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Anyone else pick some of these up?

I've been picking pieces up at Comic-Con over the last two years, they have the best prices. I've picked up all the different Daleks and the last two Doctors. I like them, they're decently made.

I have a few of these- 9th and 10th Doctors, Rose w/ K-9, Captain Jack, Cyberman, Werewolf, and a couple Krillitanes.

I'd like to get a few more, but they are so far down my list of things to buy. It doesn't help that they all have to be ordered online. I do plan on buying the Tom Baker Doctor figure, though. That one is great. Reminds me of Friday nights in my early teens when I used to watch Doctor Who and Red Dwarf on public television.  :)

darth punkinhed:
I haven't snagged any of the figures. I have a remote controlled K-9 and the Tartis Playset though. I just need the 1st season doctor and Rose for it. I was only into the first season (I got rid of cable after that) so I only want the characters from the 1st season.

Cool new classic stuff due out. 4th and 6th Doctors, robots of death, Zygons and others, all with a buildable robot from Tom Bakers first story. In addition, there's a Stolen Earth set due out with Davros and the Supreme Dalek.

I found a comic store here in Iowa that has a TON of these on the shelf. I almost bought $100 worth of stuff, but then I remembered that I have rent due this week. So I left it all there. It was neat to see all the new stuff. No 4th Doctor figures, but I did see the 5th and some other stuff I didn't even know was being released.

I take it this line is to Britain what Star Wars is here. There's such scope and breadth to this line that's it's really amazing.


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