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Modern Classifieds / WTB: Loose Galactic Heroes Taun Taun
« on: June 26, 2009, 11:01 AM »
I know it might be a long shot, since they are somewhat rare in that line - but I just thought I'd see if anyone might have an extra GH Taun Taun that they would be willing to get rid of.  Here's some other stuff I'm looking for as well:

Just thought I'd post and see if anyone had happened to pick up extras of the Target cup sets from a few years back.  I have a complete set of them, but we sort of wanted to get some extras to actually "use".  We've been able to get an extra Han and Hoth Luke glass cheap, and I just thought I'd post if anyone else had some extras that they maybe grabbed on clearance and they'd like to get rid of.  Looking for any of the following:

Princess Leia (either)
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Darth Vader
Boba Fett

Just a quick update, if anyone happens to have extras of either of these, I'm looking for the following:

VTSC Bossk (loose)
Galactic Heroes Bossk (loose)

I just wanted to list this seperately, since it tends to get buried in my "for sale" list.  This is the Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Lightsaber Duels game that came out for the Nintendo Wii last November.  I picked it up, and we've only really had the chance to play it once or twice, so I thought I would offer it up for sale.  It is in like new condition, complete with book, case, etc.  We paid $50 at the time, and I was looking for about $30 for it, if anyone is interested.

Just curious if anyone here has (or planning) picked this up.  I believe it just came out this week, although I might be wrong about that.  From the previews and trailers, it looked kind of neat.  I hope to take a look at it eventually, although my days of buying games at full price might be done for the most part (especially after seeing LEGO Star Wars, Indy, and Batman all drop to $19.99 within a year).  Anyways, just wondering if anyone has checked this out yet.

The Prequel Trilogy / Jedi Starfighter Colors
« on: June 8, 2009, 12:06 PM »
I got to thinking about this while rearranging some vehicles over the weekend.  Although this might be more tied to animation and toys than the movies themselves, do you think that the Jedi starfighters should be different colors/designs for each fighter - or a more "standard" look across the ranks?  I was looking at my prequel/CW ships, and the majority of the "good guy" ships (particularly the movie based ones) seem to have that overall red/white color scheme.  I also have the recent Obi-Wan's Delta 2 fighter displayed with those, which is also red/white, and it made me think that might be how I would envision the Jedi's fighters.  More of a standard issue thing, with maybe small differences (like the X-Wings from the OT).  I know we all know that it is done to sell toys and repaints of toys, and repaints of repaints of toys.  Anyways, I know we're not going to see a change in starfighters or anything, but it seems like it is more of an offshoot of the "skittle clone" syndrome that we got with the prequels.  From what we know of the Jedi, the lack of attachments/individuality/etc., I wouldn't think they would all be painting their fighters and astromechs different colors (although I'll admit I don't have a problem with lots of astro droids).  I personally bought quite a few of the previous repainted starfighters, but have found now I don't really have the room for them, and I seem to gravitate more towards the "Obi-Wan" color scheme, which seems to match the republic ships for the most part.

TV-9D9 / "Other" Star Wars Animated Series Rumors
« on: June 8, 2009, 11:46 AM »
I was just listening to the Force Cast where they mentioned that they received a rumor from one of their insiders that there are multiple animated series in various stages of work at Lucasfilm.  In addition to Clone Wars, they mentioned a Galactic Heroes focused toon and one "aimed at older fans".  I don't know if that means Original Trilogy (would be great) or what, but just some rumors I thought I'd pass along.

This is something I was just thinking about today when going through some old bookmarks and coming across the "Tales of the Old Republic" fan-made stuff we saw a few years ago.  I've personally been enjoying a lot of DC Comics' direct to DVD animated movies, and I was wondering if that is a route Star Wars could go.  They really have some nice animation showing up not only on TV but in video games, etc., and could probably put out some nice movies.  This would allow them to do something like say, The Thrawn Trilogy, or even something set in the Old Republic era for fans of that.  I would think they could sell just as well as the Marvel and DC movies that are put out now, or maybe even better.  Anyways, it may just be me still hoping for an OT-era animated series (similar to Clone Wars), but it might be something they could look into.

Feedback / primal23's feedback
« on: June 1, 2009, 12:55 PM »
I don't think there is a thread already for Jason, but I just received a nice quick payment for some Build-a-Figure pieces he was looking for.  Thanks again Jason!

Other Toy Lines / Is Toy Buying/Collecting "Generational"?
« on: May 14, 2009, 12:28 PM »
I wasn't sure of the proper title for this thread, but I recently heard it mentioned on a podcast that "Generation X" is the primary collecting market when it comes to many toylines (and on to statues, busts, replicas, etc.)  Do you think that is true?  Sure, we all know of people older and younger than that particular age group that collect - it does often seem like the majority of "core collectors" land somewhere in the 25-40ish age group.  That may just be from my experiences though.  Also, as much as Hasbro thinks they are building a new group of collectors with the Clone Wars animation/figures - I really don't think that will be the case for the most part.  There will be exceptions of course, but in this different world of tons of video games, ipods, cell phones - and all of this stuff starting at a younger age - "lifetime" collectors might be few and far between.  Heck, kids seem to lose interest in toys in general at a much younger age.

When you look at a lot of the big collector lines - Star Wars, Transformers, He-Man, G.I. Joe, etc. - those are all franchises originally based in the late 70s/early 80s.  You also have the comic characters from Marvel and DC, and that might be something that touches each generation between 60+ years of comic history, as well as the recent influx of comic book movies.  It seems like some of us hold a lot of nostalgia for our youth's cartoons and toys, and I don't know if that exists for younger people/kids for the most part.  I look at my brother, who will be 20 this year, and while he does keep a small Yoda collection (primarily due to me I'm guessing initially) - he seems to care less about "having the stuff" from his youth.  That seems to be more of an older age set.  Like I said, there are certainly exceptions - but do you think the large core of action figure/franchise collectors lie in a certain age group?  If so, what does that mean for the future of collecting as that age group gets older?

The Legacy Collection / "Greatest Hits" Figures
« on: May 5, 2009, 12:49 PM »
I was listening to the Star Wars Action News podcast, and in their Hasbro Q and A for this session, one of the questions dealt with the "Greatest Hits" figures included in some of the Legacy waves.  We've been seeing a few of those figures along the way (these are seperate from the "Legends" line), and according to this question/answer, it sounds like we'll be seeing more of them.  They will, apparently, be dropping the "GH" designation to avoid confusion in the line - but they think it is a good way to bring out some of the "ultimate" characters they have gotten out over the past few years.

Personally, I don't mind this at all.  If they're not part of the "regular" wave, we're not missing out on new figures - and it would be nice to see some of the ultimate characters re-released that aren't related to clones or the Clone Wars (which seems to be the majority of the Legends line anymore).  It could be a good way to get figures like VOTC Han/Luke/Leia, EB Chewie, various Troopers, the Evolutions figures, and more.  With this in mind, since we basically know the movie lineup (and in some cases, the figures) for the rest of this year, do you have any suggestions for "Greatest Hits" figures for the upcoming waves?  I think we have some announced for the AOTC wave (Evo Anakin, Evo Jango, Evo Clone Pilot, etc.), but beyond that we have the following waves:

The Phantom Menace
A New Hope
Return of the Jedi
Revenge of the Sith
The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars Universe / Star Wars Saga Viewing Order?
« on: May 4, 2009, 09:56 AM »
Since this could fit in either the prequel or Original Trilogy forum, I thought it might fit best here.  We've heard the discussion a lot, but for those of you with kids (or nieces, nephews, or friends' kids) - what order would you choose to show them the Star Wars Saga?  Would you go in order (1-6), in the order many or most of us viewed them in (4-6, 1-3), or some other order of your own (I've heard some say 4, 5, 1-3, 6)?  Maybe you'd skip the prequels altogether :P.  Anyways, what do you think is the best viewing order for new viewers?  I would sort of lean towards viewing them the way I did (OT first, then the PT), because seeing things like the Vader reveal, the first appearance of Yoda, etc. were some of the greatest moments for me as a kid.  It is possible that it wouldn't be nearly as big of a deal to today's kids, as society has changed a lot since the early 80s.  What viewing order do you prefer?

Feedback / Hothwampa's feedback
« on: April 29, 2009, 06:56 PM »
Just received a lightning-fast payment from Mike, thanks Hothwampa!

The Vintage Collection / Drop in Collector Interest?
« on: April 28, 2009, 12:35 PM »
This is a topic we've been discussing in the Q and A thread since the last round, where Hasbro (through several sites) indicated how - while Star Wars is selling better than ever, it is mostly due to Clone Wars, and the "Legacy" type figures were dropping in sales.  As is often the case with some of Hasbro's answers that they send to a number of sites, it makes me think they are subtly telling us "get ready for less collector figures, and more animated stuff".

A few questions regarding this...first, do you believe them?  Do you think that there really is a drop in overall collectors and/or "collector" sales?  Second, what do you think is the reason for it?  Is it one of the following:

-So Many Years Collecting for Some Leading to Burn Out (Since '95, or longer with Vintage)
-Clone Wars Animated (Although it seems to be selling well, it was quite polarizing among collectors at first)
-Price Increases/Down Economy (I'm sure this plays at least a part for many)
-Lack of Interest/Most Figures Done (Always more to be made, but getting more obscure all the time)

Also, if this is the case, what do you think can be done to fix it?  Other than the obvious choice of lower prices, what do you think would keep collectors in the fold?  I'm someone who has bought both the animated CW stuff and the Legacy line, but if I had to choose one I wouldn't think twice about keeping with the "realistic" style stuff.  I may be heading more and more that way anyways.  I don't mind, and can understand, why the animated stuff is there for kids (and collectors), and it is obviously doing well for Hasbro.  Do you think we are seeing the start of a dwindling space for "movie" figures at retail?

Aside from prices, I could see "burn out" having something to do with it.  Not only have we had nearly 15 years of modern collecting, there also seems to be "more stuff" out there than ever.  That might be changing as some lines (Unleashed, Titanium, etc.) seem to be getting the axe, but it does seem more difficult to keep up with things these days.  There also seems to be more and more focus upon prequel/CW/EU era toys - which, again, is understandable - and I think that a lot of the older collectors maybe have a little more of a leaning towards OT.  Not to say that many, if not most, of us collect the entire Saga - but I know that I personally usually get more jazzed about a new OT wave, especially with them being more infrequent the last few years.  That might contribute to a lower interest level.  Anyways, I'm rambling now, but I was just wondering what some of your opinions were on the whole "collector interest fading" comment we've gotten from Hasbro.  Do you feel the same way, and if so - as a collector - what would keep your interest better?  My gut reaction is to say "more Original Trilogy" - but the OT collectors might be the minority at this point, and it may just be my preference :).

Other Collectibles / Star Wars Pool Toys
« on: April 23, 2009, 11:29 AM »
Along the same lines as the kites thread, I've recently noticed a number of Star Wars pool toys at Target.  Again, this is something I would have really liked as a kid, but now they seem kind of pricey, but also kind of neat.  They had inflatables of the Falcon and Jedi Starfighter for $25ish (I think), and a larger X-Wing (with firing water gun) for around $40 (again, I think).  The back of the box also pictured some other products like a Death Star beach ball and R2 floating drink carrier.  Kind of neat stuff.

Other Collectibles / Star Wars Kites
« on: April 23, 2009, 11:27 AM »
I think these are available places online, but I've noticed lately at Target (and TRU) that they are carrying Star Wars kites.  I've seen the Falcon, X-Wing, and Vader's TIE, and have to say that they are pretty nifty.  They are $25 each though, which seems like a lot for a kite.  I have to admit I was slightly tempted to get the Falcon one, just from the aspect of "I wish they made this stuff when I was a kid".  Has anyone else seen these, or picked any of them up?  I don't think I've flown a kite since I was 6 or 7 years old, but I suppose that time will come eventually since we have a little one now.

The Legacy Collection / HTS Figure 8-Packs
« on: April 22, 2009, 09:47 AM »
I think we discussed these when they first had them during the TAC line, but it looks like HTS has some new 8 "value" packs of figures up now.  There are some interesting combinations though, including one set that has 4 Scuba Troopers, 2 Mon Cal, and 2 Quarren figures from TLC Wave 2 - as well as 8 packs of the Lancer Droids and Kashyyyk Troopers.  There are also 8 packs available for the Clone Wars line including Clonetroopers, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, and Destroyer Droids.  They all seem to be listed at $59.99.

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