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So is Medicom killing the Kubrick Star Wars line...???

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space monkey:
Not that this is any great surprise but the 2014 Winter Wonder Festival was held in Japan on Sunday and no Kubricks were to be seen let alone Star Wars.

These are Medicom's list of exclusives for the event and yet again no carded exclusive to be found, repaint or otherwise.

Here are pictures from Medicom's booth from the event provided by be@rbrickmania.
I'd take the demise of SW Kubricks and Kubricks in general with more ease if Medicom just released those Ghostbusters *sigh*

Star Wars isn't completely of Medicom's radar though as they are producing the 6" MAFEX line.

Such a waste, only needed a Gonk droid to finish the original 21... i had high hopes for the vintage style line.


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