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Who would win in a fight? R2-D2 or a Dalek?

Jedi Idej:
Would love me some well-made Dr. Who figures in 3-3/4" 'cause... well, Jenna-Louise Coleman is smokin'.

The toys were shown at the London Toy Fair at the end of January. Here's someone's youtube vid of the various lines.

a few pics of the 3-3/4".

The Dalek and Cyberman look worthy of being displayed next to Hasbro's SW. Not so the the humans. The face sculpts are decent but the rest of the body lack the "life" that Hasbro's able to inject in SW. They are about on par with Playmates 5" Star Trek.

Haven't read if these will hit brick-and-mortar in the US.

I'd definitely take a 4" scale Dalek, maybe a Cyberman figure also. 



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