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VC Luke, Slave Leia, 3-PO, Gamorean.  Target Rancor and Wal-Mart Jabba.  That's actually a pretty decent set.

Star Wars Universe / Re: Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection
« on: April 8, 2015, 02:33 PM »
It doesn't work that way on iTunes.  Everything I've purchased there I've been able to re-download through the iTunes store when I've gotten a new computer or iPad.

Star Wars Universe / Re: Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection
« on: April 8, 2015, 12:52 AM »
If they release the originals in a Blu Ray/Digital format, I'd be the first in line!

Star Wars Universe / Re: Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection
« on: April 7, 2015, 07:47 PM »
I'm debating buying it.  I didn't purchase the Blu Ray sets due to the changes.  I'll probably wait until the price drops a bit though.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Bar's open! What'll you have...?
« on: April 5, 2015, 02:20 PM »

Spending the evening drinking this and watching Dubliners footage on YouTube.

Whole Foods had a cheese sample out that was a Cheddar infused with Jameson's.  I thought I was going to need a ride home!

Star Wars Rebels / Re: Recents Finds and/or Purchases
« on: April 5, 2015, 02:19 PM »
I went by Kohl's yesterday and picked up the wookies and Sabine/Stormtrooper sets for my oldest.  They were on sale for $11.

Now if I can find the Hera/Stormtrooper Commander and Chopper I can stop looking all over the place for him.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: March 30, 2015, 05:35 PM »
I thought it was a great episode and I'm curious about who the Wolves are.  I'm sure there's more than just those two idiots, and they are pretty spread out since they alluded that they are the ones who attacked Noah's home.

I like how Morgan saved Aaron and Daryl.  Then the final scene where Rick kills the doc, just as Morgan shows up.  It's almost like their roles are reversed from the last time we saw Morgan and Rick together!

Glad the Fear the Walking Dead starts this summer.  It will ease the pain of having to wait until October to see the next season!

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Disneyland Exclusive R2-D60
« on: March 27, 2015, 07:05 PM »
I'm in!  PM me for details!

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: March 26, 2015, 12:48 AM »
Disagree.  I don't think there's any more danger coming up at night versus the daytime.   Daryl can flank Aaron as backup and they would have a greater element of surprise.  Remember Aaron was watching Rick's group for days and was close enough to overhear conversations. Coming up on a group in daylight without any recon seems like about the most dangerous thing you can do in the WD universe.

Didn't he have a parabolic mic?

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: March 23, 2015, 11:15 PM »
The people of Alexandria think they are completely will take something drastic to wake them up.

The people of Alexandria do not think other people pose a real threat to will take something catastrophic to make them think differently.

Someone, or some group is out there cutting up walkers to use their torsos as some sort of weapons.  They attacked and killed everyone at Noah's home and now seem to have moved near Alexandria.  Guess we will find out who they are next week.

I'm sure there will be plenty the closer we get to TFA.  But all the waiting and not knowing sucks balls.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: March 16, 2015, 02:45 AM »
Great episode and probably the best episode of TD in along while.

I like how they are showing how inept the people from Alexandria are.  Both the construction team and Nick & Aiden were acting so stupid that I'm shocked that any of them ever leave the walls!  Also, they are too quick to leave people to die.

Next week is going to be interesting with what Gabriel said to Deanna and then the group coming back without Aiden.  Probably a good thing they are keeping Nicholas alive....for now.

The bit with Carol and the kid was awesome as well.

The Wookiee Arcade / Dark Forces 20th Anniversary.
« on: March 15, 2015, 01:09 AM »
A look back a the ground breaking game.

So much nostalgia in that article.  Hell, I remember playing that game into the wee hours of the morning.

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars Episode VIII
« on: March 13, 2015, 01:25 AM »
Going to be a busy month with whatever Marvel movie is coming out at the beginning of the month.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: March 11, 2015, 12:38 PM »
It is amusing that some people who once craved a safe civilized place are actively prepared to move against it, while the loner survivor who never needed anyone is now cool with Alexandria.

Someone noted that the kid stamped Rick with the letter red...while Rick has thoughts about another man's wife.

They don't want to take it in the way the Governor took it over.  They are more interested in securing the place to make it safe from groups like the claimers, the Governor or the termites.  They people in Alexandria are very na´ve to the threats out there.  Rick is trying to warn them that people are more of a danger than the walkers, but they don't seem to get it yet.

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