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Other Toy Lines / Re: 2015: What Are You Collecting?
« Last post by JediJman on Today at 05:05 PM »
Justin, with no news of kubricks, it's hard to include those.

I don't have Kubes in my list, do I?  I would collect those if they ever made any more.   :P
The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Disney Buys LFL
« Last post by Matt_Fury on Today at 02:04 PM »
I'm sort of glad that the main movies will only be two years apart.

I think they could possibly missing a lot of opportunities with the stand alone movies.  How about a movie on how the rebels stole the Death Star plans, or something from back in the Old Republic?  There's a lot of potential there.
The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Disney Buys LFL
« Last post by Nicklab on Today at 01:40 PM »
I would expect that after spending $4 billion to buy the franchise Bob Iger will be cheerleading all the way.
Other Toy Lines / Re: 2015: What Are You Collecting?
« Last post by P-Siddy on Today at 01:08 PM »
Justin, with no news of kubricks, it's hard to include those.
Other Toy Lines / Re: 2013: What Are You Collecting?
« Last post by Jeff on Today at 01:07 PM »
At this point, dust.

At the moment, dust.

Do you have any pics to share?  Are you keeping it in jars or just letting it collect naturally around the room?  How do you keep your cats from rolling around in it?
The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Disney Buys LFL
« Last post by Jeff on Today at 12:34 PM »
Oh, wow - the guy who has a huge financial interest in these movies succeeding assures us that it's "worth the wait"?  Whew!  I'm sure he'd totally tell us the truth if he thought they were terrible...   :P

Other Toy Lines / Re: 2015: What Are You Collecting?
« Last post by JediJman on Today at 12:24 PM »


Star Wars
Black Series 3 3/4" - All
Black Series 6" - All
Mission Series - All
Legends - Cherry Picking
Rebels 3 3/4" - All for now including the ships
Varioius Lego Sets
Vintage lots here and there
Episode 7 Figures...?

Legends - Avengers & Guardians figures
Marvel Infinite - Avengers figures
Minimates - Avengers figures
12" Figures - One or two when I see a sale or something really incredible

Hasbro/Takara - Official Masterpiece Figures (G1)
Third Party - Masterpiece Look & Feel (Warbotron's Bruticus & Fantstoys Dinobots among others)
KREO Minifigures - Most of the G1 based figures

Funko - a few figures here and there.  Probably stick with Aliens and Terminator
DC - I'll grab a 6" figure or two if they catch my eye

Funny, I would have said just a handfull of lines, but once I typed them all up there is more than I thought.  The limited releases from Star Wars and Marvel have redirected a lot of my funds and interest towards Masterpiece Transformers.  I've picked up a few Seekers and Alternators of the years, but after getting Quakewave (Not Soundwave) about a year ago, I'm all in on the MP Transformers figures.  Trying to build a solid collection of G1 figures - I have so far acquired a version of AUTOBOTS: Optimus, Blaster, Jetfire, Red Alert, Iron Hide, Rachet, Grimlock, Swoop, Wheelie, Bumblebee, Prowl, Smokescreen, Bluestreak, Wheeljack, Huffer, Eject, Ramhorn, & Brawn to fight DECEPTICONS: Soundwave, Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Ravage, Lazerbeak, Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Buzzsaw, Shockwave, Acid Storm, Sunstorm, Brawl, Blast Off, & Swindle.  I have the rest of the Dinobots and Combaticons on pre-order, along with 3P versions of Megatron and Perceptor, but I'm fast approaching a full cast for these guys (I hope!). Still a few of the cars to be made (Sunstreaker, Jazz, Mirage, Tracks) and the Conehead Seekers I suppose.  Maybe a few more combiners as well.  Luckily these are hitting about one per month, so a little easier to stomach the $100-200 price tags. 

I have been tempted by some of the vintage Funco figures, Acid Rain, and even a variety of Legos, but I'm struggling to make space for my collection as it is.   :P

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Disney Buys LFL
« Last post by Nicklab on Today at 12:23 PM »
Here's more on the timeline of future Star Wars releases from Disney CEO Bob Iger.  He also mentions a little bit about one of the standalone Star Wars projects:

As one of the few people allowed to visit the set during filming….and one of the fewer who’s seen most of the footage…I can assure the millions of Star Wars fans who have spent the last decade hoping for a new movie this one will be worth the wait. And it’s only the beginning of a new era of exceptional Star Wars storytelling; next year we’ll release our first standalone movie based on these characters, followed by Star Wars: Episode VIII in 2017, and we’ll finish this trilogy with Episode IX in 2019.

Some bullet points, courtesy of Slashfilm:

1.Iger has seen most of the footage from The Force Awakens.
2.He believes it’s “worth the wait.”
3.He mentions the 2016 standalone movie.
4.He hints the 2016 standalone movie is about “these characters,” potentially meaning characters from the new movies.
5.Star Wars Episode VIII will be out in 2017.
6.There is no mention of a second standalone movie, directed by Josh Trank, hypothetically in 2018.
7.Star Wars Episode IX will be out in 2019.
8.He refers to that film as the end of “this trilogy.” That makes it sound like there will be more.
Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Indiana Jones 5
« Last post by Nicklab on Today at 09:11 AM »
I think it's been pretty well established that Hollywood likes a proven story.  Especially when they're going to put a lot of money into a project.  Is that a completely failsafe sort of formula?  Not necessarily.  Look at the run of Biblical epics.  Lots of those films have done very well.  But then there was Ridley Scott's recent effort, Exodus - Gods and Kings.  Solid director.  Solid star.  And a story that's a known quantity.  But it really didn't perform that well.

As for rebooting Indiana Jones?  I think I would prefer to just leave the franchise alone.  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was not a good way to end things.  If it had ended with The Last Crusade?  THAT would have been an exercise in going out on a high note.  It was a solid Indy movie.  But these film franchises are big money, and Disney wants to get their money's worth.  So?  It's reboot time.

I saw something about the Chris Pratt rumor a few weeks back.  And I had seen something about Bradley Cooper being considered, too.  I think they could both fill the role reasonably well.  And I think from a story standpoint it would be interesting to take the timeline a little bit further back than Raiders and Temple of Doom.  How about starting off with Indy in the 1920's?  How about some of that backstory of him and Abner Ravenwood?

The key though?  A good script.  Time and time again we've seen plenty of movies that had good casts and great filmmakers.  But give them a crap story, like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?  Guess what?  You're going to end up with a dogshit movie.  Sometimes you wind up with a writer/director/producer who has so much clout that nobody will speak truth to power... like George Lucas.  And maybe they've gotten lazy or unfocused and their script needs some re-writing or punching up.

And that phenomenon isn't exclusive to Indy 4, but to lots of movies in this CGI era of movie making.  Go in with a ****** story and 9 times out of 10 you're going to have a ****** movie.  Part of the problem is screenwriters and directors who write around things to specifically shoehorn in special effects.  Everyone seems to want the same level of attention for their effects that something like the bullet dodge in The Matrix got.  Get over it.  Write a solid screenplay and let the special effects serve that story, not the other way around.
Vintage Kenner / Re: Wow!
« Last post by JediJman on Today at 07:44 AM »
Vintage Palitoy carded Boba Fett fetches $27,000 at auction!

I have to admit, I don't think I ever saw a carded Boba Fett as a kid...we all got ours through the mail-a-way!

PLUS the guy had to pay the auction house 20% commission.  Wow indeed.
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