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The Wookiee Arcade / Re: LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens
« Last post by Diddly on February 3, 2016, 08:12 PM »
Looks like there's a deluxe edition that comes with a FN-2187 minifigure.
Vintage Kenner / Re: Latest vintage acquisition
« Last post by Morgbug on February 3, 2016, 08:08 PM »
Wish it was carded but alas it is not. 

As for which Mustang...both.   ;)
Kubricks / Update
« Last post by Anozira on February 3, 2016, 06:10 PM »
Quick Update to the collection; here's what I recently acquired..

- Boba Fett Series 1 ($25)
This took a while to arrive, but was very well worth the wait. This figure was the sole reason I got into collecting these, and he is by far the most detailed and favorite in my collection

- Series 4 Bundle ($75)
I think as a complete series, 4 might be the best. It comes with some very popular characters (Luke Skywalker Bespin, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Emperor Palpatine, Han Solo Hoth), and this was the cheapest means of attaining them. For $75, each one came to about $12.50, where some of these normally sell for $30+ individually. I now have an extra Han Solo Hoth if anyone's interested in trading

Non-Star Wars related:
- Maschinen Krieger Chapter 3 Bundle ($30)
This was a real shock for me, as each figure itself goes for $25+, and here was 5 of them and with custom acrylic cases from AFA (also about $25 each), however the package did smell like cigarette smoke when I first opened it - which I cleaned and can no longer smell.

Now I'm just waiting for Bossk to arrive whom I ordered just the other day, which leaves me in need of only Zuckuss to complete the Series 1 regulars (I don't collect chase figures). If you happen to have an extra one, please contact me. Once I have the courage to buy another set, I plan on replacing the bottom row of Special Forces so that the entire case is just Star Wars!

Jocasta's Reading Room / Re: The Force Awakens - Novel
« Last post by GrandMoffNick on February 3, 2016, 06:07 PM »
I always enjoy reading the SW novel after having seen the movie multiple times.

That being said, it didn't add a ton.
unkar pluut in maz's castle
more about how starkiller weapon works
poe getting from crashed tie fighter to safety
some of rey's inner thoughts about the force/dark side

And there isn't really anything kylo ren thinks or says that is specific about who or how he knows rey. But there are things the book says that tells you he does. And snoke says to hux "I think kylo was right about rey"

Also enjoyed the han death scene. What han and kylo were thinking.

And snoke is a lot more pissed with kylo about some of his decisions

That was kind of all over but hope it helps
The Wookiee Arcade / Re: LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens
« Last post by 77Skywalker on February 3, 2016, 05:47 PM »
I wonder how much else now from the Star Wars universe will be put in this game.
Jocasta's Reading Room / Re: The Force Awakens - Novel
« Last post by JediJman on February 3, 2016, 04:26 PM »
Well, I think she is clearly set up to be a Skywalker.  Being Luke or Leia's daughter would set that up fine for me - I'm not sure Star Wars carries the same conventional married last name traditions as people in the real world. 

That said, the reactions by Han and Leia were pretty cold if she's a daughter or a niece, assuming they know who she is as well.  They have been searching for Skywalker all this time - would be kind of odd to treat his daughter as something of a stranger if they really knew who she was.  Recall that Vader locked up his daughter on the Death Star and tortured her without realizing she was his child, so wouldn't be crazy if Han or Leia didn't really know Rey...especially since "Rey" might not be her given name. 

Nick - was the book worth reading?  Curious to know more about how Ren knows of Rey prior to the events in the movie. 
Jocasta's Reading Room / Re: The Force Awakens - Novel
« Last post by EdSolo on February 3, 2016, 09:48 AM »
Not sure they will go this way, but if the numbered episodes are supposed to be the story of the Skywalker clan, then she has to be Luke's daughter.  Otherwise, the Skywalker name will be gone by the end of this trilogy, assuming Luke goes the way of Obi-wan.  With the possible pairing with Finn, it works out perfectly since he has no last name and could take the name Skywalker upon a marriage to Rey.

If she is a Solo, it seems way too cold that she isn't acknowledged by her parents in the film.
The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Walmart Black Series 3.75" Wave 2
« Last post by jedipurge on February 3, 2016, 09:37 AM »
This wave completely skipped SoCal as far as I can tell. Wave 3 has been found. But in general, the WM's out here just aren't getting any stock. Maybe 2 stores out of 15. Not even finding remnants.

you got that right, I found poe and finn right before x-mas and that's been it since. state of collecting just has lost its appeal entirely. the only thing I get might be a 5 POA for background character
Jocasta's Reading Room / Re: The Force Awakens - Novel
« Last post by GrandMoffNick on February 3, 2016, 06:41 AM »
And she is?

It's not specific, but I've heard a lot of people saying they'd like her to just be "a girl" who becomes a part of the story and doesn't have to be Kylo's sister, Luke's daughter, the other survivor from Luke's academy, etc. and that possibility is gone.
WM has third-party sales on its site I know...  They were showing up via those people right away for more as they sold out pretty quickly via Wal-Mart itself.  Not sure what to make of this.  Wouldn't be shocked if they jacked prices up based on sales rates though.  Target and TRU have been known to spike prices.  What's really weird though, is these are parts of an assortment and yet all the prices are different.  Like, very different.  ???

My local Wally has only a lone Han and a lone Finn. :(

The other one up the road has 2 Hans, 2 Lukes, 1 Finn.

Finn is a really nice figure.  It's a shame he's getting the shaft.
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