  More info and pics at the linky.

The Legacy Collection / The Legacy Collection: Best of 2009
« on: December 19, 2009, 05:39 PM »
It is about the time of year when we start discussing the best of what we've gotten this year.  Although many (like myself) haven't yet gotten the Empire Strikes Back wave (or maybe even some of the other waves' figures) - I thought we could start this thread for those that have seen/gotten everything.  I didn't know if we wanted to include CW stuff with this, since the figures are quite a bit different - but the vehicles are more "cross overs".  Feel free to list whatever you want though - Legacy Figures, CW figures, comic packs, vehicles, deluxe, battle packs, exclusives, etc.  It seems like we got a lot of nice stuff figure-wise this year, and some other nice surprises as well.

The Original Trilogy / Rare Original Trilogy Photos
« on: December 6, 2009, 08:02 PM »
I originally saw this posted over at Jedi Temple Archives, and they had a link to this site showing a number of rarely seen photos (both cut and behind the scenes) from the OT.  Although I've seen a few of these before, there were a number that I hadn't ever seen.

Modern Classifieds / FS: Boba Fett Character Key
« on: October 24, 2009, 06:40 PM »
This is the ACME Archives Boba Fett (regular version) character key, numbered 219/1000.  It has never been opened, and is still in the plastic sleeve it was shipped in.  $25 plus shipping, and I prefer PayPal if possible.  Thanks!

Star Wars Universe / 'Star Wars' in 3-D?
« on: October 22, 2009, 01:35 PM »
I'm sure this is just a wild rumor, and nothing more, but I just thought I'd post it here for anyone interested.  I saw this a few places online this morning:

Apparently, as the rumor goes, Lucasfilm will be watching the success of the upcoming Avatar movie in hopes of doing a new Star Wars trilogy completely in 3D.  Also as a part of the rumor, Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppolla are rumored to be possibly directors.  This makes this rumor even more unlikely to me.  I would like to see at least the previous movies released in 3D eventually, that would be pretty cool to see.

Feedback / JES's feedback
« on: September 28, 2009, 01:17 PM »
Just wanted to leave some positive feedback for one of the newcomers here, JES.  I received a lightning quick payment for a box o' figures he was interested in.  Thanks again!

Modern Classifieds / Brian's Marvel/DC and Misc. For Sale List
« on: August 26, 2009, 10:42 AM »
Just thought I'd separate these out from the SW stuff, to make things a little bit easier to read.  All non-exclusive Legends or DCUC figure are $5:

Marvel and DC
Marvel Legends Face-Off Green Mandarin (Loose) - $5
Marvel Legends Beta Ray Bill (Loose) - $5
Marvel Legends 1st App. Hulk (Loose) - $5
Marvel Legends Silver Surfer (Loose - Toy Biz version) - $5
Marvel Legends Leader (From 2 Pack, Long Head) - $5
Marvel Legends Target Exclusive (Movie) Hulk - $5
Marvel Legends Sentry (Short Hair) - $5
Marvel Legends Captain Marvel - $5
Marvel Legends Wonder Man - $5
Marvel Legends Beast (Movie Version) - $5
Spider-Man Classics Carnage - $5
Iron Man Movie Line Iron Monger - $5
Iron Man Movie Line "Captain America" Iron Man - $5
Fantastic Four Movie Line Thing - $5
Fantastic Four Movie Line Mr. Fantastic - $5
Fantastic Four Movie Line Dr. Doom - $5
DCUC SDCC Exclusive Wonder Twins Pack (MIB) - $40
DCUC Superman Blue - $5
DCUC Superman Red - $5
DCUC Red Tornado - $5
DCUC Mr. Miracle - $5
Superman Returns 13" "Hyperarticulated" Superman - $5
DC Direct 1st Appearance Superman (Loose) - $5
DC Direct Superman/Batman Public Enemies Superman (Loose) - $5

Marvel/DC Build-A-Figure Parts - $2 each
ML Brood Series Parts (From 1st Appearance Captain America Figure)
ML Brood Series Parts (From Astonishing X-Men Cyclops Figure)
ML Brood Series Parts (From Hydra Soldier)
ML Apocalypse Series Part (Right Leg - from Iron Fist figure)
ML Apocalypse Series Part (Left Leg - from Astonishing Wolverine figure)
ML Annihilus Series Part (Wing - from Hercules figure)
ML Blob Series Part (Upper Torso)
ML Blob Series Part (Left Arm)
ML Blob Series Part (Right Leg)
ML Mojo Series Part (Lower Torso/Stomach - from Falcon figure)
ML Mojo Series Part (Left Side Mechanical Legs - from Luke Cage figure)
ML Legendary Riders Series (Wonder Man's Bike)
ML Nemesis Series Part (Leg from Black Bolt figure)
DCUC Gorilla Grodd (Left Arm)
DCUC Solomon Grundy (Left Leg)
DCUC Despero (Left Arm - from Batman Beyond figure)
DCUC Despero (Right Leg - from Wonder Woman figure)
DCUC Atom Smasher (Head and Lower Torso - from Captain Cold figure)

25th Ann. G.I. Joes
Major Bludd (from Pyramid of Darkness DVD Pack) - $4
Roadblock (from Revenge of Cobra DVD Pack) - $4
B.A.T. (Red Faceplate, from Arise Serpentor Arise DVD Pack) - $4
Cobra Paratrooper - $4
Cobra Viper - $4
Skeleton (from Arise Serpentor Arise DVD Pack) - $4
Hall of Heroes Storm Shadow (MOC) - $8

I think my eyes were bigger than my wallet on these, so I'm putting them up for sale.  The Wonder Twins are still MIB, Soundwave has been opened but is complete (and I do have the outer box if anyone is interested in that).  Prices don't include shipping.

SDCC Exclusive DCUC Wonder Twins - $40
SDCC Exclusive Transformers Soundwave w/Four Tapes - $40 - SOLD

The Prequel Trilogy / Is the PT Lacking "Signature" Vehicles?
« on: August 24, 2009, 03:19 PM »
A friend of mine was mentioning this to me the other day (he is not a fan of the prequels), saying that something that he thought was missing was the "cool" or signature vehicles that we see in the OT.  In a way, I can sort of see that as well.  It may just be nostalgia or an OT preference, but I would think the majority of the "general population" would be familiar enough with the Falcon, TIE Fighters, X-Wings, Speeder Bikes, and possibly the AT-AT to recognize them by name.  There are others that are possible (Slave 1, AT-ST, Landspeeder) as well, although the names might not come to mind for those who aren't as familiar with the movies.

If you look at the PT, I don't know if you could say that.  You've got a ton of non-hardcore fans that saw those movies as well, but I wonder - outside of maybe "Jedi Starfighters" or podracers - if any of the vehicles could be recognized by name at all.  Not that there aren't some cool things (AT-TE, Juggernaught, etc.), but aside from the big podracer focus of Episode I, and possibly the Jedi starfighters in AOTC/ROTS, I wonder if much would be known to the general population - at least when compared to the Original Trilogy.

The Original Trilogy / The Empire Strikes Back - 30th Anniversary
« on: August 14, 2009, 10:01 PM »
Ok, I know this thread is a little bit early, since the 30th Anniversary isn't until 2010, but I was just looking at this feature at, discussing the first trailer for ESB 30 years ago.  I thought it might be a good way to kick off this thread.  They have the video of the actual teaser, and while I'm sure many of us have seen it before, it is still fun to watch I think.  They also have a short article with some facts about it.  I guess I never realized that Harrison Ford did the voice over for this trailer, but now that they say it I can definitely hear that it is him.

Other Toy Lines / Toy Story
« on: August 6, 2009, 01:34 PM »
Although this isn't probably something I'll be collecting, I noticed since our Target re-set their toy section that there is a pretty good amount of Toy Story product in the action figure aisle.  I didn't look real close at things yet, but it looks like a pretty cool line - with Buzz, Woody, etc. - but also buckets o' army men and other things.  Not sure if anyone here is interested in it or not, but it looked like a pretty nice line (with a lot of support, it was nearly half an aisle at our store - sharing with Marvel and DC).

Watto's Junk Yard / Have You "Made the Switch" to BluRay?
« on: August 3, 2009, 07:14 PM »
I wasn't sure if this could go in the DVD thread or not, but I was curious how many people here have made the switch over to blu rays over regular DVD purchases.  We're in the process of saving up and finally getting an HDTV, as well as a blu ray player, sometime before the year is up.  We've sort of been going back and forth wondering if the blu-ray player was "worth it" - but since we're really avid movie watchers, we thought it might be something worth picking up.  My wife was especially on board after she watched Twilight at a friend's house in hi-def.  Anyways, I was just wondering how many of you here have switched to blu ray, or if you're just standing pat with DVDs for now.  Thank goodness you can still play DVDs on the blu ray players, or it would make the decision much tougher with these shelves of movies we already have :) (like many others).

LEGO / LEGO Comic Con Exclusives
« on: July 22, 2009, 11:23 AM »
Just saw this over at Action Figure Insider, seven minifig three packs (one for each movie, one for CW) being sold at Comic Con.  Kind of nifty, wish I could get the OT ones.  I wish we saw stuff like this at retail again, but I know the whole "packaged figure" thing sort of steps on Hasbro's toes.

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