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SWAN results

1: Sabine
2: Admiral Ackbar
3: Darth Talon
4: Gamorrean Guard
5: Asajj Ventress (Dark Disciple)
6: Jaxxon (and I was a bit embarrassed sending that one to Hasbro LOL)
I agree it would be a dick move if they said "No" to a bunch of votes since they didn't exclude them in their disclaimer.  If Revan is a part of the current canon EU, great!  It would be funny if, say, Thrawn (I'm assuming he's non-canonical) won.  I wonder how the suits at Disney would feel about that?  "Oh! The fans want a Star Wars figure that isn't considered Star Wars by us."

I guess I'll answer my own question by saying question, if it makes them money I doubt they'd care.

If that were the case, then it would have been a pretty dick move for Hasbro to include this in the original release:

"PLEASE NOTE: All STAR WARS characters are eligible for the poll, EXCEPT characters from STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS."

Anyway, that "not Disney EU" may not apply to Revan anyway.  He is a big part of the current Star Wars: The Old Republic video game expansion, so you could make the argument that he  is Disney SW canon since the expansion came out after Disney. ;)
Once the voting is back in Hasbro/ hands...

Do we also include Disney in this as well?  They pretty much own all things Star Wars now so any figure in that would win a fan poll would have to get their blessing.  They were the ones that said they wanted to focus on the OT and scraped the EU, so I'd be surprised if Disney would say, "Yeah, go with this EU character that is no longer canon in our Disney Star Wars Universe."
Hasbro isn't bound to make the top vote getter, are they?

According to the original press release, yeah - the winner of this 6" Fan Choice Poll gets a 6" figure in 2016.

The weighted top 6 from this fan site round will be posted on for voting round 2 starting tomorrow, July 2nd.  Round 2 voting lasts a week.  Then the winner of the round of voting will be announced at the Hasbro SDCC Panel and made into a 6" figure.

All of this subject to whatever Hasbro wants to do, of course.  Once the voting is back in Hasbro/ hands, plenty of room for shenanigans to occur.  :-X
It'd be nice to see them do a nice box set of the Rebel figures in 6 inch, kinda like what Marvel does for Amazon and TRU.
Hasbro isn't bound to make the top vote getter, are they?  In the past haven't they just used this as a form of input, and then selected the one they wanted off the list?

e.g. they could select the Gamorrean Guard and say he was a top request from fans?

I agree that Darth Revan wouldn't be in my top 100.  I'll take nearly any OT character over a PT or EU character any day. Although  I've got a soft spot for Star Wars Rebels, so I'd be pretty pumped about a Sabine figure.
Well, this sucks.  I guess the days of offering multipacks that are either all new or all repacks are over.  And this Jabba does look good, which makes things that much worse for people who have everything else in this set from previous releases. 

One thing did occur to me though.  Was there some perhaps some contractual stipulation in the deal with WalMart for their exclusive SOTDS exclusive release that would disallow Hasbro from offering that Jabba in a retail exclusive for another chain?  It makes me wonder just a bit. 
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Current totals (1st place vote = 6 points, 2nd = 5, etc):

72   Darth Revan
41   Gamorrean Guard
25   Snowtrooper
24   Starkiller
23   General Grievous
21   Ben Kenobi (ANH)
20.5   Asajj Ventress
17.5   Mara Jade
15.5   Lando Calrissian (ESB)
14   Emperor's Royal Guard
11   Zuckuss
10   Ahsoka Tano (CW)
8   4-LOM
7.5   Hammerhead
7   C-3PO
6   Anamaman
5.5   Bib Fortuna
5   Grand Admiral Thrawn
4   Count Dooku
4   Dengar
4   Luke Skywalker (ANH)
4   Wedge Antilles
3   AT-AT Driver
3   Darth Maul (CW)
2.5   Gand Moff Tarkin
2   Cad Bane
2   Captain Rex
2   Jango Fett
2   Jawas
2   Padme Amidala (ROTS)
2   Princess Leia (ANH)
2   Sabine Wren
1   ARC Trooper Fives
1   Bo Katan
1   Darth Talon
1   Dash Rendar
1   Max Rebo
1   Qui-Gon Jinn

** Still need results from at least 4 more sites - Rebelscum, Creature Cantina, SW Action News, and Action Figure Fury. 

If you know of other sites/results, please share so we can update the totals. Thanks!
The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 6" Fans' Choice Defender Wishlist
« Last post by McMetal on Today at 04:21 PM »
Lists are due to Hasbro at Midnight on July get cracking!  The Top 6 vote getters move on

Here is the JD top six list that was sent to Hasbro last night:

1 - Zuckuss
2 - 4-LOM
3 - Lando (ESB)
4 - Snowtrooper
5 - Ben Kenobi (ANH)
6 - Hammerhead

Thanks again to all who voted!

Now THAT is a good list!
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