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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The Walking Dead
« Last post by Jesse James on December 8, 2016, 07:27 PM »
The Negan Cuckold thing is getting kinda old though, as the filler for entire episodes...   :-\

Here is the ?

It's one of quite a few though and was largely focused on 6" scale figures.  Among the figures it asked me about (6"):

-Saw Garerra
-Bodhi Rook
-Gammie Guard
-Bespin Han (Jeff's sad as the door opens)
-Cantina Band Bith
-"Ewok" (Wicket pictured)
-TFA beast from Jakku (Name escaping me)
-Padme (White jumpsuit)
-Leia Hoth
-Luke Endor

And IIRC it asked me about a Royal Guard and some others I'm sure I am forgetting...  It was a fairly long survey.

It also asked about packaging and if I'd pay a premium ($24.99) for it in 6"...  Environmental bases vs. larger or more accessories... 

They also asked if you'd want TBS to be only 3.75", only 6", or only 12"...  it also mentioned vehicles in that, not just figures.

Lot of ?s on roleplay stuff including helmets, sabers, riot stormie baton, Rey staff, royal guard staff, melty vader helmet..

Again there was more.  Not nearly enough asked about 3.75" SA for my liking but I tried to be honest and when I had the chance, I mentioned I buy select 6" and buy everything 3.75" and many in muliples.

Oh and it asked how you use your toys...  play/pose, open, display, keep packaged, resell...  Lotta stuff.
I'd say these could hit in a month or so.  :-X
John never admitted that he and Buzz Aldrin are the same person!  :P All those old astronauts are a punchy bunch. 
Went to his grave not admitting the truth about aliens or the faked moon land...*OUCH*...felt like an invisible force just punched me.

Thinking of Buzz Aldrin are we?  He's still very much alive, albeit under a doctor's care in New Zealand after suffering pulmonary edema at the South Pole, requiring him to be evacuated for medical care.

What can you say about John Glenn though?  Those Mercury missions were at the cutting edge as NASA was trying to catch up with the Soviets.  The term "The Right Stuff" really summed up those original seven astronauts.  And Glenn faced some real danger because there was genuine concern that the heat shield on his spacecraft might not have been secure enough to protect him during re-entry.

And then to continue in service to the country after NASA as a US Senator?  And to return to space at the age of 77?  His example is definitely something that everyone should attempt to live up to.  Godspeed, John Glenn.
THOSE ARE AWESOME.  How are you handling the lighting?  Are you planning to sell any of these?  *hint hint*
Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Custom Carbonite Chamber Steps Display Stand
« Last post by Slugworth on December 8, 2016, 04:41 PM »
I've started 3d printing some display stands. This one is carbonite chamber inspired.

Disney Parks Droid Factory / Re: 2017 New Droid Factory Clone Wars Astromech Set?
« Last post by Darby on December 8, 2016, 04:22 PM »
Huge kudos for doing Hondo's droid. Must have.
Went to his grave not admitting the truth about aliens or the faked moon land...*OUCH*...felt like an invisible force just punched me.
Dome blasters aren't family friendly.

They won't even give them the antennas...those interfere with the funny hats...which a boxed set won't come with anyway.
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